Bali Safari For The Kids – A Great Holiday Out

Safari Journey

Bali should definitely be at the top of your list with regard to family journeys. The religious paradise island offers great resorts and countless events for all ages, couples, relatives and even for kids. So, if you’re looking for an unusual family experience, you’d enjoy the Bali Safari & Marine Park where you and your kids can walk, relax, and play with the various animals.

Bali Safari Park is an interesting and enjoyable place for children. Kids of all ages can meet up close with real and distinctive animal species from Indonesia, India and Africa.

In this activities, the children can be closer with the animal about how the fun of activities. In addition, they know the real life of the animal which has the beautiful and unique. Besides, they know the different characteristics animals from around the world.

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Things that kids love at Bali Safari Park

In addition to Safari Journey, cultural shows and animal feeding activities, there are several things in Bali Safari Park facilities that can bring surprises and pleasure to children.

Water park
Bali Safari – Water park
  • Fun Park Spaces
    It is fun place for the children. The children can play Merry Go Round. In addition, you can entertain your children with the fun facilities in this park.
  • Splash Zone For Children
    The children can enjoy this game at the hot day because splash zone provides the fun water park for the children. The children will laugh if we make splash with them. In this season, we also can educate the children about the element, colors and activities.
    In this fun water park, you can educate the children to make adventure with the fun way. You can also educate them to find the solve of the problem, the way and the solution. In the summer season, this facilities is the best choice for them.
  • Interactive Photo Spaces
    You can share the experience for the children with the interactive photo spaces. Take the unforgettable moment with the children and make the fun moment with them.  They can not forget this moment if we have this photo. It is important season for the family.
  • Giant Elephant Statue
    Take a picture of the children with giant elephant statue. They will be happy look the big statue. The children think that the statue is amazing because it is very huge.
  • A Large Aquarium
    The children see the kinds of animals that come from the sea at the large aquarium. You can educate the children what the kind of the fish from around the world. Certainly, they will be happy and interest with those animals.
  • Monkey Swinging
    The children will laugh when look the monkey are swinging around the threes. You ask the children that not too afraid because the guidance will accompany us. In addition, you can educate the children about the habitat and the animal live.
  • Ice Cream At The Hot Days
    To visit this place, the summer is the appropriate season. You can visit your children to eat ice cream at the summer or the hot days. The children can choose the many kinds of variant ice cream.
    They will happy and feel fresh when the hot days come because the taste of ice cream is very tasty and cool. The ingredients of this ice cream are made from fruit, so don’t worry about the health.
Giant elephant statue
Giant elephant statue at Bali Safari Park

The Animals That Can Be Found at Bali Safari Park

  • Tiger
    It look a big cat which has the weight up to 350 kg. There are six subspecies around the world, such as Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, Malayan Tiger, South China Tiger, Sumatran Tiger and Indochinese Tiger.
    Tiger usually eat wild deer, monkey,  wild pigs, frogs at the late afternoon or nights and they consume a meat meal start from 6 kg into 27 kilograms.
  • Elephant
    They live at the population group. They usually live at Asian and has the weight up to 5 tons with the height start from five up to nine feet at the shoulder. They also can live up to 70 years. Some children like see the elephant when the elephant eat bamboo, grass, nut and fruits.
  • Lion
    In this package, Lion are distributed from Africa. The original habitat is come from open woodland and grassy plains. The height of the lion start from 120 up to 191 kilograms. They also can live into 10 0r 14 years in the wild.
    You can explain with the children why the lion is the king of the jungle. Lion is the survivor animals. Some children want to know how the strong and the power of the lion.
  • Hippo
    Hippo is distributed from Africa. The original habitat in protected areas, river and swamp. The height into 3,5 tons. The children maybe familiar with this animals. In the popular cartoon character such as Barney and Friends, take the rhino as the main characters.

More Animals

The children can see the other animals such as giraffe, deer, bison, bear and the reptile animals, so the children is not only see the animals from the picture. And if you really want to bring you kids to discover more creature and see other wild animals in Bali, then it is one of the greatest options to visit Bali Safari Park in Gianyar.

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