Bali Safari Elephant Back Ride Safari Promo 2019-2020

Bali Safari Elephant Back Ride Safari Promo 2019-2020 1

Welcome to Bali Safari Elephant Back Ride “Where a Legend Await”

The Highlight of Bali Safari and Marine Park in general for those who want come and join with one of the Bali Safari Package ticket;

  1. FRESH Aquarium waters: Meet fiercely fresh water piranhas. Open air aquarium with many fish collections in Indonesia, South America and Africa. FRESH Fish aquarium waters.
  2. SAFARI JOURNEY: Exciting safari journey takes you to Indonesia, India and Africa’s wildlife environment and takes you by a unique bus to see wealthy wildlife in the vicinity.
  3. ANIMAL SHOW: The Bali Safari Park animal educational show is fun, but also very informative. Safari Ranger shares history and fun facts that encourage an knowledge of the wildlife. Like the Safari Ranger, the domesticated animals are starting to bloom: guinea pigs are scorching, and dogs are rushed by, and cats jump and climb. Naturally snakes will be there as well; the crowds will be gigantic pythons, visitors will be afraid of slowness, but curious children will be excited, nearer to the mouth, and nearer to their gaze. Then the mammals take the stage, and maybe two of the very clever orangutans rob the entire show.
  4. TIGER SHOW: A strong tiger population disappearing throughout the world that shows the native skills of these huge cats playing, catching, climbing, and swimming. Introduction to the grand pages on the role of tiger in Balinese history and mythology.
  5. ELEPHANT SHOW: The Gentle Giants are going through an Elephant Educational Show to connect and tell history. Sumatran Elephants is an inspiring venue for the maintenance of harmony between mankind and nature.
  6. BALI AGUNG SHOW: An extravagant world class show where a host of exotic beasts perform together 150 Balinese dancers as well as musicians and shadow puppet masters. Experience all our experiences in the Bali Theater on an indoor mega-stage, just Bali Safari Park.
  7. WATER PARK: Wet and wild in the park with children, have fun, relaxed and sunbath, have a water slide, and have fun with the kids ‘ swimming pool.
  8. ELEPHANT RIDE: Elephant Back Safari in Bali Safari Park provides the amazing experience of roaming free of charge on the largest land mammal by an African-themed Bushveld encircled by Wildebeests, Zebras and Rhinoceros. Our trained and skilled mahout (handlers) guide you through our instructional tours where you will learn more about the intriguing behaviour, abilities, intelligence and natural habitat of these gentle giants.
  9. 4 x 4 BALI SAFARI JOURNEY:  Take a close look at real fauna in one of Asia’s largest parks with Safari in this private adventure. Get to know our animals where you can feed them from your hand straight away! Bali Safari 4 x 4 tours will introduce you to over 100 animal species, some of them the rarest and endangered. These private days guarantee an intimate meeting with our wild animals.

First Bali Safari Elephant Back Ride Package Promo

Unforgettable experience await your coming to Bali Safari Park. With wild and rare animal collection, Bali Safari and Marine Park has attract thousands of visitors.

Elephant Back Safari Ride is one of the most famous program for those who love to ride the Giant Creature in the world.

SafariBaliticket offers 2 type of price for the ELephant back Safari;

  1. Bali Safari Elephant Back ride with private transfer,  Click Here
  2. Bali Safari ELephant Back ride without Hotel transfer, Click Here

What is the Inclusion for Bali Safari Elephant Back Ride Package?

  1. Free Pick up & Drop off with Private Car from Main tourist spot.
  2. Welcome Drink
  3. Safari Journey with tram Bus accompanied by Range Guide (Unlimited and Express Line)
  4. Fresh Water Aquarium with Piranha feeding attractions
  5. Animal Show with interactive and education for visitors** (10.30 / 16.00)
  6. Tiger Show with amazing guidance from our Guide** (11.15-11.35)
  7. Elephant Show as the education for Human life ** (12.00 / 16.30)
  8. Elephant Ride as the main highlight of the program  (30 Minutes)
  9. Souvenir from Bali Safari Marine Park
  10. 1 Photo Print as memory to hang at your home wall
  11. Tax included

Bali Safari Elephant Back Ride Safari Promo 2019-2020 2

How Long Elephant Ride Bali Safari Park Package ?

The duration of the ride is about 30 minutes.

Its Start from the basecamp near Near Kampung Gajah.  You will sit in the back of the elephant with safety hook.

You May get the picture from during join Elephant Back Ride Bali Safari for get some photo as your memory to keep at your home.



Bali Safari Elephant Back Ride Safari Promo 2019-2020 3

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    Why Should Book Bali Safari Elephant Back Ride Package via SafariBaliTicket?

    • Get Free hotel return transfers by private air-conditioned car or van. (It’s not Sharing Transfer)
    • Price is net without any hidden fee.
    • Easy meet with Our Driver as he will come to your hotel, please wait our driver at your hotel lobby and he will find you.
    • Our driver is speak English and ready to share about Bali in general.
    • No rush time, stay as your please at Bali Safari and come back any time you want to.
    • Easy book with our Admin, You may chat via WhatsApp/ Telegram  at +62 81 239 69077 or drop us an email from our website booking form.
    • Easy Payment method,  you may pay us on the day or pay by online 3D secure credit card also available.
    • Get benefit for the Booking Jungle Hooper & Elephant Back Safari Package with Private transfer.
    • Special Rate for Group Booking.

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    How to get the wristband ticket for Elephant Back Safari Bali Safari?

    1. For Ticket booking without Hotel transfer should pay online.
    2. Please park your car at parking area then walk to our counter ticket at the Main Lobby.
    3. Please come in the morning with BOOKING CODE/VOUCHER
    4. Please show your BOOKING CODE/ VOUCHER at The Counter Bali Safari and Marine Park with EBS on right side.
    5. After you get the Wristband ticket, then you may enter the Bali Safari Park.

    Hope you will enjoy your visit at Bali Safari with Dragon Package Bali Safari Marine park, Have a nice holiday.