Get Closer with Lions and Tigers at Bali Safari Park

Get Closer with Lions and Tigers at Bali Safari Park 1

Bali Safari park is a great place to learn about various animals. You will meet various unique and extraordinary animals. For animal lovers this place is very mandatory to visit. You can see the various behaviors of the animals that are packed and also watch various animal shows.

However, animal shows at Bali Safari Park aim to educate. Animals are not treated to scenes that hurt them, but they play a role together with humans who are strung together into a unique unity of themes. The show always has a message of kindness to the audience.

You can watch various species of birds, mammals and other animal species. You can also get to know more about “cat families“, namely lions and tigers. Both of these animals do look like big cats, but they have differences.

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Lions at Bali Safari Park

Physical Appearance of Lions and Tigers

The physical appearance of these two animals is very different. The lion is famous for its characteristic mane. The color of this mane varies, namely there is a blond mane and also a black mane. The lion has a strong jaw with long canines. Lion has a variety of fur colors that are different, namely reddish yellow to dark brown. Meanwhile, Tiger is known for its unique features in the form of stripes that are mostly black on tiger feathers in the color of a champagne.

However, there are also Tigers who have brown lines on their black feathers or white feathers. Tigers are more muscular and stronger than lions. Tigers are also more agile than lions. In addition, the Tiger also has a more aggressive nature than the Lion. The lion is considered a lazy animal, many of the male lions are just sleeping. Male lions will be active if they really have to do something or there is a strong reason for them to wake up.

How to Live A Lions and Tigers?

The lion lives in a fairly large group, which consists of 10 to 15 lions led by male lions which play a role in guarding the area. Meanwhile, male lions act as the main hunters. Male lions hunt for their groups and when they bring their hunting prey, the lioness will give an opportunity to the male lion to eat first. Lions have social characteristics.

Different from tigers that belong to solitary happy animals. Tigers are very territorial animals and prefer to live alone. The tiger territorial area can reach up to 10,000 square kilometers which is characterized by its aroma. However, when the mating season arrives the male tiger will give access to the tigress. Tigers hunt themselves and will enjoy the results of their own hunting.

Other Animals

Get Closer with Lions and Tigers at Bali Safari Park 2

You can meet lions and tigers by visiting Bali Safari Marine Park Gianyar. In fact, you can enjoy dining food accompanied by a lion. You who want to feel the sensation of eating accompanied by a lion can visit the Tsavo Lion Restaurant which is also located in the Bali Safari park area.

Tsavo Lion Restaurant is a restaurant that carries the theme Africa that allows you to meet wildlife. This restaurant is located next to the lion’s habitat. You can eat delicious food while watching a lion pacing. No need to worry because there is a very strong glass barrier between the restaurant and the place where the lion is.

Bali Safari also presents various types of interesting performances involving various species of animals. One of the shows you can see is the Tiger Show with the theme from predator to prey. This show will invite the audience to find out the story of the origin of the Bali Tiger. This show does not only involve a number of tigers, but also enlivened with Barong Dance performances and other traditional Balinese dances.

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