Bali Safari & Marine Park: Favorite Tourist Attraction in Bali

Bali Safari & Marine Park: Favorite Tourist Attraction in Bali 1

If you have children on holiday in Bali, don’t miss Bali Safari Marine Park. This tourist spot in Bali offers you and your child the best safari experience. Bali Safari & Marine Park is also called Bali Safari Park, one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions, a favorite of Indonesian tourists. Attractions in the Bali Safari Park provide a place for wild animals in their natural habitat, which has been built with a mixture of Balinese culture. It is suitable to be visited for all ages.

Bali Safari Marine Park: best family vacation

The Bali Safari Park is owned and managed by an Indonesian Safari Park. The Indonesian Safari Park is renowned for its animal conservation expertise and is renowned for its exhibitions and animal shows. Indonesian Safari park is a management with more than 20 years of experience, making it one of Indonesia’s top safari parks and Bali’s most beautiful tourist spots for kids, and one of the best family holiday attraction on the Island of Gods.

Endangered Animals From Three Countries

There are various types of endangered species from 3 countries, namely Indonesia, India and Africa. Consists of 60 species and 400 endangered species originating from Indonesia such as White Starlings, Owls, Tapirs, Crocodiles, Deer Pigs and Sumatran Tigers.

From India, among others, Spotted Deer, Himalayan Bears, Nilgai and Black Buck. Endangered species from Africa are also not left behind like the Hippos, Ostriches, Lions, Babbons, Zebras and Blue Wildebeest.

Location of Bali Safari Marine Park

The Bali Safari Marine Park area, built on an area of ​​40 hectares. Is one of 3 zoos in Indonesia. Located in three villages in Gianyar Regency, Bali. Namely Desa Lebih, Desa Serongga and Desa Medahan.

The distance is 17 km to the east of the city of Denpasar or about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai airport, by crossing the road By Pass Ngurah Rai and By Pass Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra. The location of the Bali safari park is truly strategic, easy to access and very rare in traffic jams. Please use the Google Map, to find the location of the Bali Safari Marine Park.

If you want to visit Bali safari park attractions, you can contact us Bali car rental. Our driver is ready to take you to Bali Safari and Marine Park during your vacation in Bali. Also check our Bali Safari Shuttle Bus service.

One of the best tourist attractions in Bali for children that you deserve to visit is Bali safari and marine park. While visiting children and you can enjoy several shows, among others, animal shows and knowledge of animals on the Hanuman stage, elephant attractions in the elephant village that have elephant museums, elephant ride tours, and elephant stalls.

There is also an attraction for bathing elephants in the garden of Ganesha, which has a 9 meter tall statue of Ganesha, which is the entrance to Bali Theater. Holy water baths are also available here called Tirta Sulasih. Various Balinese handicrafts and animal-shaped accessories are sold in the shopping area known as Peken Bali. Every day Balinese dancing classes are held and playing Balinese gambelan instruments at the Bale Banjar.

If you want to spend the night, tourists are also provided lodging at Mara River Safari Lodge. At night visitors can see wild animals roaming their habitat. There is also a restaurant that provides various kinds of food and drinks.

Playground for Kids Fun Zone

Play facilities are also available in the Fun Zone area for children up to 10 years old. Playgrounds provided such as Mary Go Round, Clumbing Car, Go Go Bouncer with a rate of 10 thousand for one game. Visitors can also ride camels at a rate of 20 thousand, ride around elephants at a rate of 100 thousand, feed elephants, and take pictures with endangered animals by paying 20 thousand for a single photo.

Aside from being an attractive tourist destination in Bali that you must visit, Bali Marine Park Safari is also used as a breeding ground for endangered animals. Very rare White Tigers from India are being tried to be bred so that they are maintained.

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Opening Hours & Ticket Prices Bali Safari Marine Park 2019 Foreigner

To be able to enter the Bali Safari and Marine Park, you will be charged an entrance ticket fee. For the price of admission to Bali 2019 safari park for Foreigner  tourists / basic ticket Jungle hopper, you can see below.

