Holiday Well-Spent In Bali Safari Park

Holiday Well-Spent In Bali Safari Park 1

Vacation is one of the routines that you must plan at least once a year. Maybe the vacation that you do is pretty boring and that’s it. Like going to the beach, to mountain, to the mall, or culinary trip to the town. Maybe you need something new, fresh, and challenging.

Why don’t you come to Bali Safari Park? This is the best one stop vacation. Here you can not only spend time looking at various animal species from all over the world. You can also enjoy the meal in the best African-style jungle restaurant, join the night safari that makes goosebumps, feed meerkats and other animals, to be close to hundreds birds and butterflies, visit a giant aquarium with a variety of aquatic animal species that you have never seen before.

Have the vacation on Bali Safari & Marine Park is not enough just a day. You need at least two or three days to explore the whole Bali Safari Park area. So, you can stay at a specially designed resort that brings you as if you were in the middle of Africa jungle. You’ll be so in love staying at Mara River Safari Lodge. Morning here will welcome you along with Bali Safari Park inhabitants who are free to roam even under your bedroom window. They are zebras, giraffes, horses, hippo, and many more.

So, are you ready to enjoy all facilities on Bali Safari Park during your next vacation?

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    Jungle Hopper

    JUNGLE HOPPER is the best selling tour package available on Bali Safari Park. Here you will get the excitement of exploring the typical African wilderness, animals encounter (including endangered species), see lion and elephant shows, then to watch the stunning Bali Agung Show.

    The journey will be ended with the afternoon tea at the Uma Restaurant.

    Night Safari

    night safari bali package

    Visiting wildlife during the day is common in Bali Safari Park. What about the night safari where you can visit the lions or zebras that are roaming in the wood? Bali Safari Park provides a night safari tour special for those of you who like challenges.

    A specifically-designed tram to transport visitors will be provided after 6 p.m. you will feel the natural wildlife encounter by the time you enter the wood. It is possible for the wild animals to approach the tram. Then, they will interact with you. Just feel how they breathe near your ear. You may feel goosebumps. After a satisfied night safari, you can enjoy a barbeque dinner at Nkuchiro Restaurant and Africa Rhtym of Fire Show.


    Stay The Night at Mara River Safari Lodge

    When you feel tired of playing and you don’t wanna go home, why don’t you spend the night at Mara River Safari Lodge? This safari-themed resort is inside the Bali Safari Park area. There are 38 rooms with 4 star facilities that will make you sleep well. The next day, when you wake up in the morning, you have to come to the open terrace to see safari park animals enjoying their breakfast.

    Bali Mynah Conservation

    Bali Safari Park is not just a tourism object where you can get a closer look at a variety of world animal species. This is also a conservation center for any endangered animals. One of our programs is the Bali Mynah Conservation Program. Here you can feel the educational tourism about saving Bali starlings from the threat of extinction. Bali Mynah is threatened with extinction because its habitat is disturbed by humans and they have been caught for sale at fantastic prices.

    So, what’s your next vacation plan? You must visit this one stop tourism object in Gianyar, Bali. Do click our website to see all tourism packages. See you soon here!

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