Let’s Explore The Best Nature and Wildlife in Bali

Let’s Explore The Best Nature and Wildlife in Bali 1

People around the world know that Indonesia has a stunning island among other popular islands. Many tourists come to Bali to relax and escape for a moment from the hectic daily routine. Domestic and foreign tourists explore many tourism objects in Bali. They visit beaches, temples, lakes, mountain, safari park, up to hidden places that are not widely known.

So, are you one of these tourists? Have you got your tour itinerary in Bali? How about begin your first trip to safari night in Bali Safari Park and some of the following exciting places?

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Night Safari Bali

night safari bali package

One of the wildlife objects you should visit in Bali is Bali Safari Park. This tourism object has many tour packages for any kinds of travelers and necessities.  Especially for those of you who have adventurous souls, Bali Safari Park has a night safari package. You and other visitors will be taken using a specifically designed tram to the habitat of nocturnal animals such as lions and tigers at night after 6 p.m.

A tram that resembles a cage with wrapping webs outside will enter the wilderness. Tram passengers consisting of 10 people including a guide and keeper wil be able to see the whole wilderness when the tram moves. They can see lions roam, tigers hunt for prey, or relaxing zebras and elephants. Then, the tram will stop at a certain point. Well, it makes the heart beat faster.

A herd hunter animals starts crowding around your tram. The guide, then will gives you brief and clear information about the animals that approaching the tram. How to treat them or to feed them. The animals may sniff near your neck. Some look intensively into the tram. And even others will bring their mouths closer and lick the food you hand out.

Waterfalls in Bali

Bali is famous for its beautiful waterfalls. You have to visit at least 3 waterfalls while you are in Bali. In Gianyar, you will find Kanto Lampo waterfall and Tegenungan waterfall which are very popular. Then, for those who likes to fill Instagram with beautiful photos, do come to the Instagrammable Tukad Cepung waterfall.

Next, for the adventurous, you should visit Tibumana Waterfall. The track is very interesting because you will need to travel through a forest with bridges, rivers, and ponds before you finally arrive at the waterfall.

Seawalker Tour

Maybe you like underwater tour? But, not all members of your traveler group like this tour because they are not ready to get wet. Taken easy, everyone will be fun together without feeling worry about getting wet while enjoying the underwater scenery.

This seawalker tour lasts 30 minutes. It is located in Sanur, Bali. You are allowing to walk on the seabed while wearing a helmet that filled with oxygen. This helmet really protects your face and hair from wetness. The tropical fish that swim around you will approach you. Then, you can take pictures or maybe selfie photos with the marine life. And the most important thing is that everyone can enjoy this tour. Even you’re small children or old people. You can go diving without certain qualifications such as diving experience. It is so much fun. Don’t skip this tour when you’re in Bali.

Dinner With Lions

Let’s Explore The Best Nature and Wildlife in Bali 2

Do you want to feel different atmosphere of dinner? Come to Tsavo Lion Restaurant in Bali Safari Park. In this African-theme restaurant, you can enjoy dinner with fellows and the lions, too.

This restaurant is located right next to the lion cage. You and the lion are only separated by full-length glass panels. Your rush blood might affect your movement as the lion stares at you through a very clear glass. However, you will enjoy your food then while watching the lion roam from close range.

So, this is the end of the article. Please visit our website safaribaliticket.com to book an available packages and do find you interesting tourism object.

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