Bali Safari Jungle Hopper – The Most Popular Package

Bali Safari Jungle Hopper

In the vacation of the holiday, Bali Safari Jungle Hopper Package the well option for us. This famous and popular Safari package takes you on a wildlife trip to see a large number of animals, including threatened species. Let’s follow the information.

Before we explain this package, right now, there are 12 packages at Bali Safari Park that are offering for the international tourist as the following:

  1. Jungle Hopper Package
  2. Dragon Package
  3. Adventure Package
  4. Breakfast with Lion Package
  5. Rhino Package
  6. Leopard Package
  7. Night Safari Package
  8. Elephant Back Safari
  9. Breakfast with Lion + Elephant back safari package
  10. Leopard 4×4 Safari ticket: private safari adventure on 4×4 jeep
  11. Rhino 4×4 Safari Ticket: private safari adventure on 4×4 jeep
  12. Breakfast with Lions + Giraffe feeding

Each package has its own charm and is offered at different prices and different inclusions.

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The Definition of Bali Safari Jungle Hopper Package

Bali safari jungle hopper is the package for the foreigner tourist, so  the package is offer for the visitors who are come from the other countries. In the program of this package, you can see all the kinds of animals start from Africa, India and Indonesia animals. You can find over the 60 species from 300 that you know, for example Deer Pigs, Tapirs, White Starling, Sumatran Elephants, owls, the other animals.

In India animals, we can see the Bears, Spotted Deer and Nilgai.  The other animals, we can find the another species from Africa, for example Wilder Beast, Wild Beef, Camel, Ostrich, Lion The Forest King, Watusse, Zebra, Giraffe, Africa Cow Red, mountain goat, camel, zebra the cross and rhinoceros.

Zebra - bali safari marine park

The Inclusion Activities of Jungle Hopper Package

  • Fresh Water
    You can see the many Piranhas in ferocious fresh water aquarium. It has some kinds fish collection that are come from Indonesian, Africa and South American.
  • Animals Show
    Safari Rangers will show the informative explanation while he/she show the animal performance one by one with their background and how they are growing and brown. It is appropriate for the children who want to know the types of animals for 10.30 or 16.00.
  • Safari Journey (1X)
    You can walk around the zoo to see the animals by the tram/bus that can accommodate for 20 persons. You can see the animals, such as Indonesian Satwa (Hog deer, small cattle, Anoa sulawesi, Crocodille area, Sumatran Elephant, Bali Cattle, Mouse Deer and Tapir.
    You also see Borneo Satwa, for example Orang Utan, Monkey, Lutung and Honey Bear.  Indian Animals, for example Menjangan, Leopard and the other African animals. You can join start at 09.15 till 17.15.
  • Big Cat/Harimau/Tiger Show
    It usually has opened with Balinese history and myth. Then the Safari Rangers explain the tigers how to hunt, climb, and catch something for 11.15 till 11.35
  • Bali Agung Show (silver seat)
    It is the kind of live theatre performance. It shows the culture of Bali that is described about the Balinese tale.
  • Elephant Show
    This is the education show for the elephant. Safari Rangers explain the good relationship between human and Sumatran elephants. It also create a harmony between human life and nature for 12.00 till 16.30.
  • Water Park
    If you visit there with the children or family, you can go to water park. There are many programs and events in this place. There are many facilities in this water park such as children’s pool, enjoy water slide, wet and wild in the park and some water fun activities.
  • Afternoon Tea
    You can join afternoon tea like in England traditional at Uma Restaurant start from 14.30 till 16.30 WITA.

Bali Safari Jungle Hopper - The Most Popular Package 1

The Highlight Schedule of Jungle Hopper

  • Photo With Orangutan
    It consist of two seasons. In 10.00 – 12.00, you can photo with the Orangutan and photo with birds at 13.00 – 14.00.
  • Croc Feeding
    You can give the feed from the Crocodile at 12.00 – 12.10 and the next season at 16.10 – 16.30.
  • Elephant Bathing
    You can see the activities of elephant bathing at the safari park at 10.00 – 11.00 and 15.00 – 16.00. You also can see the Gajah Show at Kampung Gajah at 12.00 – 12. 30 then in next season at 16.30 till 16.50.
  • White Tiger Feeding
    Besides the tiger show scheduled at 11.15- 11.35, you can choose to give feed for white tiger at the other schedule at 16.00 till 16.10 o’clock.
  • Bintorong Collection
    Let’s prepare your camera to take a picture of the Binturong at 10.00 till 12.00 o’clock and 14.00 till 15.30 o’clock.
  • Ranthambore Collection
    You can see the collection of python snakes, owls and the others at 12.30 till 12.40.
  • Bali Agung Show
    You can see the live theatre performance about Bali folklore everyday except Monday at 14.30 till 15.30.

In addition to the highlight schedule above, you can see the complete schedule of shows at Bali Safari Park here.

The Different of Jungle Hopper and Dragon Package

Based on the inclusion of this package, it looks different in the menu at Uma Restaurant. In Bali Safari Jungle Hopper, you will get afternoon tea, but in the Bali Safari Dragon Package, you can get the buffet menu at the Uma Restaurant.

With all the facilities and conveniences available here, are you interested in traveling by taking family members to Bali Safari Park while visiting Bali?

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