  • Adults (aged over 12 years), 800,000 / person include private transfer from your hotel with minimum 2 person traveler.
  • Children (ages 3 – 12 years), Rp. 640,000/ person.
  • Babies (under 3 years old), free.

For opening hours of the Bali safari park from 09:00 – 17:00.

By paying the entrance ticket according to the ticket price of Bali Safari and Marine Park 2019 above, you will get 1 safari journey, watch animal shows and elephant show.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bali Taman Safari

  • Can you bring food and drinks from outside when you go to Bali Safari Marine Park?
    To bring food and drinks from outside is not permitted by the Bali Safari and Marine Park. When you enter the entrance, there will be a check from the security of the Bali safari park.
  • What about baby food?
    Baby food is allowed for you to take into the safari park.
  • What are the baby’s age criteria at the Bali Safari Marine Park?
    If your child is under the age of 3, it will be included in the baby category.
  • How to buy a Leopard (leopard) package & Rhino (rhino) ( Night Safari) package?
    For Leopard & Rhino packages, it can only be purchased through online payment.
  • How many people to get the group package price at the Bali Safari Marine Park?
    If you come in the number of more than 20 people, you can buy the price of the group package, of course the price of the entrance ticket for Bali safari parks for groups will be much cheaper than individuals.
  • Can we pay Ticket on the spot?
    Yes sure, for ticket Jungle Hooper and Adventure package without our hotel transfer can purchase and pay the ticket one arrived at Bali Safari, to get our special rate, please book with us via WhatsApp +62 81 239 69077 and get our BOOKING CODE to get the discounted rate.
  • How about bring pet?
    As our animal collection is well look after with safety standard, its not allowed for any customer bring any pets like dog, cat, inside our safari.
  • When best time come to Bali Safari Marine Park?
    Please come on dry season, March -September , important issue if you come on raining, the show is not on and you won’t see all animal like on sunny day.
  • How To Get Bali Safari Marine park?
    You can book ticket with transfer or if you have driver, you can book the ticket first then get your own cab driver to take you to Bali Safari.
  • Is there any public transport from Bali Safari Marine Park?
    If you book one way driver to Bali Safari, for the return you book our local driver services which is provided by the local people who live around the Safari, for rate, please check one you arrive at Safari. There is no online transfer allowed inside at Bali Safari.
  • How far Bali Safari from tourism object in Bali?
    If you stay at Kuta, its take about 1 hour ++ to get the Bali Safari Marine Park
    From Nusa Dua to Bali Safari Marine Park also about 1 Hour ++
    From Jimbaran to Bali Safari Marine Park also about 1 Hour ++
    From Sanur to Bali Safari Marine Park also about 35 minutes
    From Ubud  to Bali Safari Marine Park also about 1 Hour
    From Candidasa  to Bali Safari Marine Park also about 1 Hour ++
    From Seminyak  to Bali Safari Marine Park also about 1 Hour ++
    From Canggu  to Bali Safari Marine Park also about 1 Hour ++
    From Lovina to Bali Safari Marine Park also about  3 Hour ++
    From Amed  to Bali Safari Marine Park also about 2 Hour ++
  • Is Bali Safari Marine Park open on Sunday and Public Holiday?
    We open 7 days a week, except on Silent / Nyepi Day celebration and if any Event at Bali Safari like 10 Km run estafet.
  • Where to stay at Bali Safari?
    Bali Safari marine park also has hotel called Mara River Lodge, where you can stay and see the savanna grass with some animal daily activities, you can have that view from your hotel Balcony.
  • Where is the closest spot to Bali Safari Marine Park?
    You may stay At Sanur for closer distance or Saba Bay area where you can reached the park just in 10 minutes drive, there some villa at Saba bay like Umah luwih, Sab Bay villa, the Ylang-Ylang villa, villa l-Orang and many more private villa you can find along Saba Bay.