Bali Safari Park Wildlife Conservation Programs

Bali Safari Park Wildlife Conservation Programs

Bali Safari Park Wildlife Conservation Programs – Bali Safari Park is one of the best destination if you want to enjoy a wildlife adventure in Bali. Located in the area of Gianyar, this park serves you the best educational place to enjoy with your family and friends, and still close to other Bali popular destinations. It designed to be family-friendly and totally safe for baby, toddler, and children to enjoy the whole park.

In this facility you can find a lot of collection from total more than 100 species. There were expected more than 1.000 animals currently living in this facility. Those animal are including Indian and African animal, as well as some native Indonesian animal. Some of Indonesia’s native animal currently face a danger of extinction due to deforestation and changing the land functions.

The Importance of Bali Safari Park Wildlife Conservation

As a leading conservation center in Indonesia, Bali Safari Park currently running some efforts to help preserve some of Indonesia’s native animal from the total extinction threat. The effort include the successful breeding of Bali iconic bird. Some other efforts currently on the process and one of them is a big project that co-run with Taman Safari Indonesia.

As an effort to help those animals from extinction Bali Safari Park also currently run a program called Wildlife Conservation. The main objective of this program is to help endangered animal by protecting their habitat, plants they need, and maintain the proper food chains. As we know human and their technology develop too fast that sometimes some animals cannot keep up and result in their decreasing in population number. This wildlife conservation program has a purpose to prevent a total extinction that currently threaten some Indonesia’s native animal.

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Bali Safari Park and Their Conservation Efforts of Bali Starling

Bali Safari Park Wildlife Conservation Program focused on doing some effort to help near-extinct animals from their decreasing population. One of the most recent conservation effort done by Bali Safari Park is to repopulate and preserve the existence of Bali Starling. Bali Starling is a native bird of Northern Bali, known as Bali Mynah or Jalak Bali by locals, that currently facing a decrease in population.

Bali Safari Park Wildlife Conservation - Bali Starling
Bali Starling

Due to development in human technology and housing area, Bali Starling population dropped drastically. Once there were only 4 Bali Starlings that actually live in the island. This beautiful bird known best for its white plumage and body’s feather combined with blue-skinned around the eyes area. Due to its beautiful and majestic look, this bird suffer from illegal hunting.

This critical condition then inspired Bali Safari Park to hold a breeding program to preserve this bird. Once the population increases and made sure they have good health, the Bali Starlings will be released to wild. After the breeding program, there are approximately around one hundred birds currently exist in the world. The existence of Bali Starling of course need to be monitored, and conservatory program still needed to make sure they always have a sufficient habitat.

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Bali Safari Park and Their Other Conservation Efforts

Another effort done by Bali Safari Park in to preserve Sumatran Tigers. Bali Safari Park helped to save Sumatran Tigers before than re-released to the wild life. Similar effort also done to preserve the existence of Elephant in Sumatera. Bali Safari Park help to build a proper conservation center for those elephants in Way Kambas. This program run with a purpose to help the elephants find a suitable home to live.

Komodo Conservation Program

Another Bali Safari Park wildlife conservation program also held to preserve the Komodo dragon. This program mainly focus on the breeding program that will be run together with Taman Safari Indonesia. As we know Komodo dragon is a native Indonesia’s animal that originally only can be found at Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Komodo dragon
(Photo) Bali Safari Park – Komodo dragon

This animal uniquely have strong connection to the primordial animal, dinosaurs. Identified as a large lizard with strong skin and long tail, this animal also known for its poisonous saliva that makes it quite dangerous. These facts make this animal need a special care to make sure that it stays alive and not extinct due to lack of sufficient habitat. Without the conservation effort, there is a high possibility that this unique lizard may went extinct sometimes in near future.

These program shows how much Bali Safari Park dedication to save endangered animals from the extinctions. Bali Safari Park believes that by preserving the diversity of animal, we can help the future generation. This is seen as a legacy that this current generation can establish for their upcoming generation to learn about.

Preserve the Earth

Bali Safari Park also believe that to preserve the Earth, every little creature exist above it also have to be preserve. The ecosystem and food chains are connected into one which make the loss of one population may affected the whole sustainability of the Earth. Everyone have their own way to help sustain the Earth, one of them by supporting the conservation programs by Bali Safari Park and another similar institution.

For more information about the conservation of wildlife and the Earth, visit Bali Safari Park, where several species have positive conservation effects, including Bali Starling which is critically endangered.