Important Preparations When Going on Vacation to Bali Safari Park

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Bali Safari Park is a place for conservation of various species of wild animals, rare animals, even animals that are almost extinct. Bali Safari park offers fun, experience and exciting learning about animals. You can see and learn about the behavior of over a hundred different species of animals. Bali Safari Park always strives for the welfare of these animals.

The Bali Safari park is also part of the South East Asian Zoo Association or SEAZA. Bali Safari Park is also part of the Conservation Breeding Specialist Group. You can make Bali Safari Park a family vacation destination. Children will definitely feel very happy because they can interact and see various animals directly. You have to pay attention to various important things before going on an adventure to Bali Safari Park.

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Important Preparations When Going on Vacation to Bali Safari Park 1

Important Things When Vacationing in Bali Safari Park

  1. Use clothes that are relaxed and do not limit movement. When you take a walk in the Bali Safari Park there is a possibility that your clothes will get dirty. So, use clothes that are comfortable and easy to clean when this happens. Avoid using dresses or clothes that look luxurious while on vacation in Bali Safari Park. Don’t forget to use protectors from the sun. You can use a hat or sunscreen to protect your skin. In addition, you can also use glasses to protect your view from the heat of the sun.
    When you are in Bali Safari Park, you will take a natural adventure that resembles African savanna. So, choose the right clothes and footwear. It will be better and more comfortable when you use sneakers or similar shoes. Avoid using high heels. Avoid using clothes that can disrupt your day. Avoid using black clothes because it can absorb heat from the sun. However, you should also avoid using clothing colors that are too striking because they can attract the attention of wildlife. Enjoy a holiday at Bali Safari Park because there are many guards ready to help you, so you don’t need to worry.
  2. Prepare a camera to capture every holiday activity that you do. You will definitely find many surprises while traveling around every corner of Bali Safari park. You can take pictures or videos of the moments that occur as well as from the behavior shown by animals in the Bali Safari Park. You can see smart and friendly Orangutans. You will also see Zebras running around. And also you can see various other animal species. Make sure your camera is always ready to aim at the activities of every animal. Make sure you bring a spare battery and bring extra storage memory so you can store lots of photos and videos of your vacation at Bali Safari Park. You can also enjoy animal shows that are full of education.
  3. Make sure you bring enough cash or credit card for buy food and drinks. You will do a very large number of activities, so make sure you are always hydrated. Don’t forget to bring enough drinks because the weather conditions in Bali Safari Park are quite hot. Adequate water requirements in the body are very important to avoid fatigue when you walk around. When you run out of drinks, you don’t need to worry because there are plenty of drinking water stations, kiosks and restaurants.
  4. You must avoid feeding animals in Bali Safari Park. This is because animals in the Bali Safari park have a special diet, which is only allowed to eat provided by the guardian or supervisor of Bali Safari Park.

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