Enjoy A Holiday with Extraordinary Adventure and Watch The Harimau Show at Bali Safari Park

Harimau Show at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is also known as the Bali Safari and Marine Park which is a tourist spot with a very attractive display of beauty. Visiting Bali Safari Park can also add insight into various species of animals. Bali Safari park is a place for animal conservation as well as a place to entertain animal (animal show, harimau show, elephant show) and nature lovers.

Bali Safari Park can be a major tourist destination with your beloved family. The park is perfect for visitors of all ages. You can visit here together with children, couples, extended family, or with friends. Bali Safari park is one of the best safari parks in Indonesia.

You can travel around the Bali Safari Park area using special vehicles or watch various animal shows that are on every day. One of the shows is the Harimau Show (Big Cat Show) at Bali Safari Park. This is different from animal education show.

The Bali Safari park is located on by pass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, Serongga, Gianyar, Bali. Finding the location of Bali Safari Park tours is quite easy. You can follow the guide map, Google Map app or ask other people who understand the existence of Bali Safari Park.

The condition of the Bali Safari park is almost every weekend, holidays, even ordinary days are always crowded with local and foreign tourists. The natural beauty and ways to conserve animals in Bali Safari park can provide a great holiday experience.

Bali Safari Park Attraction

Taman Safari Indonesia is the manager of Bali Safari and Marine Park. Taman Safari Indonesia indeed focuses on animal conservation, organizing exhibitions, and presenting educational animal shows. Taman Safari Indonesia has more than twenty years of experience in animal and natural conservation.

Bali Safari Park has a variety of rare animals from Indonesia, India, and also Africa. There are various different species of animals. First animals from Indonesia include; Pigs, Deer, Tapirs, White Starlings, Crocodiles, Owls, and Sumatran Harimau. You can see the Harimau Show at Bali Safari Park.

Animals from India include: Himalayan Bears, Spotted Deer, Black Buck, and Nilgai. Meanwhile, animals from Africa include: Hippos, Baboon, Lion, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, and Ostriches.

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Harimau Show at Bali Safari Park

The Harimau Show (Big Cat Show) is different from animal shows and elephant shows which are also often presented at Bali Safari Park. Those of you who want to watch a Harimau show need a lot of desire and courage. You must prepare your heart to not be surprised by the behavior of the Harimau. Actually this Harimau shows is not as scary as when you imagine how a tiger is in your head.

Big cat show or Harimau show

Harimau shows will present thrilling attractions that tell about the tiger population that began to diminish on the face of the earth. The Harimau show lasts for approximately twenty minutes beginning with a short parade. The parade depicts the relationship between Harimau and Balinese mythology and history.

The show took place at the Harimau Amphitheater. The main presentation of the show is to show the natural abilities of big cats or tiger when playing, climbing, swimming, and even when hunting.

The Harimau Show at Bali Safari Park also wants to emphasize the instincts and natural abilities of Harimau, so it’s not like a circus show. This way of performing also aims to build positive bonds between animals and humans, so that humans become more concerned about the existence of nature and animals. Visitors who witnessed the Harimau show are expected to feel entertained and moved emotionally to help keep animals from the threat of extinction.

Climbing - Harimau show

The Harimau show with the theme “From Predator to Prey” takes place on every day at 11:30 a.m. The show is quite new because it is only starting to be presented at the Bali Safari park in 2016.

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Tourist Activities In Bali Safari Park

A variety of exciting tourist activities that can be done at Bali Safari park include:

Enjoy Culinary with The Lion

The unique activities that can be done at Bali Safari Park are to enjoy culinary with the Lion at Tsavo Lion Restaurant. Especially when you buy Breakfast with Lion package. You can feel breakfast that is different from your daily life, which is enjoying food accompanied by a lion. You can see the lion behind the translucent glass.

The restaurant is indeed designed in such a way as to create an extraordinary holiday experience for visitors. You can feel closer to lions and nature. The price you have to pay is relatively more expensive than when you enjoy ordinary food. However, this is quite commensurate with the experience and excitement you get.

Feeding Animals

The next activity is that you can feed animals or be known as animal feeding. When touring Bali Safari park you can while feeding the animals. However, you cannot carelessly feed the animal. You must follow the directions from the Bali Safari park officer. Animals that are a favorite of visitors to eat are elephants.

Getting Around Seeing Animals Using Tram on Safari Journey

The most common activities available at Bali Safari Park are driving around using trams. You will feel the cool atmosphere of the forest or jungle while looking at various species of animals. When walking around you will be accompanied by a safari guide who will explain about the types of animals encountered during the trip. You can choose various activities or you can also see the Harimau Show at Bali Safari Park.