An Interesting Bali Safari Show Schedule 2019-2020

Bali Safari show schedule

Bali Safari show schedule is a must read information for you when visit this park.

For our potential visitors of Bali Safari Park maybe they will ask about the Open hours of Bali Safari?

First to know, there are two (2) safari types in Bali Safari Park:

  • DAY SAFARI: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm (Bali time)
  • NIGHT SAFARI: 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm (Bali time)

See our complete Bali Safari show schedule below, start planning and explore! Pleas note, the Show Schedule may change or postponed due to weather conditions and the animal condition.

Everyday Show Schedule

Breakfast with Lions08.30 - 10.00150Tsavo Lion Restaurant
Safari Journey09.15-17.1530Toraja Terminal
Piranha Feeding10.00-10.2020Fresh Water Aquarium
Elephant Bathing & Feeding10.00-11.0060Ganesha Court
Animal Show10.30-10.5020Hanuman Stage
Tiger / Harimau Show11.15-11.3520Harimau Amphitheater
Elephant Show12.00-12.3030Kampung Gajah
White tiger feeding12.30-12.4010Ranthambore
Lunch / makan siang12.40-14.0080Uma Restaurant & Tsavo Lion
Crocodile Feeding12.00-12.2020Crock Attack
Komodo Feeding (Tiap Hari Senin)14.00-14.3030Komodo Exhibit
Elephant Patrol14.00-14.5050Around Park
White Tiger Feeding`14.00-14.1010Ranthambore
Bali Agung Show (Except Monday)14.30-15.3060Bali Theater
Elephant Bathing & Feeding15.00-16.0060Ganesha Court
White Tiger Feeding16.00-16.1010Ranthambore
Piranha Feeding16.00-16.2020Hanuman Stage
Animal Show16.00-16.2020Fresh Water Aquarium
Elephant Show16.30-16.5020Kampung Gajah
Crocodile feeding16.30-16.5020Crock Attack
Last Safari Journey17.1530Terminal TORAJA
Animal Feeding Info
Giraffe Feeding09.30-11.00 and 13.00-15.00Nuchiro restaurant
Meerkat Feeding09.30 and 14.00Meerkat Cage
Waking Safari18.10-18.2515KOMODO Drop ZONE
Night Safari Journey (Depart every 25 minutes)18.30-18.5525MARA LOBBY
Animal Encounter19.00-20.0060MARA LOBBY

Saturday & Sunday Show Schedule

Elephant Parade09.00 - 09.3030 minutesRanthambore - Toraja - Canyon - Main Terminal - Main Gate - Macan Baru

Sunday/Holiday Show Schedule

Balinese Dance Performance12.30-Bale Banjar
Balinese Dance Class (Everyday)10.00 - 17.00-Bale Banjar

Monday Show Schedule

Komodo Feeding14.00 - 14.3030 minutesKomodo Exhibit


Bali Agung Performance
(Every Day Except Monday)
14.30 - 15.3060 minutesBali Theatre

Bali safari show schedule as your tour Guidance once your visit at Bali Safari park

If you are in Bali with your family for holiday and has a  plan to visit Bali Safari Marine park, you should read Bali Safari park Show time in order to get the clue about your program inside the Bali Safari park.

The Highlight program which must see and read related with show are:

  • Animal Show
  • Tiger Show
  • ELephant Show
  • Bali Agung Show

Other Bali Safari Show schedule is also very important, but those 4 show mentioned above is like a show that must see.

Remember for those who Love Bali Agung Show, they must well concern about the day as every Monday this show is not performed.

Why Bali safari show schedule is important to be known ?

By knowing the show time schedule will help you not miss the show and also give time estimation for your departure from you hotel to match with the Bali Safari park showtimes.

By Knowing the show time, you can decide which day to come to Bali Safari with your Family.

The Highlight of Bali Safari and Marine Park Activities related with Bali safari show schedule time:

  • FRESH WATER AQUARIUM: Meet the ferocious Piranhas with the Fresh Water Aquarium. Offering open – air design, aquarium with a lot of Indonesian, South American and African fish collections.
  • SAFARI JOURNEY: an exciting safari trip will lead you through the wildlife areas of Indonesia, India, and Africa to see rich wildlife close by with a special tram bus.
  • ANIMALE SHOW: The show is fun and very informative too. The Safari Ranger shares stories and entertaining facts that help to promote a better understanding of animals. Starting with the’ domesticated’ animals, as the Ranger mentions, a flurry of them just like that will join him on stage: scurry guinea pigs, dogs rush past, cats spring and climb. Snakes are also present at the show; the audience is filled with two giant pythons, some guests are shying away from the slithering reptiles, but you can see these curious children, excited, inching closer to their look. Then the mammals are on stage and perhaps they are two of the four lovely, very intelligent oranguts that steal the show.
  • HARIMAU/TIGER SHOW: The world’s overwhelming disappearance of tigers. The opening of a large pageant about tiger’s role in Balinese history and mythology reveals the native abilities of these large cats in hunting, climbing and swimming.
  • ELEPHANT SHOW: Gentle Giants want to relate and share history through an Elephant Educational Show and inspired performances from Sumateran Elephant Park.
  • BALI AGUNG SHOW: a timeless journey through the theatrical magic, which highlights Bali’s rich culture.
  • WATER PARK, Get wet and wild in the park with children on tour, have a nice waterslide and have fun at the children’s pool for daytime.

Other important thing by knowing the Bali safari show schedule of Bali Safari will help you to planning your trip if you want to take other tour after or before your visit to Bali Safari marine park.

Its will help you to maximise your time to see lot more place of interesting after your visit at Bali safari park.