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bali adventure package

The best recommendation to see the complete kinds of animals is Bali Safari Park. This place is very large to maintain some kinds of animals. This parks provide any kinds of the ecosystem based on the habitat of the animals.

To get the fun and the interesting moment, Bali Safari Adventure can you take as your option. You can choose the other option to get some packages. Let’s check the description of 12 packages that offering to the tourist as the following:

  • The most basic package is Jungle Hopper Package.
  • Dragon package like a Jungle Hopper, in this package you get the additional inclusion such as lunch at Uma Resto
  • Bali Safari Adventure package
  • Breakfast with Lion package
  • Leopard package
  • Rhino package
  • Elephant Back Safari
  • Night safari package
  • Breakfast with lion + elephant back safari package
  • Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari. It use the private car on 4×4 jeeps. Thus, it is not use the tram bus like the other package
  • Rhino 4×4 Bali Safari: It is the private Safari Adventure on 4 x4 jeeps.
  • Breakfast with Lions and giraffe feeding

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    The Main Characteristics of Bali Safari Adventure Package

    You should know that this package has the main characteristics. This package is for foreign tourist.  Actually, in Bali Adventure Package has many the facilities and activities  for the visitor. You can enjoy many spots in the adventure from the program of Bali Safari.

    The Important Activities

    In Bali Safari Adventure package, you can do many fun activities as such as taking a picture in the Bali Safari Park spot with your family. Besides, you also can teach your children, nephews or your students to know the many kinds of animals with the  program from the Bali Safari Journey.

    You also can get the knowledge how the animals make the interaction with the environment. In addition, the activities in this place are make our fun. It is not only gotten how to see the kinds of the animals but also you should know how the live of animals.

    However, you should attend the rule of this place. You should not bring the food and drink at this place. Bali Safari Adventure Package has the important spot for eat and drink, such as in cafe and restaurant. You can bring the food and beverages outside of this area. Therefore, you should attend this rule to make comfort and safety from the disturbing of those animals.

    The Difference of Bali Safari Adventure with The Other Package

    Adventure Package is is intended specifically for foreign visitors who have limited time, with visiting hours of 14.00-17.00. If you choose this package, you can enjoy one time Safari Journey, fresh aquarium, animal show, and elephant show. It is the cheapest package among the other.

    The Condition

    You also know how the condition to use a ticket for registering to be visitor in this place. It is include a price for each person. You can pay the online ticket in

    The kids price for the age among 3 – 12, it has normal price ticket for the person  who has more than 12 years old.It’s free ticket for the the child under the three years old. The price is include tax and service.

    The activities in Bali Safari is based on the condition and the situation of the animals emotion.


    The Inclusions

    The valid time of this package is start from 2 p.m till 5 p.m:

    Safari journey

    Safari Journey (One Time)

    Exploring some kind of animals with tram bus at Bali Safari Marine Park. You will find Indonesian, India and Africa animals.  You can invite your family or your children to know the kinds of animals. 

    Fresh Water Aquarium

    You can see the activities of Piranhas in their ecosystem. You also give the feed for them. Also, you can use it for the media  when the children want to know the species animals from the water. In addition, you can teach for your children to care with animal on a water.

    Animal Show

    This schedule start at 16.00 and you can see the attraction show from the animals in Bali Safari. In this performance, you can see the attraction of the animal in the spectacular show. Also, you can see the kinds of animals activities in this package.

    Elephant Show

    The last activities is watching the show of the elephant. In addition, you can see how the fun elephant activities. You can introduce it for your children to not afraid with the huge size. You know how the elephant make interaction with their friends.This activities is start at 16.30.

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