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Striped Hyena Bali Safari Marine Park

4 Striped Hyena as Exotic Savana Tropical Animals Present at Bali Safari Park Good News for animal Lover in Bali and in Indonesia, they may come to Bali Safari marine park to See Hyna. This hyena is indeed known as a wild animal. Even in the Walt Disney film production, Hyena became an antagonist in ... Read more

Himalayan Black Bear, The Beast That Could Walk On Both Feet

Himalayan Black Bear, The Beast That Could Walk On Both Feet. Who doesn't like to see a bear? Regardless of their wild and savage nature, this buffy and fluffy beast always looks adorable, it's no wonder their soft toy version is a favorite of children around the world. In the Himalayas there is a black ... Read more

Indian Spotted Deer

Indian Spotted Deer Indonesia has several types of deer, such as timor deer (Cervus timorensis), bawean (Axis kuhli), and menjangan. However, the type of deer with white spots that are commonly found wandering around the Bogor Palace, and even become the identity of Bogor city is actually not a native habitat of Indonesia, but originating ... Read more

African Elephant: The Loving Giant

African Elephant: The Loving Giant African elephants are the largest mammals that walk on land, soft and loving, sociable and very intelligent. Unfortunately their population continues to decline due to illegal hunting for ivory trade. Physical Description African elephants are divided into two, namely bush elephants and forest elephants. Elephant bushes are larger, and are ... Read more

Sumatran Elephant, Beautiful Majestic Animal Under Threats

Sumatran Elephant, Beautiful Majestic Animal Under Threats When hearing about Sumatran elephants, Indonesian people would associate it with the famous elephant school in Way Kambas, Lampung. Besides in Lampung, the elephant conservation areas actually also exist in Minas, Riau and Lahat, South Sumatra. These conservation and training centers are important to preserve the Sumatran elephants, ... Read more

Sumatran Tiger And Threat Of Extinction

Sumatran Tiger And Threat Of Extinction Maybe we all need to pause and take the time to appreciate and admire Sumatran tigers when we have chance to encounter them. This noble creatures with elegant way of walking are almost endangered due to human malignancy. In 2008, only around 400-500 were estimated, and the IUCN Red ... Read more

Asian Turtle In Crisis, Let’s Recognize The Types!

Asian Turtle In Crisis, Let’s Recognize The Types! Turtles are one of the long-lived reptiles. Among reptile families, turtles are one of the species that enjoy life in the world for a long time, some of which can reach up to 200 years! Unfortunately, even though turtles can live long, the Asian turtle is nowadays ... Read more

The Differences Between Sumatran Elephant And African Elephant

The Differences Between Sumatran Elephant And African Elephant  This friendly face and glazed-eyed mammal is known as a large, tall, and grayish body animal that widely spread across the continents of Asia and Africa. Because of its distribution area, only two species of elephants that are recognized in the world. They are among the African ... Read more

The Beautiful Blackbuck Horn And Skull

The Beautiful Blackbuck Horn And Skull The world full with beautiful creatures. Indonesia as tropical country with a lot of island and location type, has many kind of animals. One of the beautiful ones are Blackbuck Horn and Skull. What’s so special about them? Let’s find out. What Is Blackbuck Horn And Skull? This is ... Read more

7 Ways To Care For A Good And True Brazilian Tortoise

Here Are 7 Ways To Care For A Good And True Brazilian Tortoise Brazilian turtles may be familiar to animal lovers due to their small and distinctive shape. Because of its small shape and relatively benign animals, this type of turtle is quite popular as a pet. The way to treat a Brazilian turtle is ... Read more

Malayan Porcupine And Its Quills

Malayan Porcupine And Its Quills Malayan porcupine, also known as Himalayan porcupine, is a rodent lives spread across South and Southeast Asia. The life span of the Malayan porcupine lasts up to 27 years. Habitat Malayan porcupine lives in forests, cultivation land, and plantation areas. Like usual rodents, they live in underground burrows. They create ... Read more

Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Aldabra Giant Tortoise; One Of The Fauna Wonders In The World Ever heard of a giant Aldabra turtle? This turtle feels legendary because it is usually only found in zoos or conservation areas, one of which is in the Bali Safari. But even so, there are people who sell Aldabra turtles as pets. Aldabra giant ... Read more

Let’s Get To Know The Types Of Zebras

Let’s Get To Know The Types Of Zebras What doyou know about Zebras? They look like horse, don’t they? Actually Zebras are exactly animals that are still in one family with horses which enter into the family of horses. That’s why Zebra is also known as the Zebra Horse. The special feature of this animal ... Read more

Have You Ever Seen Pygmy Hippos Yet?

Have You Ever Seen Pygmy Hippos Yet?   Hippos (Latin: Hippopotamus amphibius) or hippo (Greek: hippos "horses" and potamos "rivers") are large, omnivorous, and large sub-Saharan African mammals from the Hippopotamidae family. Hippos are the third largest land animal after elephants and white rhinos. The hippo is a short-legged mammal, its body is like a ... Read more

The Unique Watusi, Have You Ever Seen?

