Vacations – Nature Exploration and Seeing The Elephant Show at Bali Safari Park

Elephant show Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park which is a tourist place that focuses on animal conservation from various species by maintaining the natural habitat of these animals. The charm of natural beauty is very interesting and makes visitors blend in with the animals that are in the park. Thus, emotional attachment of visitors to animals and nature can occur, including as presented at a daily Elephant show at Bali Safari Park.

You can get around in the Bali Safari park area using tram, jeeps, and special types of vehicles that have been presented by the Safari Park manager. Visiting Bali Safari Park can add insight into a variety of rare, unique, and endangered species of animals from Indonesia, India and Africa.

Bali Safari & Marine Park can be a major tourist destination for visitors of all ages. You can do various diverse activities at the park. One example is seeing the Elephant Show at Bali Safari Park.

Elephant Show at Bali Safari Park

The Elephant Show is one of the shows at the Bali Safari Park. Travelers who choose any package (domestic and foreign) can watch the Elephant Show. However, the Elephant Show does not apply when tourists choose the Night Safari package.

You who are on vacation to Bali Safari Park and choose to take the Rhino package or the Rhino 4×4 package will get a VIP seat when you watch the Elephant Show. Holidays in Bali Safari park will indeed give you a variety of exciting experiences and new knowledge.

Interesting elephant show

The elephant show is done in the Bali Safari Park area called Kampung Gajah. The existence of Kampung Gajah is adjacent to the Tiger Amphitheater. The background of this stage is designed to resemble a village atmosphere, namely there are booths and trees that can be shifted like a stage for art shows in general.

The show began with an introduction and provided various education about elephants living in Sumatra.

The problem presented is the conflict between elephants and local residents. How humans try to enter the forest and disturb elephant habitat, so that there is a fight between elephants and humans. The conflict is getting worse with the presence of humans trying to shoot elephants.

This incident makes the elephant threatened in breeding and habitat. The balance of habitats that are beginning to be disrupted by the presence of various commercial and other activities. The story displayed on the Elephant Show gives a moral message to humans to preserve elephant habitat and not consider elephants as enemies.

Elephants can be human friends and look after each other. Elephants are one animal that has a soft feeling. It will be better if humans and elephants can live side by side in harmony. The show educates the importance of loving each other. You must really see the Elephant Show at Bali Safari Park.

This Elephant Show starts at 12.00 until 12:30 for the first Show schedule. The Elephant Show in the first schedule usually starts after the Tiger Show (Harimau Show). Meanwhile, for the second show, it starts at 16:30 until 16:50. When taking part in the elephant show, tourists can also see the results of postcard crafts that come from recycling elephant feces. The postal paper produced is quite thick and quirky.

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Other Interesting Activities at Bali Safari Park

Your amazing vacation in addition to going around the Bali Safari park area can also be filled with various fun activities. Some of these activities include:

Interesting Animal Shows

This animal show is different from the Elephant Show at Bali Safari Park and the Tiger Show. This interesting an educational animal show takes place every day. This show is very entertaining for visitors but also very informative because the main purpose of this animal show is education.

Vacations - Nature Exploration and Seeing The Elephant Show at Bali Safari Park 1

The concept presented in this performance is different from the circus performances in general. Because this animal show wants to make emotional ties from visitors to animals that appear in shows. Furthermore, visitors are expected to love animals and nature more. The higher level expected is that it can contribute to overcoming endangered animal species.

The animal shows are professional staff, known as Safari Ranger. The role of Ranger safari is to share stories, information and facts that are packaged in a fun way to foster a more complete understanding of animals to visitors. The show starts with animals that have been tamed by Safari Ranger, namely fast-running dogs, rabbits who also run around, cats jumping and climbing, and various other animal shows. When visitors enjoy the show and laugh out loud, the Safari Rangers will turn to birds to make the birds fly and scatter.

Other animals that are also in the show are snakes. Consisting of two large pythons and paraded around the visitors. There are some visitors who choose to avoid when the snake crawls around it. However, several other visitors seemed enthusiastic and curious.

The next animal to be the star of the show is the Orangutan who behaves appropriately. These orangutans have their own personalities that can attract visitors and surprise them. The orangutan can walk casually on the stage, then climb the tree, collect the coconut and peel it. The behavior of the next Orangutan made visitors cheer because the Orangutans drank the peeled coconut water.

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