Adventure in Bali Safari Park with African Animals

African animals at Bali Safari Park

The continent of Africa is the largest continent after Asia. African regions have many species of wildlife. African habitats consist of rain forests, savannas and even deserts. Species in Africa are very diverse depending on their habitat.

Animals in the African region include; Zebras, Elephants, Rhinos, Tigers, Giraffes, Lions, and others. You who are curious to meet these animals do not need to go to Africa, but just visit the Bali Safari Park in Gianyar, Bali. Bali Safari Park is a very suitable place for adventure with your beloved family.

You can see various species of animals such as those in the African Region and animals from other regions. Not only can you see animals, but you can also see educational animal shows.

Animal shows at the Bali Safari Park are intended to make people aware of their contribution to caring for animals and their natural habitat. Every animal in Bali Safari Park has unique and distinctive characteristics.

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The Uniqueness of African Animals



Zebra is easily recognized by its unique motif in the form of black and white lines that are randomly arranged. Zebras are native to Africa that resemble donkeys or are similar to horses. Zebras have unique motifs that must be different for each individual, which means there will be no Zebras that have the same motif or pattern. You can prove the characteristics of the Zebra by visiting Bali Safari Park.

Please pay close attention to every Zebra that you meet. Is it true that zebras have patterns that are always different? Prove yourself the uniqueness of Zebra animals from Africa. This zebra still has another uniqueness, namely the basic color of the Zebra skin is black. Another interesting fact is that Zebra ears can rotate almost in all directions.


Rhinos are herbivores that weigh up to one thousand kilograms. Rhinos have different species, including; Javan rhinos, black rhinos, Sumatran rhinos, one-horned rhinos, and white rhinos. These species can be found in Africa, India, and of course Indonesia.

Rhinoceros species that only exist in Indonesia are Javan Rhinos. This species is almost extinct, therefore we as humans must contribute to help preserve the Javan Rhino species and their natural habitat.

Other Animals


Elephants are animals that have a very large size, but are not dangerous. Elephants are even known as the softest mammals in making bonds with humans. Thus, the relationship between Elephants and Humans can be very strongly interwoven. This can mean the relationship of elephants with caregivers or handlers, it could also be the relationship between elephants and researchers.

Elephants have very impressive long-term memories. Therefore, elephants can recognize the places they have visited and humans who interact with them. You can see this amazing animal in Bali Safari Park.

You can adventure with elephants and interact with them, not just see. Bali Safari park provides walking facilities with elephant riding. You can also watch Elephant shows at Bali Safari Park. The show that was presented told about the conflict between humans and elephants, making the Elephant habitat threatened. Performances in the form of role playing between humans and elephants. The moral message to be conveyed is that humans are able to live in harmony with elephants.


Giraffe is an animal that has a long neck and long legs. The long Giraffe legs make it run up to 35 miles per hour. You can get an exciting experience by giving food directly to Giraffes while visiting Bali Safari park.

giraffe feeding bali safari park


This tiger or “big cat” has a weight that can reach three hundred kilograms with a length that can reach more than three meters. Tigers are very territorial animals. You can watch the Tigers at the Bali Safari park. You can also watch the Tiger Show at the Bali Safari park.

Enjoy a holiday full of excitement in Bali Safari Park and meet animals from Africa. You can choose the ticket package according to the adventure you want. You can choose Safari night packages, Jungle Hopper, or Rhino 4×4 Safari.


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