[BSM-007] Jungle Hopper Package + Kecak & Fire Dance

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Let’s join our one day tour, Jungle Hopper Package + Kecak & Fire Dance, where you will be invited to visit Bali Safari & Marine Park, and also watch  spectacular Kecak & Fire dance show at Batubulan village.

On this day trip, we will collect you from your Bali hotel or villa and take you to our first destination of the day which is Bali Safari & Marine Park to enjoy Jungle Hopper package until finish at 16.00 pm. The trip continue to visit Tegenungan waterfall and   ended is watching a spectacular Kecak & Fire dance show.

Please find more about each program on this page:

Jungle Hopper : An incredible experience with a safari into an unforgettable wilderness, from the Elephants ride on the Sumatra Jungle and Sumatran Tiger to the Manyara-Africa hippos. Take part in the Bali Safari & Marine Park in the vicinity of 60 species, including various rare species, such as the Otan, the Komodo and the Myna Balis. Exploring and enjoying your day, hundreds of animals.

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This is one of our most exciting adventure trips in the park that takes visitors to India and Africa, and to the habitats of Indonesia and the islands of bali in natural conditions. Come face to face with the lives of many animal animals, the visitor is able to see our wildlife naturally living in these open areas and you are able to take as many photos as you like to make preparations for your best shooting on our tram. Your air-conditioned safari tram will accompany you in person, and you will understand the nature of the wilderness from our guide..

Do your best to see the tigers that are in the dense jungle, to become captivated and to be closer to the animals by the huge size of our White Rhinocéros. Discover ‘ Lake Manyara’ where Hippopotamus hangs off all day long to stay cool, get closer and count the number of stripes of zebra…..

A fun day at the renowned Bali Safari Park which is a perfect blend of a zoo and a fun park. For anyone who wants to have a day off the beach and love the animals.

Don’t miss Bali Agung Show, the legendary Balinese Goddesses, from Tuesday until Sunday, which includes 150 artists, 40 marionettes and more than 30 animals, including ten elephants. A unique collaboration with Balinese artists and an internationally renowned team.

Beside the safari and animal displays, you are invited to the Crystal Clear Water Park to refresh yourself. Double choice of pools, some water slides for children & adults. In a non – stop streaming water pool, you can play and swim.

The Highlight of Bali Safari and Marine Park Activities:

  • FRESH WATER AQUARIUM: Hold the Fresh Water Aquarium to meet the ferocious Piranhas. Aquarium that includes several fish collections from Indonesia, South America and Africa with an open – air design.
  • SAFARI JOURNEY: Exciting Safari travel is the opportunity to experience rich wildlife nearby with the special Tram Bus in Indonesia’s natural habitats, India and Africa.
  • ANIMALE SHOW: The show is fun, but very informative. The Safari Ranger shares stories and fun facts which help promote a wildlife understanding. Starting with “domesticated” animals, as mentioned in the Safari Ranger, just like this, a flowery of them join him or her on stage: guinea pigs, dogs rush, cats leap and climb. The animals are like this. Naturally, snakes join the show; the audience is watching two huge pythons, guests are shying away, from the sloppy reptiles, but you can see curious children who are excited and close to each other for a touch or a better look. Then the mammals take the stage. Maybe the ones stealing the whole show are two of the 4 adorable orangutans, very clever.
  • HARIMAU/TIGER SHOW: the disappearing tiger population of a compelling storey world. Opening with a large – forming pageant on the role of tigers in Balinese history and mythology, show the ability to play, hunt, climb and swim with these big cats.
  • ELEPHANT SHOW : Gentle giants, through an Elephant Educational show, want to connect to stories and tell their story. Sumatran Elephants Park inspires the importance of preserving the harmony between nature and humanity.
  • BALI AGUNG SHOW: timeless journey by magical theater performance, highlighting Bali’s rich culture.
  • WATER PARK, Get wet and wild at a park with children, enjoy the water slide and have fun playing at a children’s pool.

