Befriend Mammals, Find Out More in Bali Safari Park!

Befriend Mammals, Find Out More in Bali Safari Park! 1

The types of animals that have a long history in the life of this planet are mammals. It has even been classified into several complex and most influential species on earth. Humans are also categorized by some experts as mammals. If we look at Darwin’s theory, the origin of humans was originally ape humans who continued to develop, adapt and continue to learn until finally becoming human like now.

Even though there are many theories that deny it, at least we understand that mammals are the highest type of animals among other animals.

Besides having castes which are considered higher than other animals, mammals have a wider and more diverse distribution. All that is none other because mammals have good adaptability, so they are able to regulate and maintain body temperature according to the environment they live in, both hot and cold.

Next we find out why humans are categorized as mammals and what differences do mammals and other organisms have?

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Who Are Mammals?

In terms, mammals refer to any vertebrate animal that has a special mammary gland. Mammals are animals that are able to feed/feed their children directly from the mammary gland. Mammals also have several types of hair or fur that cover their outer body parts.

For this particular feature of hair or fur, there are exceptions for mammals that live in the sea. For example the Pope has lost their fur during the evolutionary process.

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Get To Know Different Types of Mammals

At least mammals can be divided into three different categories. These three categories are distinguished from the way they give birth. The first type is placental mammals, characterized by the characteristics of giving birth to children who live after birth. The easiest example of this type of mammal is humans who give birth to healthy babies.

Furthermore, there are types of marsupial mammals. This mammal carries children in the bag. Examples are Kangaroos and colas. Marsupials that have just been born are not fully developed. They will perfectly develop in their parents’ pockets outside the womb.

Very unique right?

Other Animals

The third type is mammalian monotremes. These mammals reproduce by laying eggs, for example Playtypus and Echidnas.

Did you know the three types of mammals? Or had you previously remembered biological material that discussed this in the school age?

Extraordinary Biodiversity

Mammals breed and develop very interesting since the beginning of evolution. Until now there have been several diverse species scattered throughout the planet. From the Blue Whale, the largest animal on the planet, to the Bumblebee Bat, which measures only about one inch in length. Really very diverse, right?

Even every habitat in this world is basically dominated by mammals.

In addition to all the special characteristics mentioned above, mammals also have other characteristics that distinguish them from other animals. That is the structure and function of the brain that has been very advanced. Mammalian brains have been able to develop a form of communication between their species, even showing emotional behavior. It can be said that mammals are a type of animal that is quite complex socially, very similar to humans.

Examples of mammals that have intelligence above average include dolphins, elephants and various types of primates.

It is very interesting to study and talk about mammals. But it would be more interesting if we could see the mammals directly. There is no place for the most complete collection of mammals in addition to the Bali Safari Marine Park. Apart from mammals, of course there are many other types of animals that will make family vacations more exciting and interesting.

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