7 Facts About Javan Deer “Rusa Jawa” in Bali Safari Park

javan deer

Deer generally include animals that are quite difficult to adjust to the tropical environment throughout the year and the weather is sunny. However, for those of you who want to meet deer don’t feel disappointed.

You can see distant relatives belonging to the Javan Deer species. This deer has a smaller physical appearance than a common deer species. Javan Deer belong to the generalist species, meaning they can adapt very well to the environment.

Javan Deer can survive in various environmental conditions and types of food. The Javan Deer will find a location first, when they have found it, then they will find food that is needed on an ongoing basis. The Javan Deer will usually determine where to stay within a square mile of food sources.

Java Deer has various interesting facts.

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7 Facts About Javan Deer "Rusa Jawa" in Bali Safari Park 1

Facts About Javan Deer at The Bali Safari Park

Deer become animals that are associated with animals that deliver gifts with Santa at Christmas. Many children’s films that give a description of this. However, apart from the depiction, Deer has many interesting facts, including:

  1. Deer include natural herbivores that like to graze. However, they can support themselves to survive with all types of vegetation no matter how difficult they are to digest. Deer can eat six hundred types of plants without problems in their digestion;
  2. Deer can even eat mushrooms that should be toxic to humans. Java deer does have high food flexibility. In fact, humans can provide food from their own crops. This proves the adaptability of deer to the environment and food is very high;
  3. The Java deer has a four-chamber stomach that allows them to digest even very hard vegetation. This is what makes Java Deer very adaptable.
  4. Javan Deer can cough up food that has been swallowed so that it can be chewed back and easier to digest;
  5. Deer have sharp incisors and large molar teeth to grind rough and fibrous vegetation;
  6. The male deer has special horns made of real bone, but feels very warm to the touch. This is different from other animals which are usually made of keratin;
  7. Deer really protect the horn they have. They prefer to fight with nails rather than having to use the horn. Visit Bali Safari park to find various interesting facts from Java Deer.

You can visit Bali Safari and Marine Park to learn about the various facts from Java Deer.

When visiting Bali Safari park you should use sunscreen to protect the skin from sun burn. You should also wear clothes with neutral colors. Avoid using clothes with bright or striking colors because they can attract the attention of animals.

Just enjoy your trip while touring the Bali Safari park and don’t worry. The manager of the Bali Safari park has made a safe arrangement for all tourists.

Preparations that also don’t forget are cameras that can be used to take pictures and videos. Capture each of your experiences with the camera. Make sure you carry a spare battery for your camera. Also make sure your storage memory capacity is large enough to save all your best moments.

Other Animals

You can find a variety of shocking things while traveling around Bali Safari Park. You can find an intelligent and charming Orangutan. You can also meet with Zebras who run around. You can also see various species of birds flying.

Prepare a fit body condition while on vacation at the Bali Safari park. You will be visited to surround the Bali Safari park area and enjoy a variety of rare and endangered animals. Not only just walking around, you can also see a variety of animal shows performed on a scheduled basis.

You can see shows of elephants, tigers, and shows as an animal species in general. The show aims to educate the audience how important it is to interact with each other’s natural habitats to maintain their population and avoid extinction.

You who feel thirsty can find a beverage station provided by the manager of the Bali Safari Park. You can also visit the Tsavo Lion Restaurant to enjoy food and be accompanied by lions. Get a thrilling dining experience.

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