Discover The Beauty of Peafowl (Peacock) of Indonesia

Peacock Indonesia
Photo: Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is a place for conservation of wildlife species, endangered species, and even endangered animals. You will get exciting experiences, fun, and learning about various different species of animals. Bali Safari Park always maintains the welfare of animals, one of which is not allowing visitors to feed the animals.

This is because animals are on a diet, so they can only consume food provided by the Bali Safari park manager. “Home” for these endangered species is also part of the Southeast Asian Zoo Association and is also part of the Conservation Breeding Specialist Group.

The Bali Safari Park is also part of the Indonesian Zoological Park Association. The Bali Safari park is indeed committed to preserving endangered and rare animals. Bali Safari park takes proactive steps in the role of conservation. One of the animals that was saved from extinction by Bali Safari Park is Bali Mynah.

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Peacock Bali Safari
Photo source: Bali Safari Park

Get to Know More About Peafowl or Peacock Indonesia

Indonesian peacock which is also better known as Peacock is a bird that has a large size with colorful feathers. Peacocks are famous for their beautiful feathers.

One species of peacock is Green Peafowl, which is an Indonesian native bird that lives in the Java region. Green Peafowl has a very long history. Since the Roman Empire, peacocks were bred for decorative purposes and served as food.

Whereas, in medieval parts of Europe peacocks also served as food until turkey became more popular for food. Green Peafowl has long been admired, now people no longer want peacocks as food, so they can continue to grow. Green Peafowl lives in tropical forest areas and subtropical forest areas near water sources.

Green Peafowl Male and Green Peafowl female can be distinguished by appearance. Peafowl Male can grow up to three meters, while for Peafowl females can only grow up to one meter. Male Peafowl has a bright emerald green color with a combination of blue on the head and neck. When Peafowl Green flies like a phoenix.

Meanwhile, for Peafowl females have a dull green color with a combination of slightly gray. Male Peafowl conducts polygamy, namely with more than one Peafowl female.

During the mating season, the male Peafowl will show its feathers. He would walk around Peafowl female while making a loud noise. Peafowl lay eggs in pale yellow. The egg takes twenty-eight days to hatch. One peafowl family is called “bevy”.

Other Animals

You can see Peafowl by visiting Bali Safari Park. You can admire the beauty of this one bird and enjoy its amazing behavior. You can also see various other animals, while you can also see various animal shows.

One of the animal shows that you can see is the show “Big Cats”. This tiger show will provide a variety of exciting experiences for your vacation.

Other animal shows are elephant shows. In this performance elephants are not forced to do lying activities or other activities, but elephants are with actors playing roles to perform various scenes. The presentation of the scene shown is a highlight of the conflict between humans and elephants in Sumatra. This show aims to foster awareness of all humans so that they can protect each other and live side by side.

Bali Safari Park is indeed a place of conservation for more than one hundred species. The manager of the Bali Safari park always pays attention to the sustainability of various animals. Bali Safari Park is the right holiday destination for families.

You can adventure in Bali Safari park during the day and at night. You who like night adventures, then you can choose the Night Safari package. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Bali Safari Park with a truly different experience. You can watch the Fire Show and enjoy a BBQ dinner.

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