Enjoy Various Cultural Shows at Bali Safari Park

Lobby Barong is one of the lobby at Bali Safari & Marine Park
Barong Lobby

If you come across different cultures as rich as Indonesia, you would like to explore and open your eyes to something new. Traditional dance is one form that you shouldn’t miss during your journeys in the archipelago.

Each region has its own dances and various art form interpretations. There are, for example, three genres or types of traditional dance in Bali: Wali (sacred dance), Bebali (semi-frightful dance) and Balih-balihan (entertainment dancing). All three genres are recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage.

It is not difficult to find any Balinese culture on the island. While it is common to find these dances performed in temples or in special occasions, many tourist spots are typically performed as entertainment in Balinese dance.

Besides displaying various animal education shows, including elephants and tigers, Bali Safari Park is proud of the splendid Balinese culture that we gladly include in the park and shows.

These are venue and cultural shows that you can enjoy or participate freely while visiting Bali Safari Park.

Lobby Barong

The Barong Dance welcomes you at the entrance gate of Lobby Barong to a magnificent journey of the greatest Balinese legend, telling a legendary story of Calonarang, a white wizard who has transformed himself into a mystical being to fight against Rangda, the dark forces who threaten humanity.

Rindik: Traditional Music

A couple of Rindik players in the Lobby Barong will welcome visitors. The rindik is one of Bali’s traditional instrumental music that is frequently performed for Joged Bumbung dance performances. Settle in the relaxing melodies and rhythms of this bamboo instrument.

rindik traditional Balinese music play at terminal Bali to welcome Bali Safari Marine park visitors
Rindik traditional Balinese music

Balinese Dance Class at Bale Banjar

One of the interesting activities available for free at Bali Safari is Balinese dance class. If you want to know how local people live their days, then be part of the community and join in learning how to dance according to their culture. Visitors can learn the renowned Balinese dance at Bale Banjar, Bali Market every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You have the opportunity to participate with dancers in various types of Balinese dance routines and join a larger community, so that your visit in Bali is even more magical.

Various Balinese Dance Performances

Baris dance show
Baris dance

When you go for a safari on a Sunday such as Jungle Hopper package, please go to Uma Restaurant at midday for a Balinese dance show. The professional dancers of Bali Safari Park offer you a variety of dances such as: Puspanjali, Tenun, Oleg Tamulilingan, Sekar Jagat, Cendrawasih, and Baris dance.

In Bali Safari Park various versions of barong dances are also held to entertain visitors. We present Barong Ngelawang often on special occasions, a dance accompanied by musical instruments and dancers.

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