Why Traditional Clothing is Important Thing for Balinese?

Why Traditional Clothing is Important Thing for Balinese? 1

Bali Island is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. It has a rich culture, in fact, Bali has the majority of the Hindu population in the country. We recommend you to get to know and immerse yourself in the lively local Balinese culture for the best experience during your holidays.

In addition to traditional dance arts, wood and stone carvings, painting, one of the important things that can be seen from the Balinese people is their traditional clothing. Because it is characteristic of Balinese culture, especially when celebrating Hindu holidays on the island of Bali.

You would have seen the Balinese people in their beautiful traditional clothes during your vacation in Bali. Ladies are wearing white or colored kebayas with a batik kamben that resembles a sarong, a sash that is tied about their waist and has flowers in their hair.

The men are wearing white shirts, batik , or songket with a saput-appealing overlay. It is decorated with a white or designed border, a sash and a traditional headdress, named the Udeng.

For both men and women the kamben is wrapped different: men wrap the kamben with a fold in the front, while women wrap them tightly, to ensure that no folds can be seen.

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Why Traditional Clothing is Important Thing for Balinese? 2

Although the kebaya can be made of any type of material, in these days lace is the most popular choice. The kebaya, in particular the older women, is worn with a corset below. White kebaya is more suitable for religious ceremonies during temple and banjar activities and events. The village or family homes allow the women to express colorful aspects and wear the kebaya they choose. The Balinese ladies sometimes wear uniform kebaya and sarongs from banjar during village events.

Traditional Balinese clothes, in particular kebaya, have not been available in Bali before. It occurred during the Indonesia and Bali era of Dutch colonialism. In the past, women left their breasts exposed while working around their house, went to the market, planted paddy, and looked after the children. More modesty would, of course, be needed for women praying at the temple.

While the Kebaya and the white shirt will be adequate for prayer, a more complex Balinese costume is required in the course of more important events or Balinese traditional ceremony such as weddings, potong gigi or teeth-cuts.

Naturally this is only one of the rich cultures in the Balinese! Once you have made a plan to visit this lovely island, you will have a chance to interact with homely people and see the tradition come to life. Not only about culture, when in Bali you can also enrich your knowledge of nature and animals by visiting Bali Safari Park in Gianyar Regency.

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