Bali Safari Marine Park Facilities

bali safari and marine park priceWhat’s the  Bali Marine Marine Park Facilities ? lets start one by one to have the information on this page.

Before come and visit our Bali Safari park, you should you know as least some information about Bali Safari Marine Park facilities . We try to write on this page for all visitors, we do hope this information will help you for your plan visit to Bali Safari holiday.

Please find below as we summarize all facilities of Bali Safari Marine park, it will start from the entrance gate till what we have inside the safari.

easy access to enter Bali Safari and Marine park
1. Easy Access from Main street of Prof Ida Bagus Mantra high way street

1. Bali Safari Park has Easy Access from Main street of Prof Ida Bagus Mantra high way street

Bali Safari Marine & Marine park is easily access from the Main Street of Prof Ida Bagus Mantra. Let me tell you you if you start from Sanur. Please follow the Main High way street, then  turn right, goes straight about 20 minutes toward east of Klungkung, finally you see the sign on the left side of the street.

Here you area at Bali Safari & Marine park. Once take left from the Main street, you will pass the Paving street, bus can enter easily. Then you will pass the Gate of Bali Safari with Ivory Statue and pass the security staff  check point. Then go inside to find the Bus /car / bike parking area.

But before you come here, please book your Bali Safari marine park tickets via  SafariBaliTicket to have better Deals. For Group Booking , we offers special rate with free transfer from your hotel.


Bali Safari Marine park tickets provide Motor bike parking area for all customer
2. Motor Bike Parking Access

2. Motor Bike parking Access to enter Bali Safari & Marine Park

If you has the Bali Safari marine park tickets, either full day package like Jungle Hopper, Dragon or Half day package like Dragon Package. And if you come with Motor Bike, may be you will wonder,  Can I come with Motor bike to Bali Safari & Marine Park ?

The Answer is Yes,, surely, why not. Bali Safari & marine park has wide land for the parking. special for motor bike, we has the parking just after you enter the checking gate, its on the left side, please find the sign once arrive.

Or ask the staff  for direction Motor Bike Parking. Please lock you bike and keep your helmet under the bike  seat.


Car and Bus parking Area at bali Safari and Marine Park
3. Car & Bus Parking Area

3. Car & Bus Parking Area

SafariBaliTicket offers ticket with private transfer and without Hotel Transfer. If you book our ticket without Private transfer, please book your Bali Safari marine park tickets in advance.

And you can arrange your own driver to come here. Bali Safari & Marine park has a wide land for parking of your car. Even if you come with group Bus, you can parking the bus here easily.

As Bali Safari & Marine  is very concern about customer confort. You can imagine if our  park not provide a wide parking area, its must difficult for you to find your driver after you done with your visit at the Park.


Open air main lobby to get your Bali Safari marine park tickets package
4. Open Air Main Lobby

4. Open Air main lobby to Collect your entrance wristband ticket

If you come with your driver ad you already book Bali Safari marine park tickets package via our SafariBaliticket website, then you just need come to PAID RESERVATION counter ticket.

On high season or school holiday, we will have longer queue, to avoid long queue, suggested better come in the morning. Counter ticket open from 09.00 AM. Bali Safari and marine Park closed at 17.00


souvenir outlet at main lobby
5. Souvenir outlet shop

5. Souvenir Outlet Shops at  Bali Safari Park

If you come with your family, especially your kids, during the parents on queue to collect the entrance ticket, you may take your time with your child to check the special souvenir that sell around the main lobby.

Bali Safari Marine Park tickets holder need prepare extra cash if they want to buy the special souvenir from the park.

Information center at Bali Safari marine park main lobby
6. Information Center

Bali Safari Marine park Tickets Information center
Information Center at Main Lobby

6. Information Center for Customer who Purchase Tickets Bali Safari Marine Park

After you gran your ticket at the counter, the you may walk to Information Center. Our staff will assist you to attach your wristband ticket.  Also you may ask a question regarding our Safari map, direction and etc.

we are ready to serve with our maximum services for you happy holiday with your Bali Safari Marine park Tickets package with your family.

