Breakfast with Lion Bali Safari Marine Park Promotion

Breakfast with Lion Bali Safari & Marine Park Is One Of Rare Life Experience.

Having breakfast with Lion Bali Safari park is something new exciting program which is dedicated by Bali Safari and Marine Park. Take your family or beloved partner to attend this program and get your experience, see the Lions in front of you as we have special Glass window, allowing you efes see those wild around our Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

breakfast with lion bali safari park

Breakfast With Lion Bali Safari Highlight :

  • Enjoy your morning breakfast with Lion at the biggest zoo called Bali Safari Marine Park.
  • Book with Hotel private transfer for convenience trip transfer.
  • See all wild collection from Africa, India and Indonesia with unique bus tram accompanied by expert Guide.
  • See 3 kind of creature show : Animal Show, Tiger show and Elephant Show.

Bali Safari park is home of hundreds wild for conservation and education, we open from morning for day safari and night also open for night safari program. On this page, we will share with more details about program Breakfast with Lion.

Breakfast With Lions Bali Safari & Marine Park – Holidays in Bali will certainly be very pleasant if you enjoy a holiday by visiting tourist attractions on the island of Bali. Many activities that you can choose to fill your holiday in Bali, for those of you who have often vacationed in Bali, of course you want to enjoy a new tourist destination.

You can take a vacation at Bali Safari & Marine Park with your family or children, you can visit the zoo and see various kinds of performances here. In addition, at this time Bali Safari & Marine Park has a new program which is certainly very interesting, namely Breakfast With Lions at Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

Surely you have never had breakfast with a lion, enjoy breakfast with a different atmosphere. This is a new experience for those of you who are on vacation in Bali, Tsavo Lion Restaurant is a restaurant that has the first African-themed concept in Asia.

This restaurant is located side by side with the lion exhibition area so that it allows you to meet real wildlife. Enjoying breakfast at Tsavo Lion Restaurant is certainly very safe and you don’t need to worry, because when you eat food you are in a thick glass wall like enter into a laboratory.

Tsavo Lion Restaurant

breakfast with lion bali safari park

From inside the room, visitors can witness lion activity. Tsavo Lion This restaurant surrounds sometimes lions, so you can watch the lions wherever you are. You can also take pictures of lions that are playing cool.

With a unique design that is nuanced in Africa, it is equipped with grasslands which are unique restaurant backgrounds and can make visitors feel dining between the African savanna. Tsavo Lion Restaurant offers a menu of diverse dishes, ranging from Balinese to world class cuisine, all of which are made by chefs who are already professional and of course experienced so that the problem of taste does not need to be doubted.

Open Hours Breakfast With Lion Bali Safari Park

Our daily program is open for breakfast with lion at bali Safari park at 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 AM. But whole duration for stay at the park is till 17.00

What Other can See on Breakfast with Lion package ?

  • Surely, this is the unique experience for your holiday, and of course you will see Lion while having breakfast at Tsavo Lion restaurant.
  • After breakfast, you can walk around and see all animal that collective at Bali Safari park by walking with your family, see main interesting animal like Elephant, tiger, Orang Utan, Binturong, birds and go around the petting zoo.
  • SAFARI JOURNEY: Exciting safari trips will take you on an adventure in Indonesia, India, and Africa, to watch wealthy wildlife in close proximity.

Breakfast with Lion Bali Safari Marine Park Promotion 1

  • Animal Show: an interesting show that presents several local animals with educational motifs for visitors, where we will understand about animals and also how we can help preserve their ecosystems.

Breakfast with Lion Bali Safari Marine Park Promotion 2

  • HARIMAU/ Tiger SHOW: The world’s fascinating population of the disappearing tiger. A grand pageant that tells about tiger’s role in Balinese Historical and Mythological studies reveals the ability to play, hunt, climb, and swim these big cats.

Breakfast with Lion Bali Safari Marine Park Promotion 3

  • ELEPHANT SHOW, Gentle giants are going to connect and tell the story with an education show of Elephant. The Sumatran Elephants Park provides inspiring performances that retain harmony between nature and humanity. In fact.

Breakfast with Lion Bali Safari Marine Park Promotion 4


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