What Does The Climate Change Impact To Our Live?

What Does The Climate Change Impact To Our Live? 1
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Maybe you have read the previous post about world climate change. How terrible the effects of climate change are for the survival of all living creatures on Earth. Whether they are living on land or in the ocean.

Then, what about the survival of humans and wildlife with this climate change? Will they be affected by the change? If so, what do humans need to do in dealing with this climate change? Bali Safari Park will describe it briefly for you.

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Climate Change Affect Life of Human Being

Have you noticed that the weather has been very erratic lately? Hot and humid during the day. The sun ray hits the Earth like it wants to burn our environment. Then, when the dusk down, it rains like cat and dog. It doesn’t need hours for the brown and dirty hard water come to residential areas whereas in previous years these areas never surrounded by flood. Even when it rained hard all day long.

This is one of the impacts we have to bear because of the climate change. Then, the more horrifying thing is that the climate change threatens our food sufficiency. The high frequent rainfall, largely in developing countries, gives death to crop. Beside that, the high temperature causes drought for a long time. If the harvest got failure, then the need for food such as staple food like rice, will not be fulfilled eventually. Consequently the price of rice rises.

All unpleasant events at harvest finally forced farmers to use chemicals to improve the growing crop. So that, they can speed up the harvest. This is obviously the faster way to earn money. But, something that will happen next is permanent soil damage.

The Climate Change for Wildlife

Climate change has a huge impact on humans. The impact even continues to become very terrible. This could happen continually if we don’t find the great solution to cope with it.

The worse thing is wild animals have also been affected. Even some of them suffer far more. Let say, the animals that live in the North pole, tropical rainforest, and around the coast. These three places are interconnected with each other.

Since the temperature of Earth becomes higher, the ice of North pole melts. The polar animals need ice to survive. Like polar bears that need sea ice as their natural habitat and to hunt as well as to raise kids. The groups of seals always need snow caves to live. When the surrounded ice melts, they will lose their shelters and live.

The melting ice will certainly increase the level of sea water. The rising sea levels can disrupt the reproduction process of the turtles. Because sea turtles have nests on the beach where they lay their eggs. The temperature of the nest can increase, too. This will affect the eggs producing. More female eggs will be born than males. Turtle population will obviously be disrupted by this phenomenon.

Meanwhile, other threats lurk animals in tropical rainforests. The habitats of Orangutans are cut down. The forests become drought more and more. Then, the bushfires cannot be avoided.

What Does The Climate Change Impact To Our Live? 2

Things That We Can Do Now

The closest thing we can do to deal with climate change comes from our own home. This initial step called ‘saving energy’. Like when you have to go to the market or grocery stall nearby, you can ride bicycle that is certainly environmentally friendly.

As we know that the tradition in our country, even to reach near places people often ride motorbikes. They will convey their arguments that the motorbikes could make them get to the destination quickly. In fact, if we can get up earlier, so we can quickly get to our destination even if we ride bicycle or walk.

Next, we can turn off the electrical items when not in use, switch to energy-saving light bulbs, do recycling, and of course reducing or avoid food waste. Maybe you want to try zero waste in everyday living?

Bali Safari Park always support any kinds of deeds to save our Earth. Do visit safaribaliticket.com to know about our programmes in saving Earth.

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