Legendary Bali Agung Show at Bali Safari Park

Legendary Bali Agung Show

Bali Agung Show – An exotic world class show, featuring 150 Balinese dancers, musicians and masters of shadow puppets together with a wide range of exotic animals.

Bali Agung Show Performance

Legendary Bali Agung Show is one of the largest cultural performance in Bali. It held in Bali Theatre venue at Bali Safari Park and can feature more than 150 traditional dance and music performances. The perfect combination of Balinese traditional theatrical and a touch of modern musical made this event special.

The highlight of the whole event is to experience the rich culture of Bali, one of them is to show the tragic story of a king named Sri Jaya Pangus and his Chinese Queen named Kang Ching Wie.

Bali Agung Show in Bali Theatre venue
Venue of Bali Theatre

During your visit, you can enjoy an extravagant music and dance, as well as the legendary traditional Balinese shadow-puppet shows. Those performance will tell the greatest stories and legend from all around Bali. All of the performances take place in a mega-theater that only can be found at Bali Safari Marine Park.

Bali Agung Performance is held every day, except Monday at 14.30 – 15.30 (Bali time). So remember, the performance schedule is only Tuesday to Sunday.

Puppet show Bali Agung Show

How to Get Bali Agung Show Ticket

You can experience the Bali Agung Show in the following packages:

  • Jungle Hopper package
  • Dragon package
  • Leopard package
  • Rhino package
  • Leopard 4X4 package
  • Rhino 4X4 package

What’s More in Bali Safari Park

In addition to the Bali Agung Show, this place can be a great educational place for your family. In Bali Safari Park you can also looking at the series of tropical animal that exist in Bali Safari Park. Some of them are collection of Indonesia’s endemic animal that only exist in Indonesia. There are also collection of other amazing animal that you can see with your own eyes.

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Indonesia’s Native Animal in Bali Safari Park

Indonesia is a very unique series of archipelago. Its location that stand strategically between 2 continents and 2 big oceans makes it a perfect home to series of unique faunas. In Indonesia you can find many kind of animal exist, from those typically Asian animal, Australian type animal, even some than only live in Indonesia.

Bali Safari Park offers you a experience to see their collection of Indonesia native animal in one place. This is the perfect destination if you like or want to know more about exotic animal but still don’t know how. This option is also perfect for you that want to enjoy both cultural performance and nature-educational vacation with your family.

In this facility you can find a great collection of Indonesian native animal. One of the well-known is the Komodo dragon that known as the largest lizard that still exist to date. This lizard is believed to have a close relation to the dinosaurs, they naturally only exist in Komodo Island but luckily you can also find them in Bali Safari Park.

Another famous animal in the Bali Starling, a beautiful Bali’s native bird that currently in danger of extinction. Along with this gorgeous-looking bird, you can also find some other native animal that also currently in near of extinction stage, such as Orang Utan, Sumatran Tigers, and the Black Ape.

Collection of More Animals

Not only the native animal, can you also find a great collection of animal in Bali Safari Park. There are currently more than 1.000 animal currently live inside this safari park. Those thousands animal varied into more than 100 species. In this facility you can find collection of tigers, lions, hippos, and some type of elephants.

All these animal are properly managed and cared to make sure they still live comfortably in the safari park. This park is not only served as a tourist destination but also a great place to conserved the animal from around the world. In this conservatory park you can find unique animal such as white tiger, Ostrich, Proboscis Monkey, Macaw, Owls, and Javan Deer.

Tiger show

Other Activities To Do at Bali Safari Park

All the animal collection make this park a perfect destination for family and children. This is a perfect place to enjoy the wildlife surrounding while get to know more about various kind of animal. It also a safe place to bring kids and even toddler and baby. It comes with a stroller place and child-friendly restroom.

You can also enjoy a night safari if you interested in nocturnal animal. During this night visit you can meet a lot of animal that normally we will not see around the day. Another thing you can have in this park is held your wedding ceremony. This is perfect for nature-loving couple that desired to have a unique and unforgettable wedding ceremony.

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Things To Bring To Bali Safari Park

If you currently planning your visit to Bali Safari Park, there are few things you better take with you. First, you have to prepare a safari-friendly clothing. This means you have to wear something that comfortable enough to walk around under the sun and ready to get it a bit dirty. You can also wear sunglasses and sunblock to protect you from direct sunlight.

The tropical climate also make you have to make sure that you are not dehydrated. We understand that you will be hungry and thirsty after a whole day interacting with the exceptional animals. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a water bottle, we have that covered! There are several water stations, stands and restaurants in the park where you can eat or quench your thirst. Camera and video camera also recommended to bring so you can take memorabilia of your unforgettable journey.

Hope you’ll have a nice holiday in the Bali Safari Marine Park.