Get To Know More About The Big Cat in The World Tigers


The ruler of the forest lives in the wildlife. Here in Bali, there is a home for the tigers. You will definitely be happy to meet a herd of tigers which roam freely in their vast cages. This cage is also adapted to tiger habitat in the wild. So, the tigers feel homey.

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Before going to Bali Safari Park to meet tigers, it;s good to know some interesting facts about the tigers.

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Physical Characteristics

Tiger has reddish long fur. In each individual tiger, the lines on the body are usually brown, black or grey. They also have white spots surrounded by black feathers on the back of their ears. While the tail has long black and white fur. Then, the belly has only white fur.

Tigers famous for their camouflage or stripes. The shape and density of the camouflage are different from one sub species to another. But almost all tigers have more than 100 camouflage. The Javanese tiger which is now extinct is likely to have more camouflage. Anyway, the unique camouflage pattern of each tiger can be used to distinguish one another. And the most important is tigers use camouflage to hide them from their prey.

Different tiger sub species have different characteristics, too. In general, male tigers weigh between 180 and 320 kilograms with lengths reach 3 meters. While females weigh between 120 and 180 kilograms with lengths reach 2.75 meters. Among the sub species that are still alive, the Sumatran tiger is the smallest and the biggest is Siberian tiger.

The Distribution Spots

Tiger is one of the largest members of the cat family. There were 9 tiger sub species. They are Malaya, Sumatra, Bengal, Siberia, Java, Bali, Caspia, Indochinese, and South China. Three of these sub species are extinct, including the Bali tiger. Meanwhile, the remaining six sub species are endangered. Because of the dwindling numbers, tigers in the wild nature can now only be found in South Asia, China, Southeast Asia, and East of Russia.

Other Animals

Get To Know More About The Big Cat in The World Tigers 1

The Wildlife of Tiger

Tigers are very territorial. They live alone and only meet during the mate season that falls from November to April. The tiger cubs are born blind. They live depends on their mothers protection. They need about two and half years to separate from their mothers. Then, when they grow up, adult tiger will have extraordinary night vision. That’s why tigers always hunt for food at night. Their vision even 6 times better than humans. Tigers can live up to 14 years.

When hunting for food, tigers always hide using camouflage provided by their lines. They begin by sneaking around, then ambush the prey with a strong grip before biting it. Tigers use their big body for tapping prey onto the ground. They are able to make a horizontal jump of up to 10 meters. Then, tigers kill the prey with their deadly bites on the neck. Tigers eat all meat from pigs, deer, buffaloes, and even pythons and crocodiles. Tigers are fantastic swimmers that can kill prey even when in water.

When they can’t find food in the forest, they will come out to eat livestocks, pets, and also attack humans and eat them. Male tigers also kill young tigers to make females more receptive to marriage.

Tigers are the icon of national animals by several countries including India, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. But, they still face threats from human being. Humans hunt tigers for feathers, meat, and claws. This causes the tigers to become extinct. It is so sad.

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