7 Ways To Care For A Good And True Brazilian Tortoise

7 Ways To Care For A Good And True Brazilian Tortoise 1

Here Are 7 Ways To Care For A Good And True Brazilian Tortoise

Brazilian turtles may be familiar to animal lovers due to their small and distinctive shape. Because of its small shape and relatively benign animals, this type of turtle is quite popular as a pet. The way to treat a Brazilian turtle is actually quite easy and doesn’t require too much maintenance.

How To Take Care Of Brazilian Turtles?

For those of you who are interested in this cute animal, here are 7 tips on how to treat a Brazilian turtle:

  1. Prepare An Aquarium Or Pool That Fits The Size

Prepare an aquarium or pond that matches the size of the turtle that will be maintained. A good water temperature for turtles is between 20-28 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the water that is too cold can cause the turtle to contract lung disease. Please note, if you have been affected by this disease treat it quite difficult.

  1. Keep The Water Of Aquarium Clean

Enable filters in the aquarium so that water cleanliness is always maintained. If you don’t use a filter, often clean the aquarium water. If the water in the aquarium is too dirty can cause a number of diseases.

  1. Give A Variety Of Food

Don’t just give food in the form of pellets every day. You may also give vegetables, fruits or soft animals such as small fish and earthworms. Before the feed is given, first clean the feed. Especially for turtle children, should be given feed in water that has previously been cut into small sizes.

Give the amount of feed as needed. If excessive, the tortoise will overweight and indigestion arise. Should feed every other day. For babies, turtles may be given feed every day but the portions are slightly reduced.

  1. Keep The Turtle’s Body Clean

Clean the turtle shell using a soft brush at least once every two weeks to avoid the growth of moss.

  1. Give Special Supplements

Give special supplements for turtles. The provision of supplements aims to strengthen the immunity of the turtle’s body.

  1. Place It In A Location Exposed To Sunlight

Place the turtle in a location that is exposed to sunlight, if not possible, you can use a reflector lamp. This is useful so that turtles obtain ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B. Ultraviolet plays a role in the digestive mechanism of food and simultaneously makes the tortoise’s body warm.

  1. Don’t Rummage Through Aquarium Water

Never tear water in a turtle’s aquarium because they don’t like it very much. If turtles are often broken down, they will become stressed and even often die.

Turtles are also part of living things so you have to treat them with your heart. Not a few diseases that attack turtles that arise because of the condition of dirty water, not enough radiation and poor nutrition.

How to treat a Brazilian turtle if it is affected by an illness is to carry out all of the above tips plus increasing the water temperature to 30 degrees Celsius

It is so easy, isn’t it? Happy keeping Brazilian turtles!

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