Get To Know About The Rhinoceros Closer


Taman Safari Indonesia is active in the Indonesian Rhinoceros Conservation Program. This they manifested in the form of in-situ conservation establishment and releasing Sumatran rhinos in Way Kambas National Park, Lampung.

Meanwhile, Bali Safari Park has also begun its concrete step with the African rhino breeding program. When you visit Bali Safari Park, you will be able to see healthy rhinos which live properly as in their natural habitat. Do you want to know more about rhinos before visiting Bali Safari Park? Here are some interesting facts about rhinos that you need to know.

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Get To Know About The Rhinoceros Closer 1

Rhino’s Territory

Rhinos are known as endangered animals. This solitary animal now has 5 different species throughout the world. They are Javan rhinos, black rhinos, white rhinos, Indian rhinos, and Sumatran rhinos. Rhinos living in Java and Sumatra are known best as foragers. They are looking for food everywhere. Meanwhile, Indian rhinos are known as grazers. They like to eat grass. Then, Africa has black rhinoceros.

The black and white colors pinned on the rhino species name do not refer to the color of the body. The name White Rhino comes from Dutch word,”wijd”, which means ‘wide’ in English. This refers to the wide mouth of the rhinoceros. Then, the black rhino is a name used to distinguish from the white one.

The word ‘rhinoceros’ itself comes from Latin from Ancient Greek, which consists of ‘rhinos’ means “nose” and ‘keras’ means “horns”. All rhinoceros species are threatened with extinction due to high poaching and loss habitat for various purposes.

Body Proportions

The striking parts of rhino’s body are the big body, the hard horn, and the wide mouth. If you look closer to the mouth, rhino has 24 to 34 teeth. The teeth can tear food like a big watermelon with unpeeled skin.

Then, the rhinoceros horn often be the target of poaching. It has apparently no medical properties even though it contains keratin like human nails and hair. Many people assume that rhino’s horn can be a powerful remedy for impotence. That is absolutely wrong.

Rhino Habits

Rhinos love to be inside the mudpuddle. The mud is like the water when he bathes. Rhino will let the mud to dry on his whole body. All rhinos do this to protect their skin from the sun and to keep their body cool. After the mud dries completely, then the rhino will rub its body against the trunk of the tree to release parasites that may be carried away by the mud. Sometimes there is a small bird such as Bali Mynah which also help rhino to rub the parasite on the body.

This herbivore animal doesn’t have perfect vision. He cannot see the object that is more than 30 feet apart clearly. However, rhino has an excellent hearing and a perfect sense of smell. So the rhino can still walk far to graze.

Rhinoceros is an independent animal that likes to secure its own territory. Therefore, rhino is sometimes aggressive as a warning not to disturb their territory.

Rhino’s Pregnancy

Another interesting fact about rhino is when female rhino get pregnant. Female rhinos will carry their babies inside the wombs for 15 to 16 months before giving birth. They usually only give birth to one child and very rarely give birth to twins.

Rhinos also have unique thing in their communication way. They use their fesses to announce their position and how their reproductive conditions are.

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