The Impacts of Global Warming to Our Live

Global warming

The global warming today must be realized by the people. If a few years ago global warming or climate change was just an issue that we often see on the news or that we read in the article. But now, it really is like a fireball that we have to accept with open arms.

We can no longer deny it or just go away after hearing the bad news about the new impact of global warming to our live. We inevitably have to contribute some efforts to save the Earth from global warming.

Do you realize the nature phenomenon that are too early to happen?

Like the rain in summer or dry season that is interspersed with erratic rain. Maybe you also watch the discovery channel that brought you the news about the turtle which lose its nesting place, or the birds lay eggs early every year, the sea level rises day by day, flowers bloom earlier, and hibernating animals wake up early.

Those are some impacts of global warming that we face now.

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Large industries are becoming the public spotlight due to the increasing impact of global warming. People around the world are blaming these industries. They demand the mitigation of global warming impacts. In fact, the small industries and housing also contribute to worsening global warming as well as wasteful use of daily electricity and excessive use of chemicals.

Here is a number of global warming impacts that occur around us.

Rainfall in All Seasons

The increasing heat on Earth will cause more evaporation. This makes rain falls over and over. The excessive rain can inhibit plant growth, make it animals difficult to find food, and of course human will find obstacles in his daily activity. Then, the ecosystem changes rapidly in a way that we can hardly bear anymore.

Flood Everywhere

The rising sea levels due to melting glaciers can cause flooding. Not only in coastal areas, but also to further areas. There are some regions that are sinking because of the flood. Like a flood phenomenon in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, sea turtles will lose their nest eggs. Then, the turtle population is in alert of extinction.

Strong Storm

When global warming occurs, the temperature in the ocean rises. The hot sea water will heat the surrounding air. This causes hurricanes and strong storms. You know if a storm keeps coming, it will bring several damaged to our environment.

The agricultural land, the buildings that we occupy such as houses, schools, and hospitals were also affected by the damage. Then, storm attack will also disrupt the livestock. They could die because of the strong attack of storm. There have been many storms lately in some regions in America. Then, the hurricane gusts and storms are predicted to spread to the Asian region.

Widespread Drought

Despite of high rainfall, some points in the world are facing prolonged drought. Evaporation that occurs in dry areas has resulted in drought. The drought gradually increasing so that it could cause fires and crop failures. If crop failure occurs, humans and plant-eating animals will have been through malnutrition.

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Disease Threat

Unstable weather and climate can cause bacteria and germs begin to thrive. Especially in humid places. The disease appears more often during the rainy season such as flu or cold, cough, respiratory inflammation, and malaria. While in the dry season, when the air temperature rises, people often suffer from headaches, hives, coughs, respiratory ailments up to kidney disorders.

In order to save the Earth, you can begin from your own home like reducing the use of plastic bags. It is good to bring your own cloth bag when you shop. You can also do recycling, use refill bottles instead of plastic cups to drink and maybe install solar panels in your home if you can afford it.

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