Get To Know The Binturong – Special Animals at Bali Safari Park


Bali Safari Park is the right place to be a vacation destination with your beloved family. Bali Safari Park is in the Gianyar area, Bali. This wildlife conservation place has a variety of different animal species. You can invite children to interact more closely with the animals in Bali Safari and Marine Park.

You can see endangered and endangered species of animals. Bali Safari and Marine Park is also often referred to as Taman Safari III. Bali Safari Park is managed by Taman Safari Indonesia.

Bali Safari Park has more than twenty years of experience in wildlife conservation. They always prioritize the welfare and health of animals. Managers always pay attention to the diet details of each animal which is of course different.

Bali Safari Park is home to animals from the Asian Continent and the African Continent. There are 400 rare animals and 60 species, including among them rare Indonesian animals, including; Owls, White Starlings, Sumatran Tigers, Crocodiles and others. One of the most interesting animals is Binturong.

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Binturong Characteristics

Binturong is an animal that visually looks like a mixture of foxes, monkeys and bears. Binturong has a face similar to a fox, while the body part looks like a small bear with an elongated tail like a monkey. The Binturong tail acts like an extra limb because it can function to help them climb or maneuver from tree to tree. Very unique animals are included in the type of omnivorous animals.

Binturong is also known as “bear paint” even though it is not included in the second species. The name of Binturong is possible because of its body structure that resembles a mixture of various types of animals. Binturong is most commonly found in the wild Southeast Asian region. Usually Binturong likes to wander among the trees. Therefore, Binturong is almost always found in trees and rarely drops to the ground.

Binturong is an excellent natural climber with a special tail that helps them stabilize their bodies. Binturong also has strong legs with retractable claws, so that it can grip the surface area to be climbed easily. Binturong’s body can reach one meter which is measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.

Female Binturong body size is 20% larger than male Binturong. It also has long, thick hair with brown to black and slightly gray at the edges. Binturong likes to eat fruits and plants on the treetops where they spend their time. Binturong includes night animals that live alone.

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Get To Know The Binturong - Special Animals at Bali Safari Park 1

Binturong that lives in the wild helps in the spread of fig fruit seeds in the form of feces. These figs cannot germinate without the help of external parties. Thus, a relationship was established between Binturong and the Fig Tree as a counterweight to the forest ecosystem.

You who are curious about Binturong can visit Bali Safari Park. You can choose the ticket that suits your desired holiday. You can choose Jungle Hopper Package, 4×4 Safari, or you can also choose Safari Night when you like the nuances of the night at Bali Safari Park.

You who choose the Jungle Hopper Package will get a trip around Bali Safari Park. You can also see the Freshwater Aquarium and see various animal shows. In addition to animal shows in general, you can see Tiger Show and Elephant Show.

The animal show has the main goal to educate the audience. Convey the importance of preserving the natural habitat of animals. Humans must have a real contribution in saving animals from extinction.

Another show that you can see is Bali Agung Show by getting a silver chair section. You will get many privileges with the Jungle Hopper Package. The ticket also includes a visit to the Water Park, enjoying tea in the afternoon at Uma Restaurant. You should order one day in advance so that you are not disappointed because you ran out of tickets.

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