Asian Turtle In Crisis, Let’s Recognize The Types!

Asian Turtle In Crisis, Let’s Recognize The Types! 1

Asian Turtle In Crisis, Let’s Recognize The Types!

Turtles are one of the long-lived reptiles. Among reptile families, turtles are one of the species that enjoy life in the world for a long time, some of which can reach up to 200 years! Unfortunately, even though turtles can live long, the Asian turtle is nowadays crisis.

Longevity Secrets Of The Turtles

Do you know the secret why turtles can live very long? Apparently because he has a slow metabolism. With slow metabolism, they burn energy at a very slow rate. Therefore they can last for a very long time without food.

This is because when they process food that is digested and convert it into energy, it takes a long time. In addition, turtles are generally very slow moving creatures, which means that their energy requirements for activity are also quite low.

Types Of Asian Turtle

There are many types of turtles included in the Asian turtle, here are some types:

1. Emys/Asian Forest Tortoise/ManouriaEmys

Emys Tortoise is a type of turtle found in many parts of Asia, especially Indonesia. These turtles generally have a dark green shell color. The original habitat is the area of shrubs and grass. This turtle is quite easy to maintain. Because these turtles are native to Indonesia and are familiar with the climate in Indonesia.

2.Forstne’s Tortoise/IndotestudoForstenii

Turtle Forsteni is also a type of turtle originating from Indonesia. This type of turtle is found in Sulawesi and Hamahera. Although these turtles live in Indonesia which has a tropical presence, these turtles prefer in humid areas.

  1. KuyaBatok/CouraAmboinensis(Kura Ambon)

Kuya Tortoise shell is a type of turtle found in many Asian countries, especially India. These turtles are also found in Indonesia. It’s hard to find these turtles on the market. Maybe, because of its plain black pattern that makes turtle lovers less like this type of turtle.

  1. Turtles Leaves

The serrated tortoise or Asian Leaf Turtle which has the scientific name Cyclemys dentate gets its name from the serrated teeth found on its shield. Asian Leaf Turtles included in the Geoemydidae family with the Cyclemys genus are often traded as pets. This turtle is also known as a flat turtle.

These turtles spread from northern India, Bangladesh, Burma, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Malay Peninsula, Indonesia and the Philippines. In Indonesia this turtle can be found in Mentawai, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java and Bali. Cyclemysdentata are widely traded for maintenance. In addition, for residents who are still traditional, these animals are also hunted to meet protein needs in the interior.

Although the Asian turtle in crisis and experience pressure in such a way that the population is almost threatened with extinction, this animal has not been protected by law. If you want to see more types of Asian turtle, let’s visit Bali Safari!

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