Bali Safari Breakfast with Lions Package: Nice Morning Moment

breakfast with lion

Bali Safari Park has over a thousand amazing animals and is your top destination for an adventurous, fun and learning experience. The Park is a great day out for people of all ages that offers everything from animal shows to entertainment to famous Safari Journey.

You can explore Bali Safari Park with a special package: Breakfast with Lions Package if you are an international tourist who wishes to enjoy a natural spot within the animals, particularly in the morning.

For the foreign tourist, there are 12 packages that are offering such as:

  1. Jungle Hopper Package
  2. Dragon Package
  3. Adventure Package
  4. Breakfast with Lions Package
  5. Rhino Package
  6. Leopard Package
  7. Night Safari Package
  8. Elephant Back Safari
  9. Breakfast with Lion + Elephant Back Safari Package
  10. Breakfast with Lions + Giraffe feeding
  11. Leopard 4×4 Safari Ticket: Private Safari Adventure on 4×4 jeeps
  12. Rhino 4×4 Safari Ticket: Private Safari on 4×4 Jeeps

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Breakfast with Lion - Tsavo Lion Restaurant
Tsavo Lion Restaurant

The Main of Bali Safari Breakfast with Lion Package

This program allows you to enjoy a close meeting with wildlife to begin your day. You will also enjoy delicious cuisine at our Tsavo Lion Restaurant with our lion’s pride, which is securely separated by full-length viewing glass panels.

However, Don’t worry! The room are protected very well. Besides, the lion also tame because they are not in hungry condition. The glass also more secure because it consist of six panels.

The Inclusion Package of Breakfast With Lion Package

animal show
Animal Education Show

You can do some activities in this place. The activities that can you do in this place, for example:

  • Breakfast at Tsavo Lion Restaurant.
    It start from 08.30 till 10.00.
  • Animal Education Show
    You can see the attraction from the wild animals, for example tiger, lion and snakes. You can get this activities schedule at 10.30. You can start your activities in the afternoon to see this performance from the animals in there.
  • Big Cat Show
    After see the animal show, you can see the performance of Tiger. Joining this activities start at 11.15. There are some tigers activities in there such as how they are compete to find the target. You also see how the tiger interact with the other and make the relationship with human.
  • Elephant Show
    At the 12.00, you can see the elephant show, for example to give feed for the elephant, see the elephant bathing. Thus, you can see the interaction of elephant with their ecosystem.
  • Safari Journey
    In one time, you can join Safari journey. You will find some kinds of animals in Bali Safari Park. You can see them by the tram or safari bus, so you can see the animals and their ecosystem.
  • Tax Included
    You don’t pay the additional cost because it include the tax price in this package.

The Condition Of Bali Safari Breakfast With Lion Package

The tour price has the some inclusions from Bali safari breakfast with lion package  that have you known, such as 21 percent for pay the government tax and service charge.You can get full air conditioned if you take a private tour.

If you want to dinner, you can eat at the restaurant of Jimbaran in beach with the BBQ and seafood dinner.

The Recommendation Step To Go To Bali Safari Breakfast With Lion Package

There are some recommendations that you to go to there. You should make a booking first if you go to there. Probably, the climate was changed one by one time in a weather season. You can bring umbrella or raincoat.

Bring your best camera to take a picture the moment in the beautiful place, for example Uluwatu and the others.

The Time Estimation of Breakfast with Lion Package

It is need to know the time estimation to follow the activities schedule in those place. You can plan depart to hotel at 07.00 till 07.30. Then you register this package in Bali safari 08.40

In 10.30, you can watch the animal show. After watch the animal show, you can see the big cat or tiger show at 11.15. At 12.00, you can watch the attraction of the elephant.

You can take the additional inclusions when you take the package from the others such as breakfast with Lions and Elephant Ride, Breakfast with Lions + Giraffe feeding.

After done, you can eat and rest in hotel based on the agenda from Bali Safari with lion package.

Actually, there are many interesting at this package, those the reason why explore Bali Safari Park with Breakfast with Lions Package is become the appropriate way for the visitors.

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