Information center activities

Our Customer services help our customer attach the wristband ticket before they enter the Bali Safari & Marine park. Your May Book you Bali Safari Marine park tickets subject on your budget.

We have many kind of package, please contact us if you need some information about what package is the most popular to joined.

Bali Safari Marine Park tickets on your wrist
Get Ready to join on Safari explorer

Once you wrist banded with our Bali Safari Marine Park tickets, then you are almost wild Safari.  You will be transferred to Terminal Bali by our Bus Tram.
Are you ready for the long day Safari with your Family ?


VIP Lounge for Bali Safari marine park tickets Rhino
7. VIP Lounge

7. VIP Lounge for Rhino and Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari tickets holder

At Bali Safari and Marine Park, also provide VIP Lounge. This Lounge is dedicated for Rhino Tickets Holder and Leopard 4 x 4 Tickets Holder.

For Night Safari Tickets Holder will use this VIP lounge to wait till the time schedule for night Safari are coming while they can enjoy the welcome drink which served for Bali Night Safari package.

Bali Safari & Marine Park toilet facilities
8. Toilet

8. Clean Toilet Facilities at Bali Safari & Marine Park.

This facilities maybe sound not so attractive but this one of the Most important facilities which is must keep clean and dry comfort as all visitors needed.

At Bali Safari & Marine Park, we have toilet facilities for Ladies and Gentleman and also for Disable  at below spot:

  1. Main Lobby, Toilet located at Back side behind the counter tickets.
  2. Terminal Utama, Toilet located at the left side before guest transferred to Terminal Bali.
  3. Lobby Barong, Toilet located at the right side at the front of fresh Water Aquarium.
  4. Uma Restaurant , Toilet located at the east side, near the Italian pizzaria spot.
  5. Hanoman Stage, Toilet Located at the Back side of the animal Stage.
  6. Terminal Toraja, Toilet located on the left side where customer may use it during queue to join on the Safari Journey.
  7. Water Park, toilet located at down floor, one location with locker rental.
  8. Kampung Gajah, Toilet located at the right side of the Stage, where customer after or during elephant show may find toilet easily.
  9. Bali Agung Theater, Toilet located near the lounge. left side where customer during Bali Agung Show can find it easily.
  10. Tsavo Lion restaurant, toilet located on left side where you can find it easily if you having breakfast with lion program or just come for lunch at Tsavo Lion restaurant.
tram bus safari journey for bali safari marine park tickets holder
9. Tram ( Bus with special Glass design for Safari Journey)

9. Tram ( Special Glass Bus for transfer and Safari Journey)

Once your arrival at Terminal Utama, you will be transferred to reach Terminal Bali where you will start the Safari with walking, see the fresh water aquarium, birds, Leopard and others.

The highlight of Bali Safari visit is The Safari Journey: The journey in the park to see all collections that specially design to entertain the visitors. This Tram can accommodated up to 25 person. This is the Tram for the day Safari visit.

bali safari marine park tickets with night safari journey
Tram for Night Safari journey

While for The Night Safari Journey, we have different Tram, its cage tram where the visitors will see the animal in the night, feeds them and the highlight of the night safari journey once the tiger jump above the tram….

The tram can accommodate up to 20 person for one time journey. Its really the most exciting trip once you in Bali.

wristband checking point at Bali Safari Marine Park
Wristband checking Point

All customer who come and visit Bali Safari & Marine Park will pass the WristBand checking point, please show your hand to our customer services or our staff who in charge at this point.

Afterward you you are 100% legal to enter our park and see all animal collections. Tickets package is available subject on your budget and your timing visit.


snacks and soft drinks corner available at bali safari marine park before enter the tram
11. Snacks & Soft Drink Corner

11. Snacks & Soft Drink Corner

At the Main Terminal before visitors enter the tram to be transferred to the Bali terminal, we also have a place to buy snacks and soft drinks.