The Unique Watusi, Have You Ever Seen? Bali Safari has a large collection of unique animals. One that often makes the visitors curious is Watusi. What is that? None other than a giant horned cow from Africa. The horn length can reach 2 meters! Amazing, isn't it? Watusi is one of the collections of animals ... Read more

Are There Zebra 3 Colors? These Are The Real Facts About Zebras!

Are There Zebra 3 Colors? These Are The Real Facts About Zebras! Zebras are animals that are certainly not foreign to all of us. Yes, this animal is very easy to recognize by looking at the black and white pattern that covers his entire body. This article will try to explore the interesting facts about ... Read more

Sun Bear: The Smallest Bear In The World, Symbol Of Sunrise

Sun Bear: The Smallest Bear In The World, Symbol Of Sunrise   On the islands of Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia, there is a type of bear which is the smallest bears among eight species of bears in the world, named Sun Bear –however, local people call them honey bear – . Sun bear is ... Read more

Black Swan, A Unique Waterbird That Attract Admiration

Black Swan, A Unique Waterbird That Attract Admiration   Black swan once made a scene of European society in 1697, when Willem de Vlamigh first introduced this water bird there. Previously, Europeans thought all swans were white, thus the presence of black swan attracted admiration among them. Black swan comes from the southeast and southwest ... Read more

The Elegance And Loyalty Of The White Swan

The Elegance And Loyalty Of The White Swan Many people take a pair of white swan to make analogy of true love as they are very loyal and caring and without much talking protecting their partners in elegant way. White swan is indeed known as a graceful monogamous animal, and since they do not make ... Read more

All About Tapir: From Little Snout To Water Spa

All About Tapir: From Little Snout To Water Spa If you have to guess a quiz about animals that resemble pigs, but actually are still relatives of horses and rhinos, what is your answer? Perhaps you would not expect that the tapir is the animal in question. This lineage is very ancient, and it is ... Read more

Javan Deer, The Mighty Reindeer of Java

Javan Deer, The Mighty Reindeer Of Java In Indonesia, especially in Java, Bali and Timor island, there are native deer with antlers that are as beautiful as their more famous distant relatives, the reindeer. It's just that the size of Javan deer is smaller, but they have the eminence of being able to adapt to ... Read more

Banteng Bali, Unique Cattle With Majestic Horn

Banteng Bali, Unique Cattle With Majestic Horn Banteng (Bos javanicus) is actually a farm animal, but unlike other livestock, banteng looks wild and intimidating with horns curving upwards, this animal is also difficult to catch, elusive yet shy. Banteng that has been domesticated is called Bali cattle, generally used by farmers to work in the ... Read more

Anoa, Sulawesi’s Rare Wildlife

Anoa, The Midget Buffalo Anoa is one of the original Indonesian animals commonly called midget buffalo, since it looks like a buffalo in small size. These animals are found in Sulawesi and Buton Island, and have been protected as endangered species since the Dutch colonial era. Types And Characteristics Of Anoa In terms of biology, ... Read more

Babirusa is one of Indonesian Collection at Bali Safari Park

Babirusa, Prehistoric Looking Animal Native To Indonesia Babirusa is a unique animal belonging to the swine family and is commonly found in the Wallace region in Indonesia, especially on the islands of Buru, Sula, Togian and Sulawesi. This animal has a prehistoric appearance that makes it different from other animals. Plus four unusual tusks that ... Read more

Prestigious Award From ITTA to Mara River Safari Lodge and Bali Safari Park

The Indonesia Travel and Tourism Awards on August 3 held the night of awarding Bali Tourism awards to Bali Safari Park, this award is also given to Mara River Safari Lodge. Mara River Safari Lodge managed to get four different awards, as well as Bali Safari Park. This resort that is famous for its Balinese ... Read more

Behind The Cuteness of a Rabbit

Rabbits are adorable animals that are known as pets, but, these animals turned out to be wild animals. Early in life, rabbits were found in Europe and Africa. In Indonesia, rabbits were brought by the Dutch as ornamental animals. Leporidae is a family of more than 50 species of rabbits and hares. Oryctolagus cuniculus is ... Read more

Animals with Incredible Olfactory Senses

Nature is full of its colorful beauty. Some have been revealed and known to many people around the world. Meanwhile, some are still hidden, the information is not yet widespread, and even a mystery. So, what about the animals’ sense of smells given by God with different levels of power for each species? A number ... Read more

Diurnal Animals in Wildlife

You may often hear the term nocturnal to refer to animals that are active at night. Sometimes people who prefer to work at night are also called nocturnal humans by those around them. So, what about animals that look active during the day? Is there any term to call them? Diurnal Animals Diurnal animals are ... Read more

