Discover India and African Animals in Bali Safari Park

Zebra at Bali Safari Park

Discover India and African Animals in Bali Safari Park – Bali in known as one of the most popular tourism spot in Indonesia. This exotic island offers both exotic seaside settings as well as rich cultural heritage. In here you can find a great combination of centuries year old tradition and modern tourist number one facilities. This is a perfect place whether you want to have a luxurious trip or a low-key backpacker vacation.

Bali also known as the gate to people to get to know Indonesia. Most foreigner tourists usually start exploring Indonesia with visiting the Island of Bali. Indonesia has an amazing natural landscape as well as the home for many animals.

As it is located in equator area, this country is home for enermous amount of faunas from different species. Some of the native animal existed only in the Indonesia’s archipelago, which means you cannot find it somewhere else in this world. Some of the animals that currently in danger of extinction also can be found in this country.

If you are interested about exotic animal visiting Indonesia will be a great choice. One of the recommended place to visit is the Bali Safari Park. It’s located in Bali Island and you can enjoy it as your Bali tour journey.

Enjoy Safari Journey in Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park, located in Gianyar area, known as one of the best wild-life touring place. It currently hosts more than thousand animals from various species. This facility is also served as a conservatory for some rare animal that currently face the threat of extinction. Animal such as Orangutan and Sumatran Tiger.

Here you also can find some animals that are native to Indonesian archipelago. Such as Komodo Dragon and Bali Starling. Komodo is a big lizard that believed as primordial species that closely related to the dinosaurs. This lizard is originally lived in Komodo Island which located in Nusa Tenggara area. Bali Starling is native Bali bird that only can be found in Bali, especially in Northern Bali area.

In Bali Safari Park, you can enjoy a safari journey and witness some of the greatest safari park in Indonesia. Not limited to Indonesia’s native animals, you can find a collection of animals from around the world altogether in this park. This makes Bali Safari Park an amazing educational place you must visit with your family.

This park also designed with children-friendly area. The safari area made to be safe for kids to explore. It is also designed with stroller park area which is perfect if you bringing toddler during you trip. If you looking for natural and educational place to visit in Bali with your family, nothing will be more recommended than Bali Safari Park.

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Collection of India and African Animals in Bali Safari Park

As it is mentioned previously, Bali Safari Park not only a home for Indonesia’s native animals, but also for many other animal from different area in the world. This park is currently taking care of thousands animal from more than 100 species. Some of the species are originally come from India and Africa.

Bali Safari Park has several collection for animals from India, including Spotted Deer (Chital or Axis deer), Bears, Nilgai.


Some of the African animals can be found here are including rhinoceros, hippo, zebras, elephants, lions, giraffe, and tigers. There are 5 different species of rhinoceros you can find in Bali Safari Park, including ones from local species such as Sumatran and Javan rhinoceros. Another 3 species are white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, and the unique one-horned rhinos. One-horned rhinos actually one of Indonesia’s endemic animal and naturally only can be found in the western area of Java Island.

African hippopotamus

You can also find out some information about another African animal. One of the example is to find out that zebra actually have a black skin underneath their beautiful stripped black and white fur, or to find out that elephant is a very gentle mammal despite its large size. You can enjoy to interact with elephant and some of other animal during your visit to Bali Safari Park.

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Here you can as well find various type of tigers. Sumatran tiger which have the smallest size as well as the bigger African tigers. This beautiful orange-black stripped fur animal is also face a threat from illegal hunting around the world. Another type of unique tiger also exist in here is the White Tiger.

Unlike another tiger, this tiger have unique stripes that different from their relative. It is not orange but white, this is considered very rare and only happens one in every 10.000 birth. This Himalayan tiger also have a unique stripes, it is said that their stripe is similar to human fingerprint and it is impossible to find 2 different tigers with same patterned stripe.

It just a few of animal you can see and get to know more in Bali Safari Park. You can have a great time with your family or friends while get to know more about those exotic Indian and African animal that taking care well in Bali Safari Park facility.