Comfortable and Enjoyable Holidays According to Children’s Favorite in Bali Safari Park

Comfortable and Enjoyable Holidays According to Children's Favorite in Bali Safari Park 1

Are you looking for a fun and friendly vacation spot for children? If your answer is yes, then Bali Safari Park is the answer. Visiting Bali Safari Park will get many benefits and lessons that are valuable for you and for children. You can recognize a variety of rare animal species and can watch various animal shows that are very educational.

This place is perfect for instilling children’s caring attitude towards nature and animals. Many fun activities that you can do when visiting Bali Safari Marine Park.

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Comfortable and Enjoyable Holidays According to Children's Favorite in Bali Safari Park 2
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Exciting Adventures for Children at Bali Safari Park

A pleasant holiday experience can be obtained by children from a visit to Bali Safari Park. Here are some interesting things that can be done while on vacation in Bali Safari Park:

1. Eat With Lions

You can enjoy eating together with lions while visiting Bali Safari Park. You can choose to enjoy delicious food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can enjoy exciting activities at Tsavo Lion Restaurant. Lion cage is located right adjacent to the restaurant.

You will enjoy the food guaranteed its deliciousness accompanied by Kings of the Jungle. You don’t need to worry even though enjoying food alongside a lion. This is because lions are in a very safe enclosure. Restaurant visitors can see the Forest King from behind the glass.

2. Conducting Pool Time Fun Activities

Children usually like water. They really enjoy when playing wet with water. Therefore, at the Bali Park Safari there is also a fantastic swimming pool. Children can play water for hours as they wish. When children are playing water, parents can accompany them while enjoying a relaxing break in a chair that has been provided.

You can enjoy a pleasant holiday atmosphere in Bali. The swimming pool is located in a resort located in Bali Safari Park. When visiting the resort, parents can also choose to enjoy spa treatments. You can also enjoy pleasant views in the form of activities from Zebras and hippos.

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View Mara River Lodge

3. Stay when Visiting Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Safari Park has very many areas and activities. You can choose one type of vacation package that is offered or you want to enjoy all the forms of activities that can be done while visiting Bali Safari Park. When you want to do all forms of holiday pleasure, then you can take your child to stay at a hotel adjacent to Bali Safari Park.

You can choose to spend the night at the Mara River Safari Lodge which is in the park location. The resort will provide a unique holiday experience by providing an atmosphere and accommodation that is very inspired by the conditions at Safari Park.

Hotel is at the base of Bali Safari Park which consists of various choices of huts with open terraces. The cottage setting will provide an opportunity for hotel guests to observe various animals from a short distance away. The rustic nuances presented by Mara River Safari Lodge will make you and your children feel comfortable.

When you choose to stay at Mara River Safari Lodge at the same time you also have access to Bali Safari Park. In fact, when you decide to take a vacation without using a private vehicle, parties from Mara River Safari Lodge are willing to pick you up from the airport to the hotel.

Feel the excitement of a vacation enjoying the complete outdoors with unique animals while in a habitat that resembles its natural habitat.

Bali Safari Park is a conservation place for animals. Many species are in Bali Safari Park. The animals get natural habitat according to where they come from, so that animals can feel safe and comfortable. The Bali Safari Park administrator is also very concerned about the care for all the animals in Bali Safari Park.

You can get around in all parts of Bali Safari Park during the day. You can also choose an adventure that is more exciting by enjoying the atmosphere of Bali Safari Park at night. You can choose the Bali Safari Night package to get a great holiday experience. Make sure you design your vacation carefully with your children.


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