For those of you who need light snacks or soft drinks, you can go to this spot and choose the snacks you want. So we really treat the visitors with complete facilities for the convenience of the visitors.

terminal bali at bali safari marine park
12. Terminal Bali

12. Terminal Bali at Bali Safari Park

At the Bali terminal it is used to drop guests who are transferred from the main terminal. When guests arrive in the lobby of Bali will be welcomed by the melodious melodic Balinese Rindik music.

At the Bali terminal you can see beautiful little temples. there are also kites hanging above the lobby area. In this area there are long chairs that visitors can use to relax.

From here you need walk to reached Lobby Barong where your Safari explorer will be starting. Are you ready to explorer with your Bali Safari Marine park tickets ?

rindik traditional Balinese music play at terminal Bali to welcome Bali Safari Marine park visitors
Rindik traditional Balinese music

Rindik Traditional Balinese Music Play at Terminal Bali Bali Safari & Marine Park area

Rindik is a musical instrument from bamboo, it is played by 2 to 5 people where 2 people beat Rindik and the rest for flutes and gong pulu.

Rindik is a traditional Balinese musical instrument, usually played when there is a wedding celebration, salvation or welcoming guests. Rindik is one of the traditional Balinese musical instruments and has become a hallmark of Balinese culture.

At Bali Safari and Marine  park, they music played by two musician and they are ready to give you the melodic music once you arrived here.


Lobby Barong is one of the lobby at Bali Safari & Marine Park
13. Barong Lobby

13. Lobby Barong

From the Bali terminal, you need to walk a short distance to arrive at the Barong lobby. The name Lobby Barong is taken from the name Barong Dance which is one of the sacred dances.

In the Barong Lobby Area there are several facilities and animal collections that you can visit. Here I write the facilities and attractions below:

  • Information center  & Leopard check in  services
  • Baby Stroller rental  & Wheel chair rental services
  • Photo Print Station
  • Barong Cafe with Birds view
  • Toilet facilities
  • Fresh water aquarium attraction with Piranha Fish Feeding.
  • Leopard collection with some crocodile.
  • Guest comment box services
  • Souvenir Outlet

Now we will give a little explanation about each of the facilities in the barong lobby. We hope that the information we submit can be used as a guide if you visit the Bali Marine park with the various packages that we offer.

Now let us discuss some facilities that we have not had the chance to share on this page.

information and check in counter at lobby Barong o f Bali Safari marine park
Information center & Leopard Check in Counter

This Information Center & Leopard check in Counter is located at the left side of the Barong Lobby. Here all customer may ask any question regarding the safari program, direction, time of the show and others information.

This Information center also is used to served welcome drink for those of Bali Safari Marine park customer who hold the Leopard ticket package.  Our customer services can recognise your ticket from your wristband.

Baby Stroller & Wheel Chair rental services is available at Bali Safari and Marine Park
Baby Stroller & Wheel Chair rental services

This baby stroller rental  and wheelchair rental services are located to the left of the entrance to the Barong lobby. This facility is provided for all visitors to the Safari Park & Marine Park.

For those of you who forget to bring a baby carriage you can contact our customer services to request information about the rental price. Likewise for those of you who are disabled, we also provide wheelchair rental.

Price range is around 150,000, for more information, please contact the customer service Bali Safari & Marine park.

All visitors, International and Domestic tourist  who has the Bali Safari Marine Park tickets may rented this services facilities subject on the availability.

photo print station at bali safari marine park
Photo print Station at Lobby Barong

Photo print station is located to the right of the entrance to the Barong lobby. This photo print station provides services to all visitors who hold a marine park tickets Bali safari.

Especially for those who capture their holiday visits by printing photos on the spot. For prices you can go directly to this counter and ask our officers who are on guard. Price range from IDR 175,000/pieces.


barong cafe at bali safari marine park
Barong Cafe at Bali Safari Marine Park

This Barong Cafe is located on the left in the Barong lobby area. In this mini café, visitors to Bali Safari park can relax while ordering coffee, the, soft drinks and light snacks.

