Have You Ever Seen Pygmy Hippos Yet?

Have You Ever Seen Pygmy Hippos Yet? 1

Have You Ever Seen Pygmy Hippos Yet?


Hippos (Latin: Hippopotamus amphibius) or hippo (Greek: hippos “horses” and potamos “rivers”) are large, omnivorous, and large sub-Saharan African mammals from the Hippopotamidae family. Hippos are the third largest land animal after elephants and white rhinos.

The hippo is a short-legged mammal, its body is like a barrel, and its mouth is large. He is the second largest land animal. There are two species of hippopotamus, large and dwarf. Both live in Africa. The big one can reach 3. 629 kg and 4.6 meters long.

While the pygmy hippo weighs about 181 kg. Hippos live near water. His eyes, ears and nose are located on the top of his head. He can see, hear, and breathe with the bottom of his head in the water. Hippos use most of their time in water.

Get Acquainted With The Pygmy Hippo, Come On!

This type of hippopotamus is small if compared to its group, body length is around 150 cm, height is 75-100 cm, and body weight reaches 100-160 kg. The body is covered by reddish brown skin, the legs and abdomen are brown, the neck looks loose, the head is large. His hair is very rare. The eyes, ears and nostrils occupy one horizontal line, the legs are short. Has sweat glands that secrete fluids like lubricants and function as a cooling body.

  1. Behavior

The behavior of dwarf hippos is different from other hippos. Even its behavior is more similar to a tapir, although this is the effect of convergent evolution. These animals tend to ignore each other rather than fight when they meet.

Pygmy hippos spend a lot of time hiding in the river. They will rest in the same place for several consecutive days, before moving to a new place. Hippos are always alone when looking for food, walking away from wallowing places and going back in the dark by kissing the traces of abandoned dirt, these animals have very good ability to swim and dive, when swimming these animals will bring their heads to breathe air from the air free periodically 4-5 minutes.

  1. Food

Pygmy hippopotamus are ferns, broadleaf plants and fruits. In its natural habitat the pygmy hippos will eat various types of plants that grow in open land and waters.


  1. Reproduction

After mating the mother of dwarf hippopotamus will be pregnant for 210 days and give birth to one child. Newly born children are usually able to swim and will be cared for by their parents to adolescents.


  1. Habitat

Pygmy hippos like to live in rivers and swamps on the edge of forests or open land. Spread in Guinea and Liberia.

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