Find The Cockatoo that Become “Actors” from Indonesian Folk Songs at Bali Safari Park

Cockatoo is a bird that is quite sentimental for many Indonesians, especially children. Why not? Cockatoo became the main actor in the poem of a children's song. The song is usually sung by small children while in kindergarten or elementary school. In fact, the song becomes a lullaby for children. This song is indeed familiar ... Read more

Nocturnal Animals You Should See at Least Once in Your Lifetime

You may have avoided bat flying while walking at night. But, the bat eventually never hit you because the bat has sharp hearing and navigation. Bats reflect sound that only bats can hear. The voice will navigate the bat’s journey in search of food at night. Bats are nocturnal animals that are active at night. ... Read more

Let’s Go Elephant Back Safari Package at Bali Safari Park

You know that Bali Safari Park is the best recommendation  place if you want to go to the safari park with the international qualities. This park has the large area for many kinds of animals. The animals are from local and the other countries which has unique characteristics. With some differences  of animals who has ... Read more

The Trace of Evolution in Reptiles

When we see reptiles like dragons or crocodiles that pass in front of us, our memories are often thrown far into the times where giant figured animals roam on Earth. The reptile is like a miniature dinosaur that now lives crawling in peace on Earth. Most of the reptiles are in the category of protected ... Read more

The Reason Why We Should Protect Wildlife

As the creature who has perfect mind, we should always pay attention to other creatures on Earth. Including animals and plants that live in wildlife. Some of the flora and fauna that live in wildlife are at their wit’s end. They are in the list of protected animals. They are protected because they are endangered. ... Read more

Holiday Well-Spent In Bali Safari Park

Vacation is one of the routines that you must plan at least once a year. Maybe the vacation that you do is pretty boring and that’s it. Like going to the beach, to mountain, to the mall, or culinary trip to the town. Maybe you need something new, fresh, and challenging. Why don’t you come ... Read more

The Balance in Life with Wildlife Conservation

The increasing quality of life is the purpose of life for all humanity on Earth. A better life from day to day certainly brings happiness to our life. When we are happy, so we can continue life and be healthy. This should be accepted too by wildlife. Wildlife requires a human touch to make it ... Read more

Visit Macaw: The New World Parrot in Bali Safari Park

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “New World”? Is that a new concept? Or maybe new treatment to the creature does exist in wildlife conservation? Whatever you think, in parrot world, “new world”  means the type of parrot originating from rainforest habitat. This type of parrot is also a type of ... Read more

Truth Unreveal Facts About Elephant

This super large mammal has 2 species, namely African and Asian elephant. They are easily recognizable since they have big figures, natural tough color, super wide proboscis, and solid wonderful ivory. The hunters often focused on their ivories. The researchers endlessly find out what makes elephant targeted for the ivory. They also curious for anything ... Read more

Not Legitimate To Bali Safari If You Don’t Do These 5 Things!

Are you putting together a vacation schedule for the Bali Safari complex but are confused about choosing activities while there? Don't worry, Bali Safari never lacks activities for guests. Guaranteed you will be spoiled with lots of cool activities and you will be very excited to participate in each of these activities. Among the many ... Read more

Befriend Mammals, Find Out More in Bali Safari Park!

The types of animals that have a long history in the life of this planet are mammals. It has even been classified into several complex and most influential species on earth. Humans are also categorized by some experts as mammals. If we look at Darwin's theory, the origin of humans was originally ape humans who ... Read more

The Actual Facts About Ostrich

Have you ever heard a piece of information that says if ostriches often bury their heads in sand or soil to avoid enemies? This information is not entirely correct. In fact, ostriches do not actually bury their heads in sand or soil. They only lower their high necks, then lay their heads on the ground. ... Read more

Let’s Meet Proboscis Monkey The Endemic Animals of Kalimantan

Bekantan monkeys have the scientific name Nasalis Larvatus as they are one of two species in the single genus of nasal monkeys. He is also known as Proboscis monkey. This is the endemic animal found in Kalimantan that has protrude long nose with reddish-brown hair. People in Kalimantan are familiar with Proboscis monkeys as Dutch ... Read more

Learn Interesting Facts about Crocodiles at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park or also known as Bali Safari Park III is located in three villages within the Gianyar Regency area. The three villages include; Medahan Village, Lebih Village, and Serongga Village. Bali Safari Park is located 17 kilometers from Denpasar City and has an area of ​​up to 40 hectares. Visitors must ... Read more

Finding Something in Bali Safari Adventure Package

The best recommendation to see the complete kinds of animals is Bali Safari Park. This place is very large to maintain some kinds of animals. This parks provide any kinds of the ecosystem based on the habitat of the animals. To get the fun and the interesting moment, Bali Safari Adventure can you take as ... Read more

Are You Curious About The Secrets Of The Iguana?

