The Awesome Giraffe in Wildlife

giraffe in wildlife

Giraffes are the highest mammal species that live on land. Many people are amazed by the height of this black-dotted animal. They become curious about how giraffes sleep, forage, and give birth. In Bali Safari Park, visitors will be able to see the wildlife of giraffe while getting accurate information about this even-toed mammal. Here is interesting facts about giraffes.

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The adult giraffe can grow to 19 feet. Male giraffes are always slightly taller than females giraffes. This is how we distinguish them. The height of a male giraffe can reach 5.5 meters tall and weigh up to 1360 kilograms.

This leggy animal has Ossicones. Ossicone is the horn that is covered by hair. Giraffes not always use this ossicone. But, male giraffes use this horn when fighting. Their fight usually happen when two male giraffes want to assert their dominance.

The high posture with long legs indeed bring benefits to giraffe when facing the predator. Giraffes protect themselves from predators with their feet. This shady-eyed animal looks weak and calm. But, giraffe has a powerful kick that can kill the predators. Even lions can seriously injured with his kick. Moreover, giraffe also can run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Then, you must be amazed when you know that giraffe has 2 feet long heart with 25 pounds weigh.

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Meal Time

This plant eater animal has a very long tongue. The record reaches 45 cm which allows them to pick up leaves on very high trees. The adult giraffes even spend their time eating since they need more than 75 pounds of food per day.

Giraffes get most of water from the plants they eat. So that they only need to drink water every two days. And giraffes not sweating, too.

Sleeping Occasion

Giraffes can sleep while standing. They even sometimes put their heads on the branches of trees in a very vulnerable position.  Giraffe is an animal that sleeps very short. They only sleep for 6 or 10 minutes to two hours per night.

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Giving Birth

The female giraffes give birth while standing, which means that the bottom of these female giraffes are very rare to lie down. The calf falls almost five feet to the ground as it comes out of the womb. Another funny fact is every female giraffe returns to where she was born to give birth to her own calf.

The newly born giraffes don’t need months to start walking.  Most of them can stand up and start running around 10 hours after being born. Their height even reach 1.8 meters tall which means higher than most adult humans.

After giving birth, a female giraffe only needs a gap of two weeks to get pregnant again.

Giraffe Habits

The giraffe is actually capable of making sounds like other animals. But the sound they produce is very low which makes it impossible for humans to hear it. You can prove it when you visit Bali Safari Park on your holiday.

Giraffes are often seen rubbing their necks on other giraffes’. This action shows that they are fighting. They compete to know their strength. When facing the lions, giraffes use their legs and nails to protect itself. Giraffe has very sharp and long nails that reaches 12-inch long.

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Giraffe and Other Animals

Giraffes are often compared to horses and camels. Giraffes run faster than horses and the tail is longer than horse, too.

Giraffes can survive without water for a week. This is even longer than camels that live in the hot desert. Giraffes drink water in a unique position. They spread their front legs and head down so that they reach water beneath their feet.

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