Discover Orangutan “The Man Of The Forest” at Bali Safari Park

Orangutan at Bali Safari Marine Park

Orangutans are mammals that have a high level of intelligence, but these animals are endangered. This orangutan in Indonesian means “Forest Man”, but it does not mean like a whole person. Orangutans have genes that resemble humans about ninety-four percent. This orangutan can be found in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Orangutan populations are increasingly threatened because there is a lot of hunting and loss of natural habitat due to encroachment carried out by humans. Orangutans live alone in trees and usually sleep at night.

Orangutans usually consume fruits, among others; Ara, Lychee, and Mangosteen. Orangutans are called “frugivores,” which means that the diet of orangutans consists of a mixture of flowers, young leaves, bark, and even insects.

Are you curious about Orangutan’s favorite fruit? The answer is Durian. They like the aroma and the strong rasnaya. These orangutans usually drink through holes in trees.

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Discover Orangutan "The Man Of The Forest" at Bali Safari Park 1

Interesting Facts About Orangutans

Orangutans who are not yet adults often observe their parents to learn everything, one of which is to consume food. Orangutans also have very interesting facts, namely:

  1. Orangutans have a long and strong leg and arm structure. This condition allows orangutans to move very deftly from one tree to another. Orangutans in Sumatra and Kalimantan have similar physical properties, but there is little difference for Sumatran Orangutans having longer facial hair than the Bornean Orangutan;
  2. Borneo orangutans weigh from 50 kilograms to 100 kilograms, while for Sumatran Orangutans they can weigh up to 45 kilograms.
  3. An orangutan with a cheek flap called Flanges is a male orangutan. In addition, male orangutans also have throat bags that are used to make calls to their people. Orangutans can make deep and long calls;
  4. In 2017 the third Orangutan species consisted of only 800 individuals found;
  5. The current Bornean Orangutan population is estimated at 104.000 individuals and Sumatran Orangutans around 7.400 individuals, while the Tapanuli Orangutan is threatened with extinction;
  6. Orangutans can travel as far as 50 meters to 1.000 meters a day;
  7. Orangutans can live for 35 years to 45 years;

Other Animals

Discover Orangutan "The Man Of The Forest" at Bali Safari Park 2

You can find Orangutan by visiting Bali Safari and Marine Park. The main role of the Bali Safari Park is to conserve endangered species, including orangutans, rhinos and Hippopotamus. You can choose the right ticket to enjoy the travel package you want. You can choose the Night Safari package, if you like the nuances of the night at Bali Safari Park.

Meanwhile, those of you who like to travel during the day can choose Leopard 4×4 Safari or Rhino 4×4 Safari packages. You will be accompanied by a guide to get around Bali Safari Park using a jeep vehicle provided by the manager. When touring Bali Safari Park you will feel you are in the natural habitat of these animals. The design of the Bali Safari Park is indeed made to resemble an African field. You can see a variety of different types of animals.

You can also meet Hippopotamus at Bali Safari Park. These animals from Africa generally like to sink their bodies under water and only show their holes in the upper part of the water. Hippopotamus is mostly in water, but actually they cannot swim. Hippopotamus actually stand and walk on the bottom of water, ponds or sand dunes. Hippopotamus like to be in the water because they want to protect their skin from the sun. Hippopotamus release oily red substances that function as moisturizers, sunscreens, and can also function to protect their bodies from germs.

These Hippopotamus can hold their breath for seven minutes and most adult Hippopotamus appear every three to five minutes to get oxygen. In fact, Hippopotamus can sleep on the surface for quite a long time and don’t wake up immediately. Hippopotamus are also able to cover the nostrils and ears to prevent water from entering. When a Hippopotamus opens its mouth wide it does not mean they are yawning, but it is a warning and is also useful for marking territory. You can also hear the Nile snorting. You can find interesting facts about other animals by visiting Bali Safari Park.

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