Behind The Cuteness of a Rabbit

Behind The Cuteness of a Rabbit 1

Rabbits are adorable animals that are known as pets, but, these animals turned out to be wild animals. Early in life, rabbits were found in Europe and Africa. In Indonesia, rabbits were brought by the Dutch as ornamental animals.

Leporidae is a family of more than 50 species of rabbits and hares. Oryctolagus cuniculus is a European rabbit that became the forerunner of a pet rabbit.

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Feeding Rabbits

One part of a tour involving rabbits is feeding rabbits. It’s fun when visitors can give food directly to rabbits and don’t just see them running around. However, as a smart visitor, it is important for us to know the basic guidelines about feeding rabbits.

Rabbits are fed twice a day, in the morning and evening. The daily diet consists of hay and grass which is not limited, a handful of fruits, vegetables or leafy plants, and pellets (as much as 25g per kg of rabbit’s body weight).

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Interesting Facts About Rabbits

  1. Still related to feeding rabbits. It turns out that rabbits like to eat their own feces. This behavior to get maximum nutrition from the food. Sounds disgusting? But, it turns out that is normal and not something to worry about. It happened because their digestive system run very fast, so, redisgeting waste helps absorb what their bodies missed.
  2. Foods that are identical to rabbits are carrots. But, it turns out as a myth! Carrots like candy for children. It will be dangerous if given too often. Based on research, excessive consumption of carrots in rabbits causes tooth decay and can cause obesity due to the high sugar content in carrots. In fact, in the wild, rabbits prefer to eat leafy vegetables like grass.
  3. In Indonesia, many rabbits are farmed in the Lembang area, West Java.
  4. A sign of stress from rabbits is that they fold their ears tightly into their heads and curl up. That is one of the way rabbits defend themselves from predators while in the wild, which is curled up like a ball when they feel threatened.
  5. Rabbits are social creatures and are most happy when together with their species. Alone will make them feel very lonely and depressed. Just like humans, isn’t it?
  6. Rabbits will give birth to 6-8 kits in one birth cycle. No wonder that humans who have many children are often said just like rabbits. It’s a joke of course!

Rabbits still hold the title of one of the cutest animal on earth, that almost everyone loves, including children. So, it is a good to go to take children or yourself enjoy safari with rabbits as one of the collection animals.

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