Bali Safari Park is a conservation place for various species of animals. For these animals Bali Safari Park has become a "home" for them. There are more than one hundred species of animals that live in Bali Safari Park. You can see animals that have begun to scarce, even animals that are almost extinct. Animals ... Read more

Get To Know The Binturong – Special Animals at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is the right place to be a vacation destination with your beloved family. Bali Safari Park is in the Gianyar area, Bali. This wildlife conservation place has a variety of different animal species. You can invite children to interact more closely with the animals in Bali Safari and Marine Park. You can ... Read more

Get Closer with Lions and Tigers at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari park is a great place to learn about various animals. You will meet various unique and extraordinary animals. For animal lovers this place is very mandatory to visit. You can see the various behaviors of the animals that are packed and also watch various animal shows. However, animal shows at Bali Safari Park ... Read more

Get To Know More About ‘The Alert Animal’ Meerkat

You might have a friend who likes to get involved with a particular group, very vigilant around, very attentive to each group member, quirky alone and won’t hesitate to face the threats? He or she is very similar to meerkat. What if you call him Mr. Meerkat from now on? Meerkat is an interesting animal ... Read more

The Cat Family We Should Know

You might have been curious when you saw a cat at home? How could the features of your pet resemble leopard in the jungle? Or maybe you see wild cats roaming around food stalls that are somehow have similar stature to muscular tigers. Is it possible that the domestic cats around us have family kinship ... Read more

Taste The Different Wedding Concept in Bali Safari Park

Photo source: Bali Safari Marine Park Marriage is once-in-a-life-time moment that is certainly coveted by many couples in the whole world. In order to create the best moment, many couple decide to use strange, unique, u unusual, or even extreme concepts of marriage. Some do marriages on the mountain and only invite some colleagues as ... Read more

7 Facts About Javan Deer “Rusa Jawa” in Bali Safari Park

Deer generally include animals that are quite difficult to adjust to the tropical environment throughout the year and the weather is sunny. However, for those of you who want to meet deer don't feel disappointed. You can see distant relatives belonging to the Javan Deer species. This deer has a smaller physical appearance than a ... Read more

Come On Play to Taman Safari Bali Wildlife Conservation

Did you know if you share this beautiful planet with countless animals and other organisms. Unfortunately with all the human development and progress that we have achieved, it is often easy for us to forget the impact that has on the environment around us. What is Wildlife Conservation? Wildlife conservation is a space for the ... Read more

Indonesian Beautiful Bird Species in Bali Safari Park

Indonesia has a variety of beautiful bird species that are famous for the beauty of their feathers. Birds found in Indonesia have evolved, which can live in tropical climates and Southeast Asian regions. You can watch various beautiful Indonesian birds in Bali Safari Park. Many other animals are in Bali Safari and Marine Park. You ... Read more

Get To Know About The White Tiger

This rare species looks very charming and graceful with its white majestic robe. The fur is as white as snow with black stripes that make it look like a ruler. Ferocious and muscular ruler. People are often think that white tiger is albino species. Or even most of them think that the tiger is bleached ... Read more

Comfortable and Enjoyable Holidays According to Children’s Favorite in Bali Safari Park

Are you looking for a fun and friendly vacation spot for children? If your answer is yes, then Bali Safari Park is the answer. Visiting Bali Safari Park will get many benefits and lessons that are valuable for you and for children. You can recognize a variety of rare animal species and can watch various ... Read more

Discover Orangutan “The Man Of The Forest” at Bali Safari Park

Orangutans are mammals that have a high level of intelligence, but these animals are endangered. This orangutan in Indonesian means "Forest Man", but it does not mean like a whole person. Orangutans have genes that resemble humans about ninety-four percent. This orangutan can be found in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Orangutan populations are increasingly threatened because ... Read more

Adventure in Bali Safari Park with African Animals

The continent of Africa is the largest continent after Asia. African regions have many species of wildlife. African habitats consist of rain forests, savannas and even deserts. Species in Africa are very diverse depending on their habitat. Animals in the African region include; Zebras, Elephants, Rhinos, Tigers, Giraffes, Lions, and others. You who are curious ... Read more

Discover The Beauty of Peafowl (Peacock) of Indonesia

Photo: Bali Safari Park Bali Safari Park is a place for conservation of wildlife species, endangered species, and even endangered animals. You will get exciting experiences, fun, and learning about various different species of animals. Bali Safari Park always maintains the welfare of animals, one of which is not allowing visitors to feed the animals. ... Read more

Important Preparations When Going on Vacation to Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is a place for conservation of various species of wild animals, rare animals, even animals that are almost extinct. Bali Safari park offers fun, experience and exciting learning about animals. You can see and learn about the behavior of over a hundred different species of animals. Bali Safari Park always strives for ... Read more

Bali Safari Park: A Place for Wildlife Conservation of Various Species and The Importance of Concern for Animal Life