In front of the Barong Café there is a collection of birds that will be entertainment Bali Safari marine park tickets holder with their color, song while enjoying a cup of coffee. As for birds you can see in front of Barong Café such as Wreathed hornbill, Black Naped-Oriole, Helmeted Friarbird, Lesser Bird of paradise and others.

Birds collections at the front of Barong cafe for all Bali Safari Marine Park visitors
Birds collections at the front of Barong cafe

Our distinguish Bali Safari Marine park tickets holder may spend some time around Barong cafe and see the birds fly around at cage at the front of Barong cafe.

This Mini cafe can accommodated up to 32 person. Enjoy your day, relaxed, drinks for the most memorable trip in Bali Safari park.

Toilet in Lobby Barong.
This toilet is to the right of the front of the fresh water aquarium. Toilet is provided at the spot that is visited by many foreign tourists and local tourists.

On this page we provide information to tourists who will visit the Bali Safari Park, can get more complete information.

So that they have a pleasant experience and also provide an unforgettable travel experience.


fresh water aquarium at bali safari and marine park
Fresh Water Aquarium at Lobby Barong

Fresh Water Aquarium
This is the attraction in the right Barong lobby and is an attraction that is very popular for all tourists who visit Bali Safari & Marine Park. On this area you can walk along the side of the Aquarium where tourists can see some fish collections and a collection of turtles and all of you who hold Bali Safari marine park tickets may access here for free.

In this page I will share a little about some types of fish that are available, such as pig nose tortoise, piranha fish, rasbora scissortail fish, Corydoras Panda fish, Rainbow Shark, Bala Shark, red Tailed Golden Arowana, Super red Arowana, Tinfoil Barb, Elephant Nose fish, Filament Barb, Fire Elel, Black Shark, Tetra Bucket and others.

You can see the type of fish from each Aquarium, because on the location there are instructions from the collection of money fish in it. You can take photo but without splash.

And what most tourists like is when we have Piranha feeding show. If you already book Bali Safari marine park tickets advance with online payment system, please  set your travel date to the Bali Safari park

Additional Bali Safari Marine Park facilities Mentioned Below

14. Kampung Bali

The Kampung Bali  has some facilities for customer which is very important to know, we will mentioned one by one with the one. What facilities we have at Kampung Bali with below listed and short descriptions;

  1. Bale Banjar
  2. Klinic
  3. ATM cash machine
  4. Souvenir Shop
  5. Mushola
  6. Uma restaurant

Below we will review Bali Safari Marine Park facilities at Kampung Bali;

bali safari and marine park package
The Bale Banjar Daily activities

1. Bale Banjar Facilities

This Facilities located on the right of the path, where we can see the The Balinese Dance Class everyday and Also can See Balinese Dance performance every Sunday. Also we can see the Balinese life activities like cock flight massage, Making Canang Offering ritual and also can see some Barong Mask display. Its small building with multi function use and give us the description of Balinese lifes.

Bali Safari Marine Park Facilities 1
ATM Machine

2. ATM cash Machine Facilities

This ATM Machine is located on the right side at the front side of Bale Banjar. If you need some cash for buy some souvenir or need cash or lunch, you may come to this corner and take your cash.


Bali Safari Marine Park Facilities 2
Clinic Facilities

3. Bali Safari Clinic Facilities

Once you enter Kampung Bali, On the left side of the main entrance, we can find clinic which is functioned as the first Aid for any customer who need assistance from our nurse.


Bali Safari Marine Park Facilities 3
Peken Bali ; Balinese Market

4. Peken Bali

What is Peken Bali? Peken means Market, we can found Peken in the village where the local people come for find theirs daily needs and set in traditional way. At Bali safari park, you can find Paken Bali as souvenir Shop. you can shop at 4 shops called Kios Wayan, Kios Made, Kios Nyoman and Kios Ketut, where you can buy some souvenir from each shop(Kios).

Bali Safari Marine Park Facilities 4
Kios/ Shop of Wayan, Made, Nyoman and Ketut


Bali Safari Marine Park Facilities 5


For our Moslem Visitor who come on friday, they may take time for pray at our mushola. located behind the the shops souvenir around the corner near the Bamboo plantations,