Next stop will be…….
Tegenungan Waterfall :  Waterfall is a beauty and hidden waterfall in the village of Ubud, located exactly in the town of Tegenungan, Sukawati District, Gianyar. Take about 16 km of Dempasar or about 30 minutes by car to get to this waterfall. In addition, the water is clean and clear. It is suitable for washing or only playing water and for visiting the most interesting waterfall during your vacation in the Bali Islands. Waterfalls are sharp drops along the lanes, a particularly beautiful place to be able to keep in mind the green way and the nature of the house.

The typical Tegenungan waterfall scene is genuinely charming, with green, gorgeous trees. A few showers from normal springs were produced near the waterfall. People in the neighborhood often swim and bring water to those showers step by step, especially morning and evening. You can also shower there if you support this. If you need to see the waterfall, you have various steps down to the stream. You have to walk many steps from the stationary zone along the banks of the Tukad Petanu River. At this time, up to the waterfall, not very exhausting probably. At the shop you can eat and drink while you admire the unbelief of a partition in Tegenungan.

Tegenungan is one of the very few Bali waterfalls not located on the mountains or highlands. It’s not that large, only about 15 meters high, so you can actually spring right into the waterfall. The right time to take a picture in the evening is for those wanting a wonderful panorama of the waterfalls. If you come here in the morning, because of the light coming into your camera, you think that a respectable photograph is hard to make, in contrast to the blazing morning sun light emissions so that your pics are over uncovered.

Kecak & Fire dance at Batubulan :

Bali Kecak, Fire Dance Performance, Not exactly known where Kecak was originally and originally developed, but there is some agreement about the Balinese Kecak, which was first developed in the village of Bona, Gianyar into a musical arts. Kecak was originally a song or music that comes from a combination of the sounds that usually make melodies. Only in the temple can be staged. Then in the early 1930s Gianyar, who was a replacement for Sanghyang dance, was trying to develop Kecak dance by taking the history of Ramayana, to present this dance as a performance. Part of the story of Ramayana in which Goddess Sita is first taken as King Ravana has been abducted.

The Bali Kecak and Fire Dance development in Bali Kecak Dance has changed and advanced since the 1970s. The story and the stage are developments that can be seen. With regard to the story of the stage, the story of the Ramayana is not only one part, but also other parts. Then the stage was also starting to grow, not only in one place like Bona, Gianyar, but other villages in Bali, so that there were dozens of Kecak groups in all the regions of Bali which are usually members of Banjar. Often, the government or Bali school organize events such as the Kecak dance festival in Bali. In 1979, as well as many dancers who ever performed at the Kecak dance, 500 dancers participated. The kecak was then made by taking the Mahabharata history. But this record had been breached by Tabanan government which, on September 29, 66, in Tanah Lot, Tabanan, Bali, organizes colossal Kecak dance with 5000 dancers.

The dance is supported by some of the very important factors of the Kecak performance and the dance of the Kecak dance is presented as an introduction to history, and of course, the music which is vital for accompanying the dancers ‘ movements. The music generated by the combinations of “cak” members in Kecak dance, however, is made in akapela by 50-70 people all of them. A person acts as an early leader, someone else acts as a high-or low-ton repressor, another one acts as a solo singer, and another one acts as the masterpiece behind it to tell the story. Dancers should not follow the gamelan-accompanied dance movement in the Kecak dance motion. In the Kecak, therefore, these dancers ‘ gestures are more relaxed because storyline and sound mix are the main priority.

