The Beautiful Blackbuck Horn And Skull

The Beautiful Blackbuck Horn And Skull 1

The Beautiful Blackbuck Horn And Skull

The world full with beautiful creatures. Indonesia as tropical country with a lot of island and location type, has many kind of animals. One of the beautiful ones are Blackbuck Horn and Skull. What’s so special about them? Let’s find out.

What Is Blackbuck Horn And Skull?

This is the name of four legs mammals, with two beautiful horns on their female’s head. The name blackbuck come from the black colour from the head to to last end of their back. In Indonesia, this animals called kijang. This animal live not only in Indonesia. You also can find them in India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

They can reach 84 centimetres tall. The males usually bigger than the females. The males can reach 57 kilograms of weigh, while the females can reach 27 kilograms. Male’s horn can reach 75 centimetres length, while the females only has small horns.

Female blackbuck has yellowish brown until dark brown colour, similar to the youth. While the male have two tone colour, combination of white colour of the downer part, and the dark brown to black on the upper part. They have white furr on their cheek that look so contrast to the dark lines on their face.

How They Live?

Blackbuck Horn and Skull eat grass and drink water. So that usually they live around the water source and location that serve them enough grass.  Sometimes thay explore around and move to another place.

Females ready for reproduction when they reach 8 months, while the males need longer time. When females pregnant, they has to wait 6 months untill the baby born. Blackbuck can reach 15 years age.

In their habitat, blackbuck can live around the water source near the jungle. But as their meat is delicious and the horn believed can be usefull for health, this animal hunted. This make their population decrease in nature. Lately, this animals only live in conservation area, where they’re protected from hunter.  Many government produce rules to protect this animals. This rules give hopes to blackbuck to live longer and balance the population.

Similar to other wild animals, blackbuck live in their habitat. The problem is, sometimes human took their habitat for houses or other land using. This make the blackbuck should fullfill their need of food in other way, such as find food in garden or plantations. 

Blackbuck Horn and Skull should be protected to let them balance the nature. Keep their natural habitat good, so that human and blackbuck can live together. See this animal in