Discover The Beauty of Cendrawasih or Bird of Paradise at Bali Safari Park

Cendrawasih - bird of paradise

Bali Safari park is a “home” of various endangered and endangered animals. Bali Safari park is an animal conservation place that is very concerned about the health and well-being of all the animals in it. There are more than one hundred species of animals in Bali Safari Park.

When visiting Bali Safari Park you can see komodo dragon, Bali mynah, orangutan, and various other species. You can also find various species of birds in the Bali Safari park. One of the birds that you can find is the Bird of Paradise, also known as Paradisaea or Bird of Paradise. This beautiful bird can usually be found in Papua, New Zealand and Australia.

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Physical Appearance of Cendrawasih

Cendrawasih can have a length of up to thirteen inches. Cendrawasih has a long beak size with strong legs, Cendrawasih is indeed known for its feather beauty that extends from the beak to the wings and head. Cendrawasih Feathers have different colors throughout their bodies, including yellow, blue, green and red. The beauty of this feather is found in male species of Paradise.

The display is used to attract the opposite sex. Male paradise will show beauty while doing movements that can attract female paradise. The physical appearance between male and female paradise is indeed quite different.

Male paradise has a striking appearance, but female paradise has a dim appearance. Female bird of paradise has a dull fur color. This is intended to protect the eggs that are the beginning of their children. Most of the male Cendrawasih are polygamous, which are mating with many female paradise birds.

However, there are also a number of male Cendrawasih that are lifelong soul mates with female Cendrawasih. There is an interesting thing about male Cendrawasih which only does monogamy, which is dull colored feathers such as female Cendrawasih.

Preserve Cendrawasih or Bird of Paradise

Cendrawasih which is famous for the beauty of its fur is often the target of illegal hunting. Cendrawasih is usually hunted using arrows, which are then taken for sale. This condition makes Cendrawasih on the verge of extinction. In fact, Cendrawasih is also traded openly.

Even though the Indonesian Government has issued a prohibition to trade Cendrawasih. Although, to carry out traditional ceremonies or local culture is still permitted. Because the bird of paradise feathers are usually used as head ornaments or other needs for certain ceremonies.

Unfortunately, the government’s ban did not get high support, because in reality the demand for Cendrawasih feathers was still high. As humans, it is our duty to look after animals. We must protect Cendrawasih from the threat of extinction. However, we can still see its beauty as a manifestation of our admiration for the bird. You who want to see the beauty of Cendrawasih feathers can visit Bali Safari Park.

Bali Safari park is a conservation place for animals that are approaching extinction. The American Museum of Natural History in New York conducted a survey of Biologists in 1998. In the survey, 70 percent of Biologist stated that by 2028 it is likely that 20 percent of all animal populations will be extinct.

Over the past 4 centuries 89 species of mammals have become extinct, 169 other species are threatened with extinction. This extinction is an estimate of a small number of species that have not been identified as at risk. There are many other species that are endangered.

Other Animals


Animals that are also endangered are Siberian Tigers. At present the number is very low. The population of many Siberian Tigers is in American zoos rather than in the Asian wilderness. This is because the condition of Siberian Tigers when in the wild faces a very big threat, namely the threat of hunting and loss of natural habitat due to human encroachment.

The next animal that is also threatened with extinction is the Bonobo Ape. Animals that are closely related to these chimpanzees have a more calm and peaceful nature. Bonobo apes can only be found in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The biggest threat to Bonobo Apes is hunters who hunt their meat for trade. Sumatran Orangutans are also included in the list of endangered animals. The Sumatran Orangutan population has been reduced by 80% due to the encroachment of humans that are destroying their natural habitat to be used as agricultural land as well as timber harvesting.

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