The Guide for Those Who Love Animals that Visiting Bali

The Guide for Those Who Love Animals that Visiting Bali 1

Bali is a wonder and dazzling island. Every traveler on this Earth must write Bali as the trip destination in his bucket list. Bali is stunning not only in terms of its thick and religious culture. Bali also has extraordinary natural charm like the seas, lands, and the mountains. Less but not least, Bali has collected floras and faunas that are properly cared for in their raw habitats.

These animals can be approached without feeling worried that they will attack you. You can meet them all in Bali Safari Park. This place has long been the animal conservation and home to more than 100 different species.

The animals accommodated here are not just ordinary animals like goats, frogs, butterflies, birds, dolphins, snakes, and giraffes. But also rare and endangered animals like Bali starlings, tigers, meerkats, komodo dragons, piranhas, and many more.

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As part of Taman Safari Indonesia, Bali Safari Park provides exciting adventurers for the animal lovers to get closer and interact with these animals. You can also take part by absorbing information about threats that lurk these rare and endangered animals. Then, you can give feedback by disseminating it to the society around you.

Explore these spots in Bali Safari Park and find your favorite animals.

Meerkat at Bali Safari Park

Meet The Furry Animals

Meerkat is one of the furry mammals that roam freely in Bali Safari Park. Visitors can interact with these high social mammals while feeding them. The encounter with the mob of meerkats often be held everyday in the near Tsavo Lion Restaurant. You can meet them at 9.30 a.m and 2 p.m.

Meerkat likes munching insects even though insects have venom. Meerkat is immune to this venom. This quirky mammal always stands tall with his hind legs. He also often rotates his head from side to side as though meerkats were very vigilant about their habitat.

A number of wild dogs often roam in Bali. Bali Dog Rehabilitation Center (BARC) has become a sanctuary for these neglected furry animals. The dogs are cared for their daily health. Visitors can help volunteers at BARC by playing with the dog. They can do reservation in advance to be able to take the dogs for a walk, bathe, and do fun activities together.

The Guide for Those Who Love Animals that Visiting Bali 2

Gathering With Hundred Butterflies

There are hundreds of free-flying butterfly species in Kemenuh Butterfly Park. They are Pappilio Peranthus, Common Cruisers, Atticus Atlas moths, and much more. These butterflies fly around the plants and people passing by. It just like coming to the park where we can gather with butterflies.

The mixture colors of butterflies’ bodies combined with the colorful flora and outfits worn by the visitors. What an impressive view that you can’t obviously miss an impromptu photo shoot in this park.

Don’t forget to take your own angles together with the fellows!

The Dancing Dolphins

This great marine animal can be easily found on the sea of Bali. You can go ahead to Lovina to watch dolphins swimming and dancing with their adorable stretches. They swim in open water that similar to their raw habitat. You will definitely be happy to see this dancing mammal show.

Dophin watching at Lovina

Watching The Rhinos and Hippos

The rhinoceros live in savanna and dense forests in tropics and sub-tropics areas. There are black and white rhinos. Black rhinos have long pointed lips to eat foliage. While the white rhinos have wide flat lips for grazing. You can watch the herd of rhinos roam in Bali Safari Park.

Hippopotamus is the third largest mammals on land. Its weight can reach up to 2000 kilograms. Here in Bali Safari Park you can watch this horse river staying in river or mud in order to make its body cool the whole day. Then, a hippo will come out of the river at late noon to graze on grass.

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