The Global Warming That Attacks Our Earth Day By Day

The Global Warming That Attacks Our Earth Day By Day 1

The Earth Day seems to be a momentum where many of our communities are starting to move in doing something to cope with climate change. This momentum should not be a mere ceremony which is only held once a year. All programs planned, both personal programs and organizational programs, should be done continuously.

So that, in the end, the Earth Day is no longer the initial momentum, but a celebration of our success in tackling global warming.

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Climate Change Or Global Warming

Climate change or global warming, whatever you call it, is a process of Earth heating up. This is no longer compatible with the heat level that the Earth can bear. The heating level for 1 degree Celsius that happened in the last century, is enough to suffer humans and wildlife. Nowadays, the heat level is reportedly increasing due to a number of factors.

Uncontrolled Use of CFC

Have you ever noticed that our surroundings are full of CFC? CFC is Cloro Four Carbon, the chemicals that are combined into a material and then used for household appliances or manufacture. CFCs are usually found in air conditioners and refrigerators. When overused, it will obviously cause global warming.

Exhaust Gases

Our oil and gas is widely used for industrial needs and motor vehicle fuels. Both are produced from burning fossil fuels. The use of fuel has been going on for more than 100 years. The exhaust gases released into the atmosphere like giant invisible blankets that trap heat from the sun. So, the sunlight cannot fall to the surface of the Earth properly. This blanket with the heat power inside then heats the Earth’s temperature day by day. This is what we often called The Greenhouse Effect.

Massive Deforestation

The forest is the lungs of the Earth. Its existence is able to absorb carbon dioxide from the greenhouse effect and then release it again in the form of oxygen. The oxygen we need to inhale properly. So that, the quality of life can be maintained.

But, what would happen if many rainforests were heavily logged for a number of purposes? Such as to get timber, to open residential areas, to pave way for roads, for construction land, and oil mines. Nothing can hold back the wave of global warming, right?

Methane Gas Pollution on Agriculture

Methane is the second strongest gas that causes global warming after carbon dioxide. Methane gas released by livestock, especially cows when burping, reaches 14.5 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

Researcher of the International Livestock Research Institute of Kenya, Asaah Ndambi, said that beef consumption is increasing in the world along with the increase in population in developing countries and changes in lifestyle will accelerate the increase in temperature on Earth. For this reason, World Health Organization (WHO) stipulates that consumption of beef is at least 6 grams per capita per day.

Excessive Use of Electricity

Have you controlled the use of electricity at home? We might be too wasteful in using electricity everyday. The excessive use of electricity can lead to evaporation. This can increase the level of carbon dioxide on Earth so that it can cause global warming.

From now on, try to realize the importance of saving electricity. Don’t forget to turn off electricity when not in use, switch to the energy saving light bulbs, and minimize the use of electric devices.

Well, do you think the climate change could affect us so far? Like more rainfall nowadays, the seasons changing unpredictable, the rising sea level, and the shrinking sea ice in North pole.

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