Explore Bali Safari Park with Dragon Package

Dragon Package

Do you want to get a real safari experience while on vacation in Bali? So, you can find it at Bali Safari Park located in Gianyar, Bali. Built on an area of 40 hectares-wildlife, in this park you can find and discover different animals from Indonesia, India and Africa.

If you are international tourist who want to enjoy nature spot within the animals, you can explore Bali Safari Park with the package you choose, one of them is Dragon Package. Before we explain more about the Bali Safari Dragon Package, please note that there are 12 types of packages available for international tourist, such as:

  1. Jungle Hopper Package – it is the basic package.
  2. Dragon Package – it similar with the jungle hopper package, but in this package you get additional lunch in Uma Restaurant.
  3. Adventure Package.
  4. Breakfast with lion package.
  5. Rhino Package
  6. Leopard Package.
  7. Night Safari Package.
  8. Elephant Back Safari.
  9. Breakfast with Lion + Elephant back Safari Package.
  10. Leopard 4×4 Safari Ticket: private safari adventure on 4×4 jeeps – it is not use the tram bus, but make safari journey with private car 4×4.
  11. Rhino 4×4 Safari Ticket – it similar with the leopard 4×4 safari ticket.
  12. Breakfast with lions + giraffe feeding.

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Knowing Bali Safari Dragon Package

Among those packages, there two popular package such as Jungle Hopper and Dragon package. However, those package are not include the activity of elephant ride. If you want to ride the elephant, you can choose the other package such as Elephant Back Safari, Rhino, Leopard, Rhino 4×4 and Leopard 4×4.

Elephant Show

The Inclusion Activities of Dragon Package

  • Safari Journey (1 time)
    You can walk around the zoo to see the animals by the tram/bus that can accommodate for 20 persons. You can see the animals, such as Indonesian Satwa (Hog deer, small cattle, Anoa sulawesi, Bali Cattle, Crocodille area, Sumatran Elephant, Mouse Deer and Tapir.
    You also see Borneo Satwa, for example Orang Utan, Monkey, Lutung and Honey Bear.  Indian Animals, for example Menjangan, Leopard and the other African animals. You can join start at 09.15 till 17.15.
  • Elephant Show
    This activities is start at 12.00 till 16.30. it showing the performance that teach how to educate the elephant. It makes the good relationship between human and animal.
  • Animal Education Show
    It start from 10.30 or 16.00. It is the amazing performance that is done by the many kinds of animals.  You can see the performance for education in Bali Safari.
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
    You can see the kinds of wild animal of fish such as ferocoius Piranha. The animals like in Africa and South America.You can give feed for them with Bali Safari Rangers.
  • Big Cat/Tiger Show
    This schedule start from 11.15 till 11.35. it show the competition from tiger population. You can see how the tiger compete with their population.
  • Water Park
    It is the main that you can enjoy the water park with your children. There are many facilities and pool in the water park.
  • Bali Agung Show (silver seat)
    It show the magical theater greatest in the traditional of Bali, you can know the historical legend and myth in Bali. This schedule start from 14.30 till 15.30. You will get silver seat in daily except Monday.
  • Lunch At Uma  Restaurant
    This facilities offer buffet menu start from 12.00 till 14.00. You can eat lunch at the Uma Restaurant after make some activities in this package.
  • Tax Included
    You don’t pay the additional cost because it include the tax price in this package.

Explore Bali Safari Park with Dragon Package 1

The Highlight Schedule of Dragon Package

  • Photo With Orang Utan At 10 .00 – 12.00
    You can take a picture within orang utan. It’s a fun activities. In this moment, you can explain with your children that they should not afraid with orangutan because the guidance always accompany us.
  • Photo With Birds At 13.00 – 14.00
    It’s amazing moment because you can photo with bird that has the beautiful coloring feather. The children sure that love with this bird.
  • Tiger Feeding At 11.15 – 11.35
    You can teach the children to care with the animals. Tiger is a wild animals but they can be tame if we love and care it. The guidance will teach it.
  • Elephant Bathing At 10.00 – 11.00 And 15.00 – 16.00
    You can see the interesting moment with this activities. When the elephant bath, you can see the fun activities.  It can make we laugh because sometimes the elephant look confuse but they are happy.
  • Croc Feeding At 12.00 – 12.10 And 16.10 – 16.30
    You don’t afraid to give feed the croc because you will accompanied by the guidance.

The other activities such as traditional show, Bintorong and Ranthambore Collection are the interesting media to educate our children.

In addition to the highlight schedule above, you can see the complete schedule of shows at Bali Safari Park here.

However, this package and Jungle Hopper are different in the inclusions. In Bali Safari Dragon Package, you get the lunch such as buffet at Uma Restaurant, but in Jungle hopper you only get afternoon tea.

About The Price of Dragon Package

The basic price of the Dragon Package is not include the price of transport. If you want to get private transportation for you and your families or your couples, you will pay the additional cost for the driver and private car.

Actually, there are many interesting at this package, those the reason why explore Bali Safari Park with Dragon Package is become the appropriate way for the visitors.

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