Animals with Incredible Olfactory Senses

Animals with Incredible Olfactory Senses 1

Nature is full of its colorful beauty. Some have been revealed and known to many people around the world. Meanwhile, some are still hidden, the information is not yet widespread, and even a mystery. So, what about the animals’ sense of smells given by God with different levels of power for each species?

A number of animals are endowed with a sense of smell that is in accordance with their environmental conditions. So they can easily breathe and do their activities well. Some are given a sense of smell with the ability to detect the odor around it or water moisture that can inhibit their movement.

Others are given a very sharp sense of smell compared to other species. Such as being able to detect smell of blood even though they are in deep water or detecting the presence of their children even though they are miles away.

What animals have the extraordinary sense of smell? Here they are.

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This huge mammal is known to have an extraordinary sense of smell. African elephants become one of the elephants with the best sense of smell. The elephant’s nose is located on its trunk which is also fused with the upper lip. This trunk also has function as the hand that allows elephant to reach anything around it.

There are two holes at the tip of this trunk which have millions of receptor cells. Elephants become very sensitive so that they can detect the presence of water sources. Even elephants are able to detect source of water from a distance of 20 kilometers.

Another surprising thing about African elephants is that they can distinguish humans. The research path to arrive at this result needed the long way to go. The research published through Genome research says that elephants can detect human odors that are more than 1 kilometer away when the wind blows at him. In addition, elephants can also detect the presence of family member by sniffing out the soil he has soaked with his urine.

How amazing God’s gift is.

Other Animals


Photo source: Bali Safari Park

Sharks can generally detect the prey from a distance of 2 kilometers. If there is blood in the water, the shark will easily detect the presence of blood from a distance of 5 kilometers. As a comparison material, research is also carried out by researchers who want to know the extent to which the shark’s sense of smell.

A drop of blood is poured in 100 liters of water. Then, with a help of his feeler nose, the shark can detect that drop of blood. Even if it is seen dissolving in water by the human eyes. This can happen because about two thirds of the shark’s brain is only dedicated for the olfactory lobe. This is the part of the brain that regulates the sense of smell. Just like human who prioritize their brains for what they want. Whether to think over and over or study.

The most fearsome shark is the great white shark. By the time the great white shark detect a blood from a distance of 5 kilometers, this shark will immediately swim with a top speed up to 50 kilometers towards the source of blood. How fast the great white shark is, so that it looks like a sea ruler.


Photo source: Bali Safari Park

Kiwi is an icon of New Zealand. This endangered bird is very unique. Even though it belongs to a group of birds, kiwi does not have wings. So, the bird that still have kinship with the ostrich also cannot fly. His flying ability was replaced with his keen sense of smell. This is very rare for birds. But, kiwi has developed its sense of smell well.

The nostril of kiwi is located at the tip of the beak. It is possible for kiwi to look for food that is hidden between the pile of leaves or beneath the soil.

As you have read before, some of these animals have an amazing sense of smell. You can meet them in Bali Safari Park. Do visit our website before your coming.

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