Earth is a place to live with various living creatures, not just humans. All living things deserve the same chance of life. Humans must have a concern for the survival of animals that have started to be scarce and endure extinction. Humans must carry out conservation activities for these animals for the next generation. The ... Read more

Owl, A Mystical Bird Full of Attraction

What comes to your mind when you hear and see an owl? Not a few say that the owl has a mystical aura. Even it is said that owls are always related to magicians and other mystical things. Even so it turns out that in some world cultures, silhouettes and mysterious figures of owls have ... Read more

See Elephant Shows and Learn Interesting Facts About Elephants at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is a pleasant place to vacation with family. You can watch various animal species as well as educational animal shows. Bali Safari Park does have a number of animal presentations that have a theme of sharing stories in wildlife conservation, establishing Balinese culture, and about the facts of animals. The stories told ... Read more

Discover The Beauty of Cendrawasih or Bird of Paradise at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari park is a "home" of various endangered and endangered animals. Bali Safari park is an animal conservation place that is very concerned about the health and well-being of all the animals in it. There are more than one hundred species of animals in Bali Safari Park. When visiting Bali Safari Park you can ... Read more

See and Learn About Komodo Dragon The “Giant Lizard” at Bali Safari Park

What do you imagine when you hear the word Komodo Dragon? Giant lizards or Komodo Dragons are unique animals in the Flores, Indonesia Komodo National Park. Animals that have the Latin name Varanus komodoensis are indeed included in the species of lizards that are also found on the Indonesian islands, namely Komodo Island, Rinca Island, ... Read more

Let’s Explore The Best Nature and Wildlife in Bali

People around the world know that Indonesia has a stunning island among other popular islands. Many tourists come to Bali to relax and escape for a moment from the hectic daily routine. Domestic and foreign tourists explore many tourism objects in Bali. They visit beaches, temples, lakes, mountain, safari park, up to hidden places that ... Read more

Get To Know More About The Big Cat in The World Tigers

The ruler of the forest lives in the wildlife. Here in Bali, there is a home for the tigers. You will definitely be happy to meet a herd of tigers which roam freely in their vast cages. This cage is also adapted to tiger habitat in the wild. So, the tigers feel homey. Do visit ... Read more

Enjoy The Exciting Adventure in Bali Safari Park and Learn About The Surprising Facts About The Lion

The lion is an animal that gets the nickname of the King of the Forest. The lion is the second largest cat after the tiger. Lions can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa, commonly called the West African Lion. Lions can also be found in western India. Lions usually live in grasslands and savannas. The size ... Read more

Bears Family in The World

Photo source: Bears in the world are not only polar bears or black bears. There are at least 8 species of bears scattered throughout the world. Including panda bears. Some of these bears family are roaming and living in peace in Bali Safari Park. Do visit to Bali Safari Park and do reservation via ... Read more

The Impacts of Global Warming to Our Live

The global warming today must be realized by the people. If a few years ago global warming or climate change was just an issue that we often see on the news or that we read in the article. But now, it really is like a fireball that we have to accept with open arms. We ... Read more

The Way How to Take Part in Wildlife Conservation in Indonesia

Bali Safari Park has become a comfortable and safe conservation place for rare and endangered animals in Indonesia. These animals are protected well here in new adjusted to their natural habitat wildlife. This is not only a place for taking care of them, but also the center of information about animals which live in it. ... Read more

Exciting Adventures Use The Rhino 4×4 Bali Safari

Bali Safari Park is a tourist destination that is very suitable to be visited together with family. You will get an amazing new experience while visiting Bali Safari Park. You can feel a pleasant holiday while learning how important it is to love animals and the environment. Bali Safari Park is located in Gianyar Regency ... Read more

Enjoy A Challenging and Fun Holiday with Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari

Bali Safari Park is an area that is used for animal conservation in Indonesia. This park is located in Gianyar district. The Safari Park in Bali is quite extensive and can provide new experiences on vacation. This is because tourists can vacation while learning about a variety of diverse animals. Bali Safari Park can be ... Read more

The Awesome Giraffe in Wildlife

Giraffes are the highest mammal species that live on land. Many people are amazed by the height of this black-dotted animal. They become curious about how giraffes sleep, forage, and give birth. In Bali Safari Park, visitors will be able to see the wildlife of giraffe while getting accurate information about this even-toed mammal. Here ... Read more

Bali Starling Conservation in Bali Safari Park to Save It from Extinction

Bali Starling is the name of a native Balinese bird that is threatened with extinction. This species is now under a conservation program to protect their species. You can see these rare noble birds at Bali Starling Aviary. You can also see other types of birds, namely parrots and colorful macaws. Bali Starling was originally ... Read more

Describing Night Safari Package at Bali Safari Park

To get more experience to go to the zoo, Bali Safari Park is the best choice for us. In wonderful aspects, the landscape of the ecosystem at the Bali safari park are designed like the real ecosystem in Africa.  Also, it has the complete kind of animals from many countries that can be seen. If ... Read more

