Feel The Thrill of Wildlife Adventure Package in Bali Safari Park

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Do you feel bored right now? Desire to go somewhere other than a mall or other playground in the building. Why don’t you try flying to Bali Safari Park?

This tourism object offers the natural tourism with a sense of adventure as if it were in three countries, Indonesia, Africa, and India. You can choose which wildlife adventure package you like the most. Come to Bali Safari Park with your family or a group of traveling buddies to feel the totally different excitement together.

If you haven’t found which safari package you want to choose, so we will suggest you to choose the Jungle Hopper package. This is the best selling wildlife adventure package in Bali Safari Park.

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Safari Journey

You might ever see Hollywood Movies with African Jungle Land setting, right? With dry and mirage atmosphere, surrounded by high trees, and wild animals around trying to close to your jeep.

In Safari Journey here, you will feel the same way as as the characters in those movies. All animals roam freely around your vehicle. Sometimes, there are zebras or lions approaching your vehicle. There’s no use to fear since the vehicle is very safe from the grip of these wild animals.

Then, you can enjoy watching hippopotamus half submerged in the river, wandering elephants, and other animals. You definitely won’t be satisfied circling this 40-hectare area. While riding on this big car, you will get information from the tour guide. He won’t let you get lost on this Safari Journey without valid information.

Feel The Thrill of Wildlife Adventure Package in Bali Safari Park 1

Animal Shows

The animals show we present to you are not just the shows that entertain the visitors. This is an educational show that provides information to the visitors about the diversity and living habitat of these animals. Moreover, we also want to raise awareness about the threats that these animals face everyday.

There are tigers, elephants and many other animals show that you can enjoy with your traveling group. When the show takes place, you will get informative stories from our Safari Ranger.

Fresh Water Aquarium

We also have water creatures that live here together with other species. There are small fish, big fish, colorful aquatic creatures and the flesh-eating predators fish. You can see them in one of the scenic spots in Bali Safari Park.

The most attractive daily shows are at 10 a.m and 4 p.m. This is the breakfast and dinner times of Piranha. You shouldn’t miss that moment. Do come to the  piranha aquarium at that time. You will certainly be amazed at their lightning speed of eating.

Bali Agung Show

This Bali Agung Show is on the list of several tour packages in Bali Safari Park. It is not only in Jungle Hopper package. You can also enjoy this show in Dragon package, Leopard package, Leopard 4×4 package, Rhino package, and Rhino 4×4 package. So you don’t need to worry about not being able to watch this spectacular and unique world class dance performance as all wildlife packages provide it as well.

Legendary Bali Agung Show
Bali Agung Show

This magnificent show has its own class. World class is the most appropriate class that can be pinned on this dance show. The show involved 150 Balinese dancers, musicians, and shadow puppet players who will perform together with various exotic animal species. They will collaborate in forming beautiful and fascinating harmonization to entertain all visitors. No wonder this show is considered as the world class extravagant show.

There are also magical theatrical performance that has the touch of strong Balinese culture and traditions. The theater show tells us the love story that ended tragically between King Sri Raja Pangus and his beloved wife from China, Kang Ching Wie. You can watch all these beautiful show live on the big stage in Bali Theater at the Bali Safari Park.

Don’t forget to visit safaribaliticket.com to know more about our all wildlife packages.

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