Enjoy A Challenging and Fun Holiday with Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari

Leopard 4x4 safari

Bali Safari Park is an area that is used for animal conservation in Indonesia. This park is located in Gianyar district. The Safari Park in Bali is quite extensive and can provide new experiences on vacation. This is because tourists can vacation while learning about a variety of diverse animals.

Bali Safari Park can be used for recreational areas of all ages, ranging from children to adults. Safari Park as well as a place to vacation as well as a place to study is also committed to protecting endangered animals.

There are various types of tour packages that you can choose when visiting Bali Safari Park. One of them you can enjoy the Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari: private Safari adventure on 4×4 Jeep.

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    Bali Safari Park is indeed a place that is very suitable to be a family tourist destination. You can invite your children to provide basic education about loving nature, animals, and various other natural elements. In addition, your child can also indirectly learn Indonesian culture.

    The experience of learning and vacationing will be felt when you visit Bali Safari Park. You should take one of the maps provided at the park to start a holiday adventure. The map will also contain various schedule shows on the day you visit.

    Enjoy A Challenging and Fun Holiday with Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari 1

    Types Of Adventure at Taman Safari Bali

    Bali Safari Park besides providing tour packages in the form of Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari: private Safari adventure on 4×4 Jeep also provides a variety of other amazing experiences. Other types of adventures at Bali Safari Park are as follows:

    Harimau / Tiger / Big Cat Show

    The tiger show takes place every time, so you don’t have to worry about being left behind by the show. You can watch tiger shows at 11:15 to 11:35. Make sure you record the time of the show because the tiger show is only done once a day. This tiger show has just started in Bali Safari Park in 2016. When you visit Bali Safari Park it will not only get fun but also lessons. This animal show will provide knowledge to the audience.

    Elephant Educational Show

    The show which is also held at Bali Safari Park is the Elephant Show which takes place at 11:45 and 16:30. The performance was held in Kampung Gajah Stage. The story conveyed in the show is a theatrical one that tells the story of the struggle of the Elephant of Sumatra to live side by side with humans for quite a long time. The purpose of this show is to provide lessons on the importance of the balance of human and natural relations to coexist and maintain harmony in the harmony of life.

    Safari Journey Using Private 4×4 Jeep

    The different this package with other package is that you will do safari journey by taking a private trip using a 4×4 jeep. You choose to use a private jeep, so your trip will feel more special. You can open a jeep window to see animals more real while feeding the animals. One type of vehicle to complete your exclusive adventure is the Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari: private Safari adventure on 4×4 Jeep.

    Animal Big Shows

    Performances are part of a vacation at Safari Bali Park which cannot be missed. Safari parks value animals so much that they focus more on animal conservation. The presentation of animal shows given to visitors is more educational. You can see animal shows on the Hanuman Stage. The guards will tell about the animals that are in Bali Safari Park and complete them with various knowledge.

    Enjoy A Challenging and Fun Holiday with Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari 2

    The purpose of conveying this knowledge is to transfer understanding to the community in order to protect the environment and protect the animals around it. The animal show will display animals when entering and exiting the stage. You can also see birds flying around the stage. You will also see creeping snakes, Orangutans that can behave like humans by exhibiting skills to prepare and peel young coconuts which will then be drunk. This animal show is usually scheduled twice a day.


    Bali Safari Park is home to more than one hundred animal species, some of which are: Zebras, Orangutans, Komodo Dragons are almost extinct, and other species.

    As long as you go on an adventure using the Leopard 4×4 Bali Safari: private Safari adventure on 4×4 Jeep you can see tigers, lions, zebras, hippos, deer, elephants, ostriches, and other animals roaming in their natural habitat.

    You will be accompanied by a reliable driver while going around Bali Safari Park. Drivers will usually explain interesting facts regarding the animals you see. Be sure to listen carefully to every explanation that can add to your admiration for all animal species at Taman Safari Bali.


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