Exciting Adventures Use The Rhino 4×4 Bali Safari

Rhino 4x4 Bali Safari

Bali Safari Park is a tourist destination that is very suitable to be visited together with family. You will get an amazing new experience while visiting Bali Safari Park. You can feel a pleasant holiday while learning how important it is to love animals and the environment.

Bali Safari Park is located in Gianyar Regency which focuses on conservation of various animal species. The Bali Safari Park area also has a water park that can be used for water slide or just pampering yourself at the edge of the pool.

Many choices of tour packages that you can choose to adventure in Bali Safari Park.

One of them is touring the park using Rhino 4×4 Bali Safari: Private Safari Adventure on 4×4 Jeeps. In this package, in addition to a safari journey using a 4×4 jeep, you also get an elephant back safari activity for 30 minutes. Unlike the Leopard 4×4 package which only gets an elephant ride for 10 minutes.

You can also enjoy a thrilling experience by going on an adventure in Bali Safari Park at night. Feel the thrill sensation in the middle of the wilderness at night. Those of you who want a nighttime adventure can choose the Night Safari vacation package that is equipped with dinner and fire shows.

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    Location of Bali Safari Park

    Bali Safari Park is also known as Bali Safari and Marine Park. Tourist attractions that are visited by many tourists of various ages are very stunning. Animals in Bali Safari Park are given places like their natural habitat. The Bali Safari Park area is located on 40 hectares of land.

    Bali Safari Park is in the area of ​​three villages, namely Serongga Village, Lebih Village, and Medahan Village. The three villages are located in Gianyar Regency, which is 17 kilometers to the east of Denpasar City. You can travel from Ngurah Rai airport to Bali Safari Park in about an hour. The path that you can choose is by pass Ngurah Rai or by pass Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra. The road conditions to Bali Safari Park are quite quiet and there are rarely traffic jams.

    Adventurers in Bali Safari Park Using Rhino 4×4 Jeeps

    You who like animal shows with educational content and still show love for these animals, then visiting Bali Safari Park is the right choice. The Animal Educational Show is usually held at eleven o’clock in the afternoon.

    You who travel to Bali Taman Safari Park will see a variety of funny behavior that is shown by animals in the conservation area. You can also see lions, hippos and various other types of animals. You choose adventure with the Rhino 4×4 Bali Safari: Private Safari Adventure on 4×4 Jeeps.

    Leopard 4x4 safari

    You who choose to get around Bali Safari Park using a jeep will get a welcome drink. You can also watch Tiger shows, Elephant shows, lunch, and enjoy elephant ride. You who want to enjoy this service should have booked first one day before your adventure day at Bali Safari Park. You can enjoy the adventure for less than two million for everyone.

    You can watch interesting animal shows but still educate with this adventure private safari. You can also experience the experience of riding elephants, taking pictures with various animals, to lunch with great views and food. You can see more than one hundreds animal species. The management at Bali Safari Park always safeguards the well-being and health of all these animal species.


    Animal Species at Bali Safari Park


    The lion is a big cat that resembles your day. Lions can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa. This African lion is known as the West African Lion. Lions are also found in West India by the name of the Asian Lion. Lions live in grasslands and savanna areas. The size of a male lion is usually larger than a lioness, with a weight that can reach 250 kg. The male lion also has a mane that can be used to distinguish it from a lioness. The Mane starts to grow when the lion starts one year old with colors that vary and will get darker as the lion ages.

    The color and size of manes can be influenced by environmental factors in the form of average temperatures and other factors. Long mane becomes a marker of the success of the struggle in masculine relationships. Lions that have darker manes have a longer reproductive life.

    In addition, the condition of the mane is also a sign of a higher survival rate. This lion’s mane also has a purpose, which is to protect the neck when there is a battle with other lions in territorial struggle. Lions in Bali Safari park is an African lion with grassland and open forest habitat. The lion has a habit of doing head friction, licking his body, snoring, and resting long enough.

    Enjoy vacation using Rhino 4×4 Bali Safari: Private Safari Adventure on 4×4 Jeeps.


    Elephants are land mammals with a large size. Elephants usually live in groups led by the most experienced female elephants. Female elephants are able to give birth when they are ten years old. Elephants need 200 kilograms of food every day. Types of elephant food include; grass, beans, bamboo, and fruits. Drinking is also important for elephants. The need to drink elephants for every day an average of 150 liters.

    atraksi menarik untuk anak di taman bali safari

    You will get a lot of useful information and pleasant feelings when visiting Bali safari Park. Feel the amazing adventure with a vacation at Bali Safari Park in the form of Rhino 4×4 Bali Safari: Private Safari Adventure on 4×4 Jeeps.


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