See Elephant Shows and Learn Interesting Facts About Elephants at Bali Safari Park

See Elephant Shows and Learn Interesting Facts About Elephants at Bali Safari Park 1

Bali Safari Park is a pleasant place to vacation with family. You can watch various animal species as well as educational animal shows. Bali Safari Park does have a number of animal presentations that have a theme of sharing stories in wildlife conservation, establishing Balinese culture, and about the facts of animals.

The stories told in animal shows include conflicts between humans and elephants in Sumatra. The story is packaged in the headline Elephant Show.

The next show about the fate of tigers due to illegal hunting, habitat destruction and consumption of medicines was packaged in the “Big Cat Show” show. The overall theme of all the performances is to portray the destructive relationship between humans and nature and explain how to stop the decline in animal populations.

One of the animals in the show is an elephant. This one animal has many interesting facts.

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Unique and Interesting Facts About Elephants

Elephants are the largest land mammals that live in groups. In one group elephants are led by the most experienced female elephants in the group. These female elephants are usually able to give birth when they are ten years old. Elephants usually need about two hundred kilograms of food every day. Elephant food includes nuts, grass, bamboo, and fruits.

Elephants can drink up to 150 liters of water every day. Elephants or lately names are Loxodonta which have a very sharp sense of smell. Unfortunately, there have been many conflicts between humans and elephants in the Sumatra region. This causes the deforestation rate in Sumatra to be the highest in the Southeast Asia region.

This condition has taken the main food source of Sumatran Elephants. Elephant habitat in tropical forests. Elephant body weight can reach five tons with a height of five to nine feet. The life span of an elephant can reach seventy years.

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See Elephant Shows and Learn Interesting Facts About Elephants at Bali Safari Park 2

Elephants still have many other interesting facts. Here are some amazing facts about elephants:

  1. Elephants have long-term memories, so elephants can recognize someone who has been with him in the previous years. In this case it could be an elephant or handler, scientist, and also a zoologist. Elephants can also remember places that have been visited and can return to it again;
  2. Elephants are among the smartest mammals, as are gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees;
  3. There are three species of elephants, namely savanna elephants and forest elephants in Africa, and Asian elephants in Asia;
  4. Elephants can feel sorrow for the death of their group. Elephants will entertain each other and can feel and understand emotions between one another;
  5. Elephants are able to detect storms that occur as far as 240 km;
  6. Elephants can recognize themselves through mirror reflections and pools of water that reflect themselves;
  7. Elephants are land mammals that cannot jump. It could be because of his huge body size. The male African Elephant species can grow to a height of 13 feet and weighs up to 14,000 pounds. However, this species of elephant can run up to 40 kilometers per hour;
  8. Elephants have brains that are 3 to 4 times larger than the human brain, but the proportion is smaller with their body weight;
  9. In general, the size of African elephants is bigger than Asian elephants;
  10. African elephants have a rounded forehead shape, while Asian elephants are characterized by twin domes with curves in the middle.

Elephant show at Bali Safari Park

You who want to recognize elephants closer can visit the Bali Safari Park. This animal conservation place is in Gianyar, Bali. You can choose Elephant Safari tour packages, Jungle Hopper, or 4×4 Safari. You will take a tour to see various clay animals in an open environment that resembles African Sabana.

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