The special feature of the Kecak is the human voice, the gamelan suara, the chorus of a hundred or so men sitting in concentrated circles, fluttering, standing, lying as the stories unfold. Amongst the swinging masses the voices of the storytellers can be listened to tell the story unfolding.. The story consists of a fragment of the Hindu epic Ramayana that has many forms of expression, not only in dance but in painting and carving. The King Dasarata has banned Prince Rama, heir to Ayodyan throne, and his wife Sita as a result of trickery by Rama’s stepmom from the kingdom. The story begins with Rama and Sita arriving in the Dandaka forest, accompanied by Rama’s brother Laksmana. This trio was observed by the demon Rahwana, Alengka’s King, who loves the beautiful Sita. Rahwana sent Marica, its Premier, to attempt to isolate Sita, so that Rahwana could abduct her. Marica’s magic powers are turning him into a golden herring and she goes into the forest and she is so enchanted when the Sita sees the golden herring that Rama asks her to capture her. He chases after the deer, with strict urge to protect his brother Laksamana. When Sita believes she hears a cry for help from Rama, she forced Laksamana to follow Rama by accusing him of cowardice, and he helped Rama very reluctantly, having drew a magical circle to the ground, and told Sita she should never leave the circle at all. Sita, left in the forest alone, becomes an easy prey of Rahwana’s trickery, who disguises himelf with an ancient periest and bag Sita to eat because he’s cold and hungry. Sita falls for his trick and goes out to give the old priest some food and rahwana takes her to the palace. Rahwana tries all he can to seduce Sita in Alengka, back in his Palace. In the Palace of Alengka Sita pours her heart out of her cruel fate to Trijata, Rahwana’s niece, when Hanoman tells her that he is the envoy of Rama. Sita gives Hanoman a coatbell to demonstrate that she’s still alive and sends him back to Rama with a massage to rescue her. In the meantime Rama and Laksamana and Tualen, together with the other men who wander through the forest in search of Sita, appeared and engaged in the battle Meganada, son of Rahwana. Meganada uses his magic and shooting powers from the arrow, which turns into a dragon magically which dominating Rama and Laksamana and is corded in cords. The bird of Garuda, King of All the Birds, King Dasarata’s good friend, has noticed Rama has problems from above, and comes to the rescue that frees his brothers from their ropes. Sita is still going to be rescued by Rama and Laksamana and Sugriva is accompanied by the King of the monkeyes and their army of monkes. The Ramayana fragments end in the small gap between Sugriwa and his Monkeys Army and Meganada and his Army of Demons which comes to an end in the Meganada defeat!

Around  19.30 you will be escorted back to your hotel.

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[BSM-007] Jungle Hopper Package + Kecak & Fire Dance Information & Special Rates

Tour Duration:
11 hours

08.30 AM

[BSM-007] Jungle Hopper Package + Kecak & Fire Dance 1

Time estimation:

  • 08.30: Pickup from your Bali villa/hotel then headed straight to Bali Safari & Marine Park at Gianyar.
  • 09.30: Arrive at Bali Safari and enjoy Jungle Hopper package
  • 16.00: Finish Jungle Hopper then proceed to visit Tegenungan Waterfall
  • 18.30: Visit Batubulan village to see spectacular Kecak & Fire dance show.
  • 19.30: Finish the show then escorted back to your hotel.

Special Rates

*** Book & Save ***

Single Adult USD /person


  • Private tour with fully air conditioned car.
  • English speaking driver.
  • All entrance ticket at scheduled stop.
  • Parking fee.
  • Kecak & Fire Dance ticket
  • Free sarong for enter the Temple (If any)
  • Jungle hopper package at Bali Safari & Marine Park
  • 21% Government Tax and Service Charge

What to Bring ?

  • Sun lotion, insect repellent, camera and extra cash for extra drinks or souvenir.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum 2 person traveling together.
  • Single traveler extra 50%.
  • Payment can settle on departure by Cash USD/IDR or Other Currency.
  • Payment by online Visa/Master Card with 3% extra charge.
  • Price is Net includes Government tax.
  • Cancellation on Departure will be 100% charged.
  • Reasonable and fair price and that means no hidden charge
  • For Group booking, get special deals.
  • First Safari Journey start at 09.15

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