Are There Zebra 3 Colors? These Are The Real Facts About Zebras!

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Are There Zebra 3 Colors? These Are The Real Facts About Zebras!

Zebras are animals that are certainly not foreign to all of us. Yes, this animal is very easy to recognize by looking at the black and white pattern that covers his entire body. This article will try to explore the interesting facts about zebras that you might not know. What are they? Come on, let’s see it together.


  1. Zebras Only Exist In Africa

With the exception of zebras which are kept in zoos, zebras can only be found in Africa. In this wild habitat, zebras live to form groups that migrate regularly when the food at their place of life is depleted.


The main habitat of zebras is grasslands because these kinds of habitats provide food needed by zebras and make it easier for zebras to observe enemies from a distance.


  1. There Are No Zebras With The Same Stripes

Each zebra has its own stripe pattern. In other words, there are no two zebras that have a similar pattern. Different zebra patterns make zebras can distinguish one another by looking at the pattern of the pattern. In addition to identity, zebras also use their colors to camouflage from the enemy.


  1. Zebras Still Relate To Horses

Zebras and horses have similar physique. This is not surprising because both in the taxonomy study were both classified in the Equus genus. Zebras and horses can also do marriages and produce offspring. But due to gene factors, the offspring they produce will always be barren.


  1. Zebras Become A Source Of Inspiration For Zebra Cross

Zebra patterns that consist of two contrasting colors then make this animal a source of inspiration to name zebra crossing. Lines on the highway used by pedestrians to cross. Zebra crossing is most often installed near traffic lights so pedestrians and motorist users can use the highway alternately without contact.


  1. Is There Really A Zebra 3 Colors?

The uniqueness of the zebra lies in its black and white skin, until now there has been no fact regarding the existence of zebra 3 colors. But often the question is, actually the zebra has a white color with black. Or vice versa, has a black base with white hues? I don’t know, God only knows.


To be sure, it turns out that God created zebras with black and white stripes not without cause. This skin color has a special function. In addition to making zebras look more unique, zebra skin also serves to avoid predators or other predatory animals that will attack him. In its own habitat, striped skin makes the zebra can blend with the tall grass around it, and help him hide in order to avoid predators.

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