Talking About Bali Safari Leopard Package

If you want to enjoy go looking the animals and their ecosystem like in Africa and India, Bali Safari Park is the appropriate place that you should be visited. It is offering some facilities for you. Bali Safari Park has the large area for the animals. You can explore those animals with your friend or ... Read more

Take Unforgettable Moment with Bali Safari Rhino Package

If you are a local tourist, don’t go to the overseas to find the real safari park! You can go to the Bali Safari Park. Likewise, if you are a foreign tourist, visiting this park will complement your trip while in Bali. This place is very amazing because you can see the safari park directly ... Read more

Come To Interact With Native Animals of Indonesia in Bali Safari Park

Indonesia has many residential areas for wildlife. Most of the wildlife is even native Indonesian animals. Then, are you curious for these native animals? Let’s have a look this following animals. Komodo Dragon This is a giant lizard that live in Indonesia. They come from Komodo island, Rinca island, and Padar island in Flores. You ... Read more

What Does The Climate Change Impact To Our Live?

Photo: Maybe you have read the previous post about world climate change. How terrible the effects of climate change are for the survival of all living creatures on Earth. Whether they are living on land or in the ocean. Then, what about the survival of humans and wildlife with this climate change? Will they ... Read more

The Global Warming That Attacks Our Earth Day By Day

The Earth Day seems to be a momentum where many of our communities are starting to move in doing something to cope with climate change. This momentum should not be a mere ceremony which is only held once a year. All programs planned, both personal programs and organizational programs, should be done continuously. So that, ... Read more

Traveling Facilities and Tips For Bali Safari with A Baby

Photo: Bali Safari Park Bali Safari Park is one of the tourist destinations that is currently favored by many tourists, both from domestic and abroad. One of the things that makes Bali Safari visited by many tourists, especially family tourists, because the collection of animals owned is very complete. The animals in the Bali Safari ... Read more

The Endangered Animals and The Threats They Face in The World

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘extinct’? It could be ‘run out’ or ‘nothing left’ and ‘no trace in the world’. Perhaps like that. Those three phrases might happen to the following animals the last few years. And might be ongoing the years ahead if humans do not find solution to ... Read more

Visit The Bali Safari Marine Park to See The Uniqueness of Zebra

Bali Safari Park has more than one hundred species of animals which also include some of the rarest and endangered animals. The focus of Bali Safari Park is to conserve animals to protect and ensure their welfare. All animals that are at the Bali Safari Marine Park always pay attention to their environmental conditions and ... Read more

Get To Know About The Rhinoceros Closer

Taman Safari Indonesia is active in the Indonesian Rhinoceros Conservation Program. This they manifested in the form of in-situ conservation establishment and releasing Sumatran rhinos in Way Kambas National Park, Lampung. Meanwhile, Bali Safari Park has also begun its concrete step with the African rhino breeding program. When you visit Bali Safari Park, you will ... Read more

Get To Know More About The Hippopotamus in Bali Safari Park

The word ‘hippopotamus’ comes from ancient Greek which means ‘river horse’. No wonder if this term is pinned to it as hippo likes to stand and walk in the river all day with only his nostrils peek out. His half of body submerges beneath the water just looks like a shiny black stone. He always ... Read more

The Guide for Those Who Love Animals that Visiting Bali

Bali is a wonder and dazzling island. Every traveler on this Earth must write Bali as the trip destination in his bucket list. Bali is stunning not only in terms of its thick and religious culture. Bali also has extraordinary natural charm like the seas, lands, and the mountains. Less but not least, Bali has ... Read more

Thrilling Adventure at Night Safari in Bali Safari Park

You might have known about the night safari in Singapore? This is a very popular tourist attraction in Singapore. People come to feel the sensation of visiting the home of wild animals. Here in Indonesia, we also have the nocturnal concept tourist attraction that certainly has its own attraction. Bali Safari Park doesn’t only have ... Read more

Feel The Thrill of Wildlife Adventure Package in Bali Safari Park

Do you feel bored right now? Desire to go somewhere other than a mall or other playground in the building. Why don’t you try flying to Bali Safari Park? This tourism object offers the natural tourism with a sense of adventure as if it were in three countries, Indonesia, Africa, and India. You can choose ... Read more

The Protection of Wildlife is A Balance on Earth

The Earth is the peace home for all creatures. It provides everything we need to live. The air to breath, sun for our health, food resources from mother nature, places to grow crops, water from rain and ocean, and also comfortable living quarters. Food sources including its food chains rank at the top of the ... Read more

The Safaris That Feel More Flexible Than Zoos

Safari parks and zoos are two tourist attractions that are open to public. Both of the them take care floras and faunas which can be seen by visitors. However, do you know what is the difference between them? As we often find in some zoos, animals are placed in their closed tight cages. This group ... Read more

Let’s Meet The Meerkats Personally: The-High Social and Quirky Mammal in Bali Safari Park

In the famous Lion King movie released in 1994, there was a supporting character named Timon. Timon is visualized as wisecracking meerkat that has tight friendship with Pumbaa the warthog. Their friendship was so warm that it spreaded to the audience seats. Whereas in wild life, a group of meerkats is unlikely to get along ... Read more

Bali Safari Breakfast with Lions Package: Nice Morning Moment

Bali Safari Park has over a thousand amazing animals and is your top destination for an adventurous, fun and learning experience. The Park is a great day out for people of all ages that offers everything from animal shows to entertainment to famous Safari Journey. You can explore Bali Safari Park with a special package: ... Read more

Spending Holiday Time in Bali Safari Park Together with Family and Friends

What activity you always do in your holiday or off-day? Is that only watching TV all day or browsing the department store? Why don’t you try to manage your holiday this year by taking your family to Bali Safari Park? You can also arrange this tour together with friends or working partners. As we know ... Read more

Educational Trip To Meet 7 Endangered Animals In Bali Safari Park

Bird Aviary Do you have holiday planning with your lovely kids pretty soon? Why don’t you take children to the educational trip to Bali Safari Park. Here your children will get to know about our 7 endangered animals that have their own characteristics. So, the children not only have fun here, but also grab detail ... Read more

Do Not Ignore Beautiful Ubud For Your Bali Holiday

Ubud has no awesome beaches to speak of, no mountain lakes, & no grand resort. However it has the fullness of soil and it is the center of Bali's art & culture. If you don't stay in one of hotel in Ubud, or you don't have much period during your Bali vacation, a visit is ... Read more

Take Pleasure in Your Bali Traveling

Island of Bali is certainly considered by many people as one of the most excellent places on earth. With a mix of different cultures, but Hinduism is the dominant belief, and thousands of things to do, you can be sure that you will be able to get pleasure from your holiday in Bali. First of ... Read more

Explore Bali Safari Park with Dragon Package

Do you want to get a real safari experience while on vacation in Bali? So, you can find it at Bali Safari Park located in Gianyar, Bali. Built on an area of 40 hectares-wildlife, in this park you can find and discover different animals from Indonesia, India and Africa. If you are international tourist who ... Read more

Why Traditional Clothing is Important Thing for Balinese?

Bali Island is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. It has a rich culture, in fact, Bali has the majority of the Hindu population in the country. We recommend you to get to know and immerse yourself in the lively local Balinese culture for the best experience during your holidays. In addition to ... Read more

Sunset, Dance and View at the Sacred Uluwatu Temple

Bali is an island with a lot of temples, but there are nine main temples built in certain spots and directions that are meant to ward off evil spirits from the sea. Uluwatu Temple, also known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, is one of those main nine temples that is located near beach in Pecatu. In ... Read more

The Tanah Lot is Possibly The Most Photographed Temple in Bali

The fascinating Bali Island, located in the Indonesian Archipelago and one of Asia's ultimate tourist destinations, has attracted millions of travelers to visit it since the first decade of the 20th century. So what motivates people on this exciting island to flock? Most of them were thoroughly seduced by the amazing physical beauty and cultural ... Read more

Interesting Things to Do in Eastern Bali

Sick of all the noise and traffic in South Bali? Then travel to East Bali for a luxury of tranquility if you want a little rest, heritage and tradition. Here are some items you could do when visiting East Bali. Visit Mother Temple, Pura Besakih The Balinese often refer to Pura Besakih as the "Mother ... Read more

Time Schedule Giraffe Feeding Bali Safari Marine Park 2019-2020

Giraffe feeding Bali Safari is the newest program that you can see and can do when visiting Bali Safari Park with your family. You can imagine being beside the giraffe's long neck arm, feeding and taking photos as memories to your home with your kids. The Giraffe feeding program is a new attraction that you ... Read more

Visit Traditional Art Market in Gianyar and Denpasar

Ubud Art market Traditional art market in Bali are a key attraction for tourists and serve as a center for local people to meet their everyday duties. The renowned art shops of Gianyar, precisely in Sukawati and Ubud are always filled with national and foreign buyers who are searching for souvenirs with the finest offers. ... Read more

Bali Safari Jungle Hopper – The Most Popular Package

In the vacation of the holiday, Bali Safari Jungle Hopper Package the well option for us. This famous and popular Safari package takes you on a wildlife trip to see a large number of animals, including threatened species. Let’s follow the information. Before we explain this package, right now, there are 12 packages at Bali ... Read more

Bali Safari For The Kids – A Great Holiday Out

Safari Journey Bali should definitely be at the top of your list with regard to family journeys. The religious paradise island offers great resorts and countless events for all ages, couples, relatives and even for kids. So, if you're looking for an unusual family experience, you'd enjoy the Bali Safari & Marine Park where you ... Read more

Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud – Tips for Visitors

The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali is a natural reserve and shrine complex. If you go there, you'll see the welcome sign as the Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It contains about 340 monkeys recognized as as long-tailed Macaques (Macaca fascicularis). There are four monkey communities in the park, each ... Read more

What to Do at Night in Ubud and Surrounding

Ubud is Bali's spiritual and cultural heart and the place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. After a great day in this lovely town, surrounded by rivers and tropical jungles, it's time for a night exploration of Ubud and surrounding area. There's plenty to do and see, you just have to know where you ... Read more

Enjoy Various Cultural Shows at Bali Safari Park

Barong Lobby If you come across different cultures as rich as Indonesia, you would like to explore and open your eyes to something new. Traditional dance is one form that you shouldn't miss during your journeys in the archipelago. Each region has its own dances and various art form interpretations. There are, for example, three ... Read more

What To Bring On Bali Safari Park Visit?

Please find some Advise on your Visit to Bali Safari Marine Park. We are happy to share with you about What to Bring on Bali Safari Park Visit ? Bali is known as one of the most exotic tourism spot in the world. In this gorgeous island you might find both amazing-looking beaches and cultural ... Read more

Vacations – Nature Exploration and Seeing The Elephant Show at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park which is a tourist place that focuses on animal conservation from various species by maintaining the natural habitat of these animals. The charm of natural beauty is very interesting and makes visitors blend in with the animals that are in the park. Thus, emotional attachment of visitors to animals and ... Read more

Enjoy A Holiday with Extraordinary Adventure and Watch The Harimau Show at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is also known as the Bali Safari and Marine Park which is a tourist spot with a very attractive display of beauty. Visiting Bali Safari Park can also add insight into various species of animals. Bali Safari park is a place for animal conservation as well as a place to entertain animal ... Read more

Nature Vacation and Animal Education Show at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park has a distance of about 45 minutes from Kuta. Bali Safari Park or also known as Bali Safari and Marine Park was built on land that has an area of ​​40 hectares with a native forest ecosystem located in Gianyar Regency, Bali and adjacent to Ubud. This park is a place of ... Read more

Discover India and African Animals in Bali Safari Park

Discover India and African Animals in Bali Safari Park - Bali in known as one of the most popular tourism spot in Indonesia. This exotic island offers both exotic seaside settings as well as rich cultural heritage. In here you can find a great combination of centuries year old tradition and modern tourist number one ... Read more

Bali Safari Native Animal Collection of Indonesia

Bali offers a lot of type of journey. As it is well-known for its gorgeous beach and seaside leisure spot, this island is perfect for those who search after an exotic escapism vacation. There are a selection of stunning beach and seaside resort you can choose, depend on your preference. Bali is also a great ... Read more

Bali Safari Park Wildlife Conservation Programs

Bali Safari Park Wildlife Conservation Programs - Bali Safari Park is one of the best destination if you want to enjoy a wildlife adventure in Bali. Located in the area of Gianyar, this park serves you the best educational place to enjoy with your family and friends, and still close to other Bali popular destinations. ... Read more

Legendary Bali Agung Show at Bali Safari Park

Bali Agung Show - An exotic world class show, featuring 150 Balinese dancers, musicians and masters of shadow puppets together with a wide range of exotic animals. Bali Agung Show Performance Legendary Bali Agung Show is one of the largest cultural performance in Bali. It held in Bali Theatre venue at Bali Safari Park and ... Read more

Night Safari Package for your Bali Family Holiday

Night Safari Package for your Bali Family Holiday Let's join on our spectacular night Safari, take your family along! Highlight of the Night Safari : Enjoy an incredible night Safari Journey with Cage Tram bus. Get close with the animal during the Night safari Journey, feeds them Enjoy BBQ Buffet Dinner Witness the Fire dance ... Read more

Breakfast with Lion Bali Safari Marine Park Promotion

Breakfast with Lion Bali Safari & Marine Park Is One Of Rare Life Experience. Having breakfast with Lion Bali Safari park is something new exciting program which is dedicated by Bali Safari and Marine Park. Take your family or beloved partner to attend this program and get your experience, see the Lions in front of ... Read more

Bali Safari & Marine Park: Favorite Tourist Attraction in Bali

If you have children on holiday in Bali, don't miss Bali Safari Marine Park. This tourist spot in Bali offers you and your child the best safari experience. Bali Safari & Marine Park is also called Bali Safari Park, one of the island's most popular tourist attractions, a favorite of Indonesian tourists. Attractions in the ... Read more

Night Safari Package – Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari & Marine Park Night Safari Package Welcome on our online and welcome on Bali night safari program, also one of the most favorite program ever. Different with Jungle Hopper package, for those who plan to join this Safari Bali night must book in advance as the slot of the program are very ... Read more