Get To Know About The White Tiger

Get To Know About The White Tiger 1

This rare species looks very charming and graceful with its white majestic robe. The fur is as white as snow with black stripes that make it look like a ruler. Ferocious and muscular ruler.

People are often think that white tiger is albino species. Or even most of them think that the tiger is bleached for the necessities of show or adaptation to its new habitat. The white tiger is Bengal tiger that is found in some sectors of the Indian subcontinent. A particular gene condition called leukism occurs in white tiger body.

Leukism is a condition of the loss of some pigmentation which makes the animal becomes white, shallow, and striped in certain parts of the body such as skin, fur, and cuticles. Only the eyes are not affected. This occurs due to the mutation of a gene in a protein known as SLC45A2.

This gene affects skin coloring in humans and animals such as horses, tigers, and chickens. It’s different from albino conditions where eyes color also change.

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Get To Know About The White Tiger 2

Then, what are some interesting real things about this white tiger? Let’s find out!

  • White tiger has Latin name, Panthera Tigris. This is the second largest tiger species after Siberian tigers. The weight of white tiger can reach 300 kilograms with a length of more than 3 meters.
  • White tigers often find it difficult to hunt the preys at night because of their white coats. The stripes on the skin also do not help much. The preys will immediately realize their presence.
  • White tiger has unique stripes that is similar to his own fingerprints. We cannot find the same stripes on the bodies of two white tigers. The stripes are identical to the body that has them. If one day the fur is shaved, the stripes will still visible and continue to grow and grow on its white coat.
  • If the white tiger comes to the cold temperature place, the enzyme inside his body will work. This enzyme can weaken his immune system so that his fur will look darker than before. This is a gift for white tiger in order to chase the prey.
  • Based on the observations of the experts, white tiger grew faster than the the orange and brownish tiger. White tiger is born with a large body stature and continue to grow with a bigger body.
  • A white tiger baby born because his parent carries the same gene when mating. Both of them must be white tigers, too. Female white tiger will carry the baby in her womb for about three and a half months.
  • A female white tiger can give birth to 2 up to 5 white tiger babies. Each white tiger baby’s weight at birth reaches 1 kilogram.
  • In the wild nature, white tigers have no predators. White tiger is a top predator. However, humans began to hunt and catch white tigers. Their lives are threatened with extinction. Since 1950s, white tigers have rarely seen in the forest or their natural habitat. They are mostly found in zoos or conservation centers.
  • White tigers are very fast and agile in running. They are also reliable swimmers which can traverse rivers and any wetlands.
  • White tigers have an average age of life for 12 years in wildlife. When they live in conservation center, their lifespans increase